File Title
1 Ecopipam reduces stuttering symptoms in proof-of-concept trial
2 First report of superconductivity in a nickel oxide material
3 The role of a single molecule in obesity
4 New DNA sequencer method achieves early-stage and broad-range detection of wheat diseases
5 New optical array, multisite stimulator advances optogenetics
6 New insights into genetic basis of bird migration
7 Break in temporal symmetry produces molecules that can encode information
8 Autism rates increasing fastest among black, Hispanic youth
9 Depression linked to costly chronic medical conditions and disability among aging minorities
10 Gout 'more than doubles' risk of kidney failure, according to UL led research study
11 Healthy foods more important than type of diet to reduce heart disease risk
12 Isotopes in poop show where secretive jaguars hunt
13 Signal blocks stem cell division in the geriatric brain
14 Could marriage stave off dementia?
15 High-protein bedtime snacks no problem for active women
16 Europe warming faster than expected due to climate change
17 Planned delivery reduces impact of potentially fatal pregnancy complication, trial finds
18 Microbiota in home indoor air may protect children from asthma
19 Unusual mucous-like substance found buried within seafloor sediment
20 Cell biology--Potential drop signals imminent danger
21 How blood sugar levels affect risks in type 1 diabetes
22 Hydrophobic silica colloid electrolyte holds promise for safer Li-O2 batteries
23 New findings on human speech recognition at TU Dresden
24 Busy older stars outpace stellar youngsters, new study shows
25 Researchers describe a mechanism inducing self-killing of cancer cells
26 Molecular big data, a new weapon for medicine
27 Fresh water found in the Norwegian Sea
28 A PoEM on breast cancer metastasis
29 Science wages a battle against the swine sector's costliest virus
30 AI learns to model our Universe
31 How your brain remembers motor sequences
32 Probiotic use can lead to major economic and health savings related to flu-like illnesses
33 Start-ups must be aware of star employee pitfalls
34 After 10-year search, scientists find second 'short sleep' gene
35 Kaiser Permanente reduces secondary cardiac events through virtual cardiac rehabilitation program
36 Using artificial intelligence to track birds' dark-of-night migrations
37 Parental burnout can lead to harmful outcomes for parent and child
38 A 3.8-million-year-old fossil from Ethiopia reveals the face of Lucy's ancestor
39 Exposing how pancreatic cancer does its dirty work
40 Animal ethics and animal behavioral science--bridging the gap
41 Nuclear winter would threaten nearly everyone on Earth
42 Millennials, think you're digitally better than us? Yes, according to science
43 Changing climate linked to major changes in flooding across Europe
44 Brain stem cells have a good memory
45 Popular pain medication associated with greater risk of hypoglycemia
46 Smarter experiments for faster materials discovery
47 AAN issues guideline on vaccines and multiple sclerosis
48 Waist size, not body mass index, may be more predictive of coronary artery disease
49 New MRI computing technique can spot scar muscles of heart without damaging kidneys
50 Research sheds new light on Antarctic control of global climate
51 High-end microscopy reveals structure and function of crucial metabolic enzyme
52 Climate change, human activity lead to nearshore coral growth decline
53 Cancer cells 'corrupt' their healthy neighbors
54 Climate change affects floods in Europe
55 More than a billion fewer cigarettes smoked each year as people ditch the cigs
56 Teen birth control use linked to depression risk in adulthood
57 More rain yet less water expected for up to 250 million people along the Nile
58 Exposure to second-hand e-cigarettes increasing among young people
59 Study finds many psychiatric disorders have heightened impulsivity
60 New sequencing study provides insight into HIV vaccine protection
61 Little-used drug combination may extend the lives of lung transplant patients
62 Robotic thread is designed to slip through the brain's blood vessels
63 HIV-positive New Yorkers are living longer but still dying from underlying infection, not just from old age
64 A face for Lucy's ancestor
65 Clickbait secrets exposed! Humans and AI team up to improve clickbait detection
66 Clostridium difficile infections may have a friend in fungi
67 Scientists call for infiltration to be better incorporated into land surface models
68 UCI-led study: Plankton are more resilient to nutrient stress than previously thought
69 A gentle grip on gelatinous creatures
70 Floods are impacted by a changing climate
71 Researchers identify a gene linked to needing less sleep
72 Music-based biofeedback shows promise in improving deadlift technique
73 Clues to early social structures may be found in ancient extraordinary graves
74 Some vaccine doubters may be swayed by proximity to disease outbreak, study finds
75 What we don't know about prenatal opioid exposure
76 Convection-permitting models better depict the heavy rainfall events in 2016 eastern China flooding
77 Psychosensory electronic skin technology for future AI and humanoid development
78 Overcome the bottleneck of solid electrolytes for Li batteries
79 Blue Brain finds how neurons in the mouse neocortex form billions of synaptic connections
80 Flathead Bio Station researcher helps uncover ocean iron level mystery
81 Arthritis-causing virus hides in body for months after infection
82 Tiny thermometer measures how mitochondria heat up the cell by unleashing proton energy
83 People transformed the world through land use by 3,000 years ago
84 Crouching lion, hidden giraffe
85 New research reveals that a human stomach pathogen is attracted to bleach
86 A new way to measure how water moves
87 Researchers demonstrate first all-metamaterial optical gas sensor
88 Christian church supports international students, new research reveals
89 New UN high-seas treaty must close gaps in biodiversity governance
90 New science blooms after star researchers die, study finds
91 Researchers gain new insight about bacteria within grapevine-killing crown gall tumors
92 Cell-free DNA detects pathogens and quantifies damage
93 Right-wing WhatsApp users in Brazil are louder, more active, more effective
94 Detailed map shows how viruses infect humans
95 MIT's fleet of autonomous boats can now shapeshift
96 Delivering immunotherapy directly to brain tumors
97 Lack of oxygen doesn't kill infant brain cells, as previously thought
98 'Charismatic carbon'
99 Nanostructured material with potential for use in catalyzers
100 Review: Post opioid-overdose interventions emerge in US
101 What a Virginia wildflower can tell us about climate change
102 2019 Airline Water Study by CUNY's Hunter College NYC Food Policy Center
103 Research Brief: New type of visual filter discovered in an unlikely place
104 Biological 'Rosetta Stone' brings scientists closer to deciphering how the body is built
105 Lab-on-a-chip may help identify new treatments for liver disease
106 Getting to the root of how plants tolerate too much iron
107 University of Alberta researchers discover new biomarker for rare autoimmune disease
108 New method could help assess a worker's situational awareness while multitasking
109 Marathoners, take your marks...and fluid and salt!
110 Bacteria feeding on Arctic algae blooms can seed clouds