File Title
1 Mirroring Humans, Antibiotic Resistance Surges in Dolphins [Video]
2 Transformative Device Generates Energy from the Cold Night Sky, When Solar Doesn't Work
3 A Rare Molecule Discovered Around a Young Star May Answer an Astronomical Conundrum
4 Taking Acetaminophen During Pregnancy Linked to Childhood Behavior Problems
5 Obesity Linked to a Nearly 6x Increased Risk of Developing Type 2 Diabetes
6 Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: The Future of Phosphorus in Agriculture
7 Warning: Commonly Used Drug for Alzheimer's Disease Doubles Risk of Hospitalization
8 Eye Scan Can Predict Type 2 Diabetes and Prediabetes
9 Despite Proven Success at Preventing Cancer, Physicians Report High Refusal Rates for HPV Vaccine
10 New Eco-Friendly Way of Synthesizing Iron Oxide Nanoparticles
11 Immune Response Depends on Mathematics of Narrow Escape Problem
12 Rutgers Study Finds Increase in Off-Label Medication Orders for Children
13 More Realistic Experiments Needed on the Impact of Climate Change
14 The Incredible Way Coral Helps Their Offspring Survive Climate Change [Video]
15 New Type of Signal Processing Created by Combining Sound and Light Waves in Silicon Chips
16 New Advance in Noise Canceling for Quantum Computers
17 Newly Discovered Property of Cadmium Could Lead to the Most Accurate Clock Ever
18 Amazing New Material Combines Wood Fibers and Spider Silk
19 Intense Brain Activity Drives Need for Sleep, Not Just How Long You've Been Awake
20 Johns Hopkins Breakthrough Opens the Door for Stem Cell Transplants to Repair the Brain
21 New High-Performance Photovoltaic Solar Cells that Work Indoors
22 Flavoring Ingredient in E-Cigarettes Exceeds Safety Levels
23 Stanford Researchers Discover a New Route to Carbon-Neutral Fuels from Carbon Dioxide
24 Stellar Nurseries of Distant Galaxies Are Dramatically Different than Nearby Galaxies
25 Astronomers Detect Massive Neutron Star that Is Almost Too Massive to Exist [Video]
26 Incredible New Imaging Technology Could 'Revolutionize' Cancer Surgery
27 New Material--14x Stronger & 8x Lighter than Steel--May Lead to Next-Gen. Military Armor
28 Study Shows Needle-Free Flu Vaccine Patch Effective
29 Quantum Computing Breakthrough: New Detection Tool Uncovers "Noise" that Can Kill Qubits
30 In Less than 90 Minutes Raytheon's F-35 Precision GPS Landing System Can Be Set Up Anywhere
31 Different than Previously Thought--Geochemists Measure Composition of Earth's Mantle
32 Microscopic Biohybrid Robots Propelled by Muscles & Nerves Built by Researchers
33 Is Alzheimer's Disease Caused by Copper?
34 Scientists in New York City Use Pheromones to Track Rats
35 Nature Documentaries Don't Show Threats to Nature, but Increasingly Talk About Them
36 Groundbreaking Research into the Value of "Thoughts and Prayers"
37 Not Just Lyme Disease: Study Finds Multiple Agents of Tick-Borne Diseases
38 World's Largest Amphibian Discovered: New Species of Giant Salamander
39 Here's What You Need to Rise to the Top--According to Science
40 'Death Star' Bacterial Structures Can Be Tapped to Deliver Drugs to Targeted Cells in Humans
41 Miniaturizing Medical Imaging, Sensing Technology Is a "Big Deal"
42 New Tool to Probe Fundamental Matter--Quarks, Bosons, Electrons
43 Green Cement--New Approach to Emissions-Free Production
44 New Anti-Cancer Nanomedicine Delivers Efficient Chemotherapy
45 School Shootings Blamed on Violent Video Games More Often When the Perpetrator Is White
46 Physicists at MIT Shave Estimate of Mass of Neutrino "Ghost Particle" in Half
47 March of the Multiple Penguin Genomes--Extensive Study Provides Unparalleled Information
48 Study Links the Explosive Eruption of Mount Tambora and the 1816 'Year Without a Summer'
49 Researchers Developing Handheld Device to Rapidly Diagnose Skin Cancer
50 Immigrants Who Committed Felonies Less Likely to Commit Another Felony than Nonimmigrants
51 Researchers Develop Thermo-Responsive Protein Hydrogel for Use in Biomedicine
52 Guppies Unlock a Key Question About Evolution
53 Sesame Crop Yields Stable in Drought Conditions
54 New View of Human Evolution Unearthed by Rare 10 Million-Year-Old Fossil [Video]
55 Chemists Isolate Elusive Compounds of Nitrous Oxide, a Powerful Greenhouse Gas
56 Warning for Children with Sleep Apnea: Treatment Solely Based on Sleep Studies Is Unreliable
57 Energy Production Unit for a Synthetic Cell Constructed by Scientists
58 New Observations May Finally Explain the Mysterious Fading of Tabby's Star
59 Due to Climate Change the Landscapes We Are Familiar with Are Disappearing
60 Artificial Intelligence Proves 30% More Accurate than Humans at Analyzing Dark Matter
61 Scientists Develop DNA Microcapsules for New Kinds of Biomedical Nanodevices
62 Innovative Process for 'Extremely' Energy-Efficient Logic Circuits
63 Surprise: Saturn's Icy Rings May Actually Be as Old as the Solar System Itself
64 CBD May Alleviate Seizures, Benefit People with Neurodevelopmental Conditions
65 Six Galaxies Captured Undergoing Sudden, Dramatic Transitions
66 Scientists Closing in on "Holy Grail" of Room Temperature Quantum Computing Chips
67 Breastfeeding Lowers Childhood Obesity Risk--Now They May Have Found Out Why
68 U.S. Army Research Uncovers Pattern in Progression of Weapons Technologies
69 Young, White, Daily Opioid Users More Likely to Prefer Fentanyl
70 Super Durable, Flexible, Water-Repelling Material Inspired by Porcupinefish
71 Warning: Cancer Threat from U.S. Tap Water Contaminants Discovered
72 Solar Phenomena Including Sunspots Explained by Plasma Flow Near Sun's Surface
73 DNA Methylation Data Offers First Glimpse at What Ancient Denisovans May Have Looked Like
74 Phone and Computer Performance Boosted by Powerful New Memory Compacting System
75 Weight Loss Enhanced in Obese Children by Probiotic Supplements
76 Scientists Develop 'Nanochains' to Increase Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity
77 Strong Link Between Vitamin D Deficiency and Vastly Increased Risk of Premature Death
78 Reversing Baldness by Wearing a Hat--New Low-Cost Hair Growth Technology
79 How to Take Opioids Without Addiction?
80 Effective Ways to Ensure Safety from Radiations
81 What is DNA Testing and How Does it Work?
82 Foods and Supplements--Can They Boost Your Libido?
83 Ancient Natural History of Antibiotic Production and Resistance Revealed
84 Low-Income, Black Neighborhoods Still Hit Hard by Air Pollution
85 A Guide to Filing Personal Injury Claims in Pennsylvania
86 Adults with Cerebral Palsy at Increased Risk for Mental Health Conditions
87 Experimental Treatment Targets Tumor Growth Compounds in Mesothelioma Patients
88 5 Kinds of Makeup that Can be Hazardous
89 8 Ways to Manage Pain You Didn't Know About
90 4 Innovations in Healthcare You Didn't Know About (But You Should!) in 2019
91 Brain Region Linked to Altered Social Interactions in Autism Model
92 New CRISPR Platform, Expands RNA Editing Capabilities
93 Septic Arthritis Outbreak in NJ Caused by Injection Safety Violations
94 How and Why Resistance Training Is Imperative for Older Adults
95 Researchers Create Model to Predict Risk of Low Blood Sugar in People with Diabetes
96 Emergency Medicine: Department-Based Intensive Care Unit Improves Patient Survival Rates
97 Frog in Your Throat? Stress Might Be to Blame for Vocal Issues
98 Microrobots Show Promise for Treating Tumors
99 Viral HIV Vaccine Gives Durable Protection Against 'Death Star' Strain
100 E. Coli Superbug Strains Can Persist in Healthy Women's Guts
101 Living Longer or Healthier? Genetic Discovery in Worms Suggests They Can Be Separated
102 Radiotherapy Advancements Improve Pleural Mesothelioma Treatment
103 Cancer Tissue-Freezing Approach May Help More breast Cancer Patients in Lower Income Countries
104 Astronomers Help Wage War on Cancer
105 Multiple sclerosis: Endogenous Retrovirus HERV-W Key to Nerve Tissue Damage
106 Unexpected Mechanism Allows CaMKII to Decode Calcium Signaling in the Brain
107 Researchers Reach Milestone in use of Nanoparticles to Kill Cancer with Heat
108 New Contents: Neuronal Parkinson Inclusions are Different than Expected
109 How Gastric Stem Cells Fight Bacteria
110 New Osteoporosis Therapy's Dual Effects on Bone Tissue
111 Does Stimulation of the Brain's Dorsal Anterior Insula Trigger Ecstasy?
112 Structural Development of the Brain
113 Artificial Intelligence Identifies 'Kissing Bugs' that Spread Chagas Disease
114 Cereal Grains Scientists Fight Hidden Hunger with New Approach