File Title
1 Map of broken brain networks shows why people lose speech in language-based dementia
2 Researchers uncover how popular drug helps in heart failure
3 Study shows metabolic surgery associated with lower risk of death and heart complications
4 Decline in sports-related sudden cardiac death linked with rise in bystander resuscitation
5 Heart failure patients have similar odds of dementia-type brain lesions as stroke patients
6 Lifestyle, not genetics, explains most premature heart disease
7 Malaria infection is associated with increased risk of heart failure
8 It takes a community to lower cardiovascular risk
9 Breast cancer can form 'sleeper cells' after drug treatment
10 Consensus criteria for diagnosis, staging, and treatment response assessment of T-cell prolymphocytic leukemia
11 Bacteria in pneumonia attack using bleaching agent
12 Biocompatible stents provide better protection against occluded blood vessels
13 Ultrasound sensor aids diagnosis of middle-ear infection
14 Cancer susceptibility genes
15 Methylation of microRNA may be a new powerful biomarker for cancer
16 Researchers develop novel heart pump to help people with heart failure
17 A life of low cholesterol and BP slashes heart and circulatory disease risk by 80 percent
18 Australia has an acetaminophen poisoning problem
19 Why do men find a lower waist-to-hip ratio sexier?
20 How to get people to eat bugs and drink sewage
21 How clean is your hospital room? To reduce the spread of infections, it could probably be cleaner
22 Physicians more likely to prescribe opioids later in the day
23 DNA changes accelerate body's aging process
24 When caring hurts: Recognizing and responding to vicarious trauma
25 Men who live alone have problems taking 'blood thinning' drug
26 Anxiety and depression: Why doctors are prescribing gardening rather than drugs
27 Massachusetts communities at 'critical risk' for mosquito-borne virus
28 Early intensive vasodilation does not improve outcomes in acute heart failure
29 New study reveals 'smart' approach to detecting common heart condition
30 A prescription for medicating your child safely
31 Get smart about eggs
32 The test that could save the life of long-time smokers
33 For the first time in five years, opioid overdose deaths declined in NC in 2018
34 A comprehensive catalogue of human digestive tract bacteria
35 Chronic cocaine use modifies gene expression
36 How humans have shaped dogs' brains
37 Sleeping too much--or too little--boosts heart attack risk
38 Early life environment may lead to high blood pressure in children
39 Enzyme known for promoting cancer found to also protect healthy cells
40 Mumps study shows immunity gaps among vaccinated people
41 Poor diet causes blindness in a young 'fussy eater'
42 Fat-absorbing XX chromosomes raise heart disease risk in women
43 Overweight kids actually eat less right after stressful events
44 It is never too late to start statins for clogged leg arteries
45 Increased body weight in adolescent boys linked with heart attack before 65
46 New York declares end of worst measles outbreak in three decades
47 CVD leading cause of death worldwide, but cancer rising cause in rich countries
48 Study finds most risks for heart attacks, strokes, deaths around world could be improved
49 Natural 'breakdown' of chemicals may guard against lung damage in 9/11 first responders
50 Research into Parkinson's disease: Binding-protein prevents fibril proliferation
51 Self-monitoring solution in mobile app can help uncontrolled asthma
52 Fetching water increases risk of childhood death
53 Share your goals--but be careful whom you tell
54 Unhappy mothers talk more to their baby boys, study finds
55 Poverty as a disease trap
56 Research explores factors behind hazardous drinking among Maori
57 Scientists link 'hunger hormone' to memory in Alzheimer's study
58 Prevention and early drug treatment are the keys to frostbite treatment
59 Alzheimer's research increasingly focused on links to sleep and other behaviors
60 Genetic study shows deep Norwegian lineage in people of northern Scotland
61 Researchers find a new pathological mediator of ALS
62 Fighting neuronal loss
63 Oxygen is neither beneficial nor harmful in patients with acute coronary syndrome
64 Remote ischemic conditioning does not improve outcomes in patients with heart attack
65 Bypass surgery and coronary stenting yield comparable 10-year survival
66 Death or reinfarction delayed by more than one year with coronary stenting
67 Study reveals worrying decline in medication use after heart surgery
68 Babies' own genes influence when they are born
69 How to talk to your children about sexual consent
70 5 ways to cut the fat from your diet
71 Genetics may play a role in reaction to CT contrast agents
72 Heart failure care must address patients' broader health if survival rates are to be improved
73 New AI technology for advanced heart attack prediction
74 Attachment theory: Type of fixation pins matters during stereotactic radiosurgery
75 Study to examine health benefits of outdoor preschools
76 Breast cancer gene a potential target for childhood liver cancer treatment
77 The neurobiological mechanisms behind schizophrenia may depend on gender
78 World-first cardio trial shows shorter wait times and admissions
79 Identification of new populations of immune cells in the lungs
80 Heart attack care in Sweden superior to UK
81 Unique fingerprint: What makes nerve cells unmistakable?
82 Researchers identify biomarker to predict if someone infected with malaria will get sick
83 Human perception of colors does not rely entirely on language, a case study
84 Medical imaging rates continue to rise despite push to reduce their use
85 Parkinson's disease may originate in the intestines
86 Mouthwash use could inhibit benefits of exercise, new research shows
87 Who benefits from a defibrillator?
88 Assisted reproduction technology leaves its mark on genes temporarily, study shows
89 Diet's effect on gut bacteria could play role in reducing Alzheimer's risk
90 Pediatric flu vaccine guidelines updated for 2019-20 season
91 Evidence says antipsychotics do not prevent delirium in adults
92 She appeared to be a healthy athlete, but nobody had checked her heart
93 Hardship during the Great Recession linked with lasting mental health declines
94 Microplastics detected in human stool samples
95 Some hospital-acquired pressure injuries are unavoidable
96 Aesthetics of skin cancer therapy may vary by treatment type
97 Scientists use advanced imaging to map uncharted area of genome
98 New insights: Dementia, risk, risk reduction, and translation into practice
99 Melatonin is a potential drug for the prevention of bone loss during space flight
100 Ultrasonography helps differentiate arthritis types
101 Vitamin D: How much is too much of a good thing?
102 Education seems tied to death risk for heart disease patients
103 Social network interventions can lead to potential health benefits
104 PrEParing family planning clinics in Kenya to prevent new HIV infections
105 In the largest study of its kind, no evidence that testosterone reduces cognitive empathy
106 Finding an effective way to reduce pressure ulcers
107 Cannabis may hold promise to treat PTSD but evidence lags behind use
108 Receptor protein in brain promotes resilience to stress
109 Prescription drug monitoring program mandates
110 Novel approach leads to potential sepsis prevention in burn patients
111 FAK protein linked to chemotherapy resistance in ovarian cancer
112 UM physical therapy professor authors new guideline on treating runner's knee
113 Obesity pandemic shifting cancer to younger people
114 Lesotho, Africa's medical cannabis pioneer