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1 Americans love snacks. What does that mean for their health?
2 Intergenerational relationships promote aging immigrants' health, lower caregivers' stress
3 New research shows how stress can weaken defenses
4 Lung cancer screening model favored in Europe detects more cancers than one preferred in the US
5 Liquid biopsies reveal genetic alterations linked to cancer drug resistance
6 For some Texans, nearest abortion clinic is 250 miles away
7 Researchers find regulator of first responder cells to brain injury
8 Majority of Americans, including gun owners, support a variety of gun policies
9 Strong student-adult relationships lower suicide attempts in high schools
10 Study supports germline testing for all metastatic breast cancer patients
11 New drug may protect against memory loss in Alzheimer's disease
12 Overcoming resistance in pancreatic cancer
13 Brain cells that suppress drug cravings may be the secret to better addiction medicines
14 Experience of being a minority puts US teens at higher risk of anxiety, depression
15 Hemophilia three times more prevalent than thought
16 Dietary supplement may help with schizophrenia
17 Experimental 'blood test' accurately screens for PTSD
18 Caregiver stress: The crucial, often unrecognized byproduct of chronic disease
19 Study: Adults' actions, successes, failures, and words affect young children's persistence
20 Why don't the drugs work? Controlling inflammation can make antidepressants more effective
21 Researchers propose the 'Alzheimer's Disease Exposome' to address environmental risks
22 ADHD medication: How much is too much for a hyperactive child?
23 Success of gene therapy for a form of inherited blindness depends on timing
24 How we make decisions depends on how uncertain we are
25 Genetic mutation linked to flu-related heart complications
26 Five scientists honored for cancer therapy, immune system work
27 What is dengue, and why is it so widespread this year?
28 NASA pioneers malaria-predicting tech in Myanmar
29 Mosquito trials raise hopes of defeating dengue
30 The diet-microbiome connection in inflammatory bowel disease
31 Do we tend to centre our Instagram selfies on our left eye?
32 Periodontitis bacteria love colon and dirt microbes
33 Patients taking nivolumab experience five-fold increase in overall survival compared to chemotherapy
34 Europeans face significant challenges to participate in lung cancer clinical trials
35 Final overall survival results of carboplatin + nab-paclitaxel +/- atezolizumab in advanced squamous NSCLC
36 Alabama investigates 5 cases of lung disease tied to vaping
37 Delaware probes 3 possible cases of vape-related lung issues
38 Harms and benefits of estrogen therapy among women with a hysterectomy appear to depend on age when therapy was started
39 Compound offers prospects for preventing acute kidney failure
40 Brain regions found to respond differently to the presence of background noise
41 A small nucleus in the brain has large effects on learning and memory in old age
42 Parents of premature babies want more information
43 Two therapies cure rare genetic disease in mice
44 Tackling zinc deficiency with a new approach to urine testing
45 Decreasing the maternal mortality rate in Ghana
46 Scientists identify bombali ebolavirus in bats in Guinea
47 Commonly used antibiotics may lead to heart problems
48 Grocery shop like a cardiologist
49 Smokers concealing cigarette packs' graphic warnings, study finds
50 Those with autism make good social psychologists
51 Study finds flavors play a role in initiation, addiction to e-cigarette use
52 Introvert? You may just be bad at recognizing faces
53 Gut microbes could be used to predict likelihood of developing cancer
54 Here's what you can eat and avoid to reduce your risk of bowel cancer
55 New AI neural network approach detects heart failure from a single heartbeat with 100% accuracy
56 Chronic enteroviral infection modifies broadly pancreatic cellular functions
57 Study links certain personality traits to an increased risk of mobile phone addiction
58 Team develops donor screening for vaginal microbiota transplantation
59 Unexpected hope for DNA damage-related diseases
60 Researchers develop affordable new test for dengue
61 When should NHS contact patients over faulty genes?
62 Pain relief without opioids
63 Undiagnosed diseases program finds novel genetic variant
64 Study suggests PTSD associated with cognitive impairment onset in 911 responders
65 'Yo-yo' dieting may provide metabolic health benefits
66 Invention makes biopsies less invasive and more informative
67 E-cadherin promotes metastasis in the most common type of breast cancer
68 High levels of sexism fuel poor mental health among women
69 Candida auris infection: Patient in New York loses an eye to panophthalmitis
70 Deadly infections on the increase: Urgent need for new antibiotics
71 Using statistics to prevent the loss of blood donors
72 Benefits of extreme temperature workouts: Not as great as you might think
73 An oral splint that can reduce Tourette syndrome tics
74 Link between gut microbes and muscle growth suggests future approach to tackle muscle loss
75 Research shows 80% drop in ICU bloodstream infections
76 An overactive cerebellum causes issues across the brain
77 Two commonly used uveitis drugs perform similarly in clinical trial
78 Foot painters' toes mapped like fingers in the brain
79 Studies look at E-cigarette use linked to pulmonary illness
80 Adolescents with high levels of physical activity perform better in school over two years
81 Gene coding error found in rare, inherited gene cof lung-scarring disorder linked to short telomeres
82 Scientists rethink Alzheimer's, diversifying the drug search
83 Trial seeks to reduce neuropathy, improve outcomes for black women with breast cancer
84 Brain circuit controls individual responses to temptation in rats
85 Scientists discover hidden differences among cells that may help them evade drug therapy
86 Thailand first in Asia to roll out plain cigarette packaging
87 Sudan reports cholera in war-torn Blue Nile state
88 Multicomponent home-based treatments improve mobility in older adults after hip fracture
89 How to fix a Flint neighborhood? 'Come at it from all sides'
90 Cancer patients turning to crowdfunding to help pay medical costs
91 Third baby born after uterus transplant at Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas
92 Scientists establish link between prenatal HIV exposure and decreased infant immunity
93 Peripheral artery disease risk hinges on health factors and demographics, including race
94 Researchers suggest new way to target third most common oncogene, TERT
95 Slowing brain rhythms can serve as a marker for delirium and its clinical outcomes
96 US billionaire Bloomberg pledges $160 million to fight vaping
97 A novel approach to determine when patients with tibial fractures can bear weight
98 How babies absorb calcium could be key to treating osteoporosis in seniors
99 Medicinal products receiving expedited approval in Europe may not provide intended clinical benefit
100 Researchers find key to help treat different cancers
101 How the eyes might be windows to the risk of Alzheimer's disease
102 Existing drug could treat aggressive brain cancer
103 Telemedicine engages newly postpartum women in cardiovascular monitoring
104 New bacterial strain linked to scarlet fever, sore throat and sepsis
105 Teens with opioid use disorder may benefit from medication treatment
106 Scientists discover a direct link from the brain's emotion circuit to the movement circuit
107 Why young females with obesity are at early risk for cardiovascular disease
108 Veterans with PTSD, anxiety turn to beekeeping for relief
109 Can a DNA construction kit replace expensive antibody medication?
110 Scientists explore genetic engineering to treat Parkinson's disease
111 Cancer research: The genetic context is crucial
112 New study finds compassion is at the heart of love
113 Why a plan to lower prescription drug prices should not be piecemeal
114 Study shows Mediterranean diet associated with better cognitive function in older adults
115 Lethal brain tumour shields itself from immune attack