File Title
1 Possible treatment breakthrough for the rare disease arrhythmogenic right ventricular cardiomyopathy
2 Generational study looks for biological links between adverse childhood experiences and self-harm
3 Sound waves for your health
4 When physicians integrate with hospitals, costs go up, study says
5 New medicine may enhance the effect of chemotherapy on pancreatic cancer
6 Study rejects link between common IBD drug and serious infections in children
7 'Natural killers' may help treat advanced solid cancerous tumors
8 Best treatment for herniated disc
9 California bill targets doctors who sell fake vaccine medical exemptions
10 What works best against varicose veins?
11 Beliefs about uncommitted sex may put marriages at risk
12 The pet effect: Researchers find furry friends ease depression, loneliness after spousal loss
13 Hookworm infection may cause cognitive impairment earlier than thought
14 Heart regeneration: Scientists uncloak one of nature's deepest secrets
15 Daybreak app more than halves alcohol use in three months
16 Here's what young people say helped them get through their parents' divorce
17 Kids learn valuable life skills through rough-and-tumble play with their dads
18 Aussies don't know enough about nicotine vaping products
19 Thinking of seeing a psychologist? Here's how to choose the therapy best for you
20 Proactively offering smokers free treatment to quit smoking is cost-effective
21 Cracking 'virus code' could help fight cancer
22 Researchers find acupuncture reduces alcohol withdrawal symptoms in rats
23 Researchers characterize lung inflammation associated with some cancer immnunotherapy
24 Daily exercise can boost children's exam grades--new research
25 Having an elder brother is associated with slower language development
26 Measles outbreaks and political crises go hand in hand
27 PTSD linked to increased risk of ovarian cancer
28 Infant model of HIV opens new avenues for research
29 Vaping may harm fertility in young women
30 New MRI technique can 'see' molecular changes in the brain
31 How sepsis care program saves lives and reduces costs
32 How a sense of purpose can link creativity to happiness
33 Global analysis finds early onset colorectal cancer rising in many high-income countries
34 ASHG asserts core genetic data privacy principles for all research and funding arenas
35 MouseLight project maps 1,000 neurons (and counting) in the mouse brain
36 The future of mind control
37 Discovery of neuronal ensemble activities orchestrated to represent one memory
38 Apathy as an indicator of progression in Huntington's disease
39 A tasty, good-for-you treat: roasted garlic
40 Secrets to soothing a cranky baby safely
41 Johns Hopkins opening new psychedelic research center, studying use of 'magic mushrooms' and more
42 Innovative technique for labeling and mapping inhibitory neurons reveals diverse tuning profile
43 Updated recommendations, levels of care categorized for pediatric ICUs
44 Algorithm based on response, biology guides neuroblastoma therapy
45 New Facebook, Instagram pop-ups counter vaccine misinformation
46 Now a 2-time survivor, Tedy Bruschi still tackling stroke awareness
47 Q&A: Pain after knee replacement surgery
48 Researcher studies differences in the immune systems of men and women
49 Unique report details dermatological progression and effective treatment of a severe jellyfish sting
50 Updated Barrett's Guideline aims to improve patient outcomes
51 Novel study reveals presence of fungal DNA in the fetal human gut
52 Source water key to bacterial water safety in remote Northern Australia
53 Helminthic infections may be beneficial against HIV-1
54 Taxing sweetened drinks by the amount of sugar could cut obesity and boost economic gains
55 New research discovers the financial cost of trachoma surveys
56 Fix and prevent health disparities in children by supporting mom, and dad
57 Stopping progression of tissue injury after button battery ingestion
58 Marijuana use among US college students reaches new 35-year high
59 High blood pressure treatment may slow cognitive decline
60 Research shows OB-GYNs hesitate to talk about fertility
61 Artificial intelligence approaches may improve diagnostics of kidney disease
62 New study confirms protective effect of diabetes drugs against kidney failure
63 Tuberculosis mutation discovery paves way for better treatments
64 More targeted, less toxic: The golden future of cancer treatment
65 Researchers find alarming risk for people coming off chronic opioid prescriptions
66 Research warns of the far-reaching consequences of measles epidemic and failure to vaccinate
67 Role of cancer protein ARID1A at intersection of genome stability and tumor suppression
68 Typhoid toxin accelerates cell aging to enhance killer infection, study reveals
69 Individual response to flu vaccine influenced by gut microbes
70 Researchers aim to know more about super recognizers
71 36% of proton pump inhibitor prescriptions for older adults may be unnecessary
72 'Tiny fat bubbles' can boost immunity, calm disease
73 With one click, 'digital pipeline' automates classification of diabetic kidney disease
74 Researchers explore origins of neuron diversity
75 Study links low language ability and poor mental health
76 New research suggests gut bacteria may be linked to high blood pressure and depression
77 Temps up, blood pressures down in hot yoga study
78 How the brain filters sounds
79 Is laziness a choice or genetic trait?
80 How parents and caregivers can help keep children with autism safe
81 Recommendations on changes to HIV criminalization don't go far enough
82 Can we heal teeth? The quest to repair tooth enamel, nature's crystal coat
83 Motion perception of large objects gets worse during infant development
84 A digital detox does not improve wellbeing, say psychologists
85 Stem cell companies using new US laws to provide unapproved products to seriously ill patients
86 Rare ovarian cancer confirmed as not seeded from elsewhere
87 Pharmacy researchers find mom's marijuana use to impair baby's memory
88 Helping preterm babies breathe
89 Greater support needed to improve the treatment of knee osteoarthritis
90 Three teams fail to replicate results of 2016 HIV study that claimed 'cure' in monkeys
91 Elderly should consider residential care before a health crisis
92 Ebola's economic effects
93 Researcher develops method to prevent, even reverse obesity
94 'I'll have what she's having': How and why we copy the choices of others
95 New frontier highlights role of smartphones in addressing Australia's mental health crisis
96 Allergic diseases increase the risk of adult-onset asthma
97 Bedrest for high-risk pregnancies may be linked to premature birth
98 Majority of U.S. doctors believe ACA has improved access to care
99 White house announces nearly $2 billion in grants to fight opioid epidemic
100 Dr. Spock's timeless lessons in parenting
101 Biomarker identified for early beta cell death in type 1 diabetes
102 CDC: Racial and ethnic disparities reported in pregnancy-related mortality ratios
103 Get spicy with homemade no-salt seasonings
104 Survivors' advice for others touched by shootings: Seek help
105 How phubbing can threaten your love life
106 Antihistamines that cause the death of leukaemic stem cells
107 Resilience protects pregnant women against negative effects of stress
108 Bad to the bone or just bad behavior?
109 Most footballers in the Spanish League unaware of banned substances
110 Mammography unlikely to benefit older women with chronic illnesses