File Title
1 Climate systems in museums appear to be too strictly regulated
2 'Is this how we treat our older people in 2019?'
3 Scholars: Indonesian research permit process risks scaring away foreign scientists
4 12,000-year-old swamp brimming with bones reveals the ecosystem of the dodo
5 Study finds managers need to adjust their 'leadership style' during a crisis
6 The Mathematikado: A math-inspired parody of a parody
7 New research warns incentives to plead guilty can undermine the right to a fair trial
8 Historically black colleges give graduates a wage boost
9 'Game-changing' research could solve evolution mysteries
10 Half-a-billion-year-old tiny predator unveils the rise of scorpions and spiders
11 Early humans used tiny, flint 'surgical' tools to butcher elephants
12 Jaws reveal Australia's ancient marsupial panda
13 Professor's research paints picture of #MeToo movement's origins
14 Specialized training benefits young STEM researchers
15 How marketers can shape customer sentiment during events
16 Strategies to connect with barricaded buyers
17 Leonardo da Vinci's mechanical lion goes on display in Paris
18 Criminologist builds computer model for more efficient police patrols
19 Finding a long-hidden secret in 'Paradise Lost'
20 People are escaping city congestion and living costs by working remotely
21 Multiple flood events erode neighborhood spirit, study finds
22 Keen IT students can improve their marks when given a chance to learn from their mistakes
23 How TV cameras influence candidates' debate success
24 What is 'guaranteed income'?
25 Jurassic crocodile identified in fossil study
26 New report highlights the impact of health inequalities across Europe
27 Heterogeneity in the workplace: 'Diversity is very important to us--but not in my team'
28 African American bachelor's degrees see growth, behind in physical sciences, engineering
29 Scientists shed new light on demise of two extinct New Zealand songbirds
30 Deer browsing is not stopping the densification of Eastern forests
31 New viruses discovered in endangered wild Pacific salmon populations
32 Genetic engineering and human-animal hybrids: How China is leading a global split in controversial research
33 Female gorillas detect and avoid sick groups
34 Humpback whales change their tune
35 Invasive Japanese barberry drives down invertebrate richness and abundance
36 Researchers develop a tool for rapid breakdown of cellular proteins
37 Opening the hatch to heal the break
38 3 ways insecticides can be counterproductive in agriculture
39 Oxytocin linked to growth in seal pups
40 Germany to ban glyphosate to protect insects, biodiversity
41 Study details how Tibetan dog got oxygen boost
42 Transport proteins provide key to improve infant formula
43 The kombucha culture
44 New model predicts Painted Lady butterfly migrations based on breeding sites data
45 The argument for sexual selection in bacteria
46 Arbovirus manipulation of plant immune systems to favor disease spread
47 Panda twins doing well, gaining weight, says Berlin zoo
48 Livestock disease risk tied to herd management style
49 Super shrimp could increase yield and prevent disease
50 Evidence suggests birds use eye proteins and magnetite-based receptors to navigate
51 Why transporters really matter for cell factories
52 Squirrels listen in to birds' conversations as signal of safety
53 80% cut in antibiotics entering Thames is needed to avoid surge in superbugs
54 Researchers make key finding related to pre-mRNA splicing
55 Brown trout genome will help explain species' genetic superpowers
56 Underwater soundscapes reveal differences in marine environments
57 From the tropics to the boreal, temperature drives ecosystem functioning
58 Copy cat: Chinese firm creates first cloned kitten
59 Realistic robots get under Galapagos lizards' skin
60 Plant research could benefit wastewater treatment, biofuels and antibiotics
61 European whitefish is healthy to eat, but the nutritional quality varies between seasons
62 The Swiss Army knife of gene editing gets new control
63 Solving a hidden threat to New Zealand's meat and dairy industry
64 New study tracks sulfur-based metabolism in the open ocean
65 Coastal infrastructure urgently needs a rethink, marine ecologists say
66 High standards of female songbirds could be driving their mates to evolve
67 Could the Loch Ness monster be a giant eel?
68 Experts sequence the genome of an endemic spider from the Canary Islands
69 Diversity increases ecosystem stability
70 Tonkin snub-nosed monkey resurgence offers renewed hope for rare Vietnamese primate
71 Size matters: How cells pack in epithelial tissues
72 Biologists uncover a way to waterproof plants
73 SPEECHLESS, SCREAM and stomata development in plant leaves
74 Climate change could bring short-term gain, long-term pain for loggerhead turtles
75 Synthetic biologists extend functional life of cancer fighting circuitry in microbes
76 The paradox of different house flies with few genetic differences
77 Take that, rat! New York turns to alcohol in rodent fight
78 A molecular 'atlas' of animal development
79 Squirrels, bees could get US aid but not Yellowstone's bison
80 'Extreme mating' killing tiny marsupials en masse: researchers
81 Monkey business: Vietnam macaque island draws tourists--and criticism
82 Sugar alters compounds that impact brain health in fruit flies
83 New method for imaging biological molecules
84 GIS and eDNA analysis system successfully used to discover new habitats of rare salamander
85 Study shows how serotonin and a popular anti-depressant affect the gut's microbiota
86 New structure for human flu virus protein
87 New hair follicles can corral skin cancer
88 Study answers longstanding cell-development riddle
89 Can we really know what animals are thinking?
90 What home gardeners can learn from nature's rebirth after fire
91 Ecologists find bird-deterring nets create haven for stinging venomous caterpillars
92 Households feeding their dogs and cats with raw food do not consider the diet a significant source of infections
93 Analysis of global cancer data shines light on alternative gene 'switches' in tumors
94 Evidence suggests rare deer lived 50 years beyond 'extinction'
95 France reports first case of fatal olive tree bacteria
96 Flies overwhelm Pakistan's Karachi in monsoon 'hell'
97 Climate change water variability hurts salamander populations
98 Mysterious disease killing dogs in Norway
99 Native foods are key to preserving rodent gut bacteria in captivity
100 Philippines confirms African swine fever, culls 7,000 pigs
101 Dramatic increase in whales near New Jersey and New York raises safety concerns
102 Threatened species habitat destruction shows federal laws are broken
103 The plus and minus of microtubules
104 Study reveals the attack initiation mechanism of predatory bacteria
105 The new gene technology makes it easier to characterize phytoplankton assemblages
106 Peony scientist breaks new ground for cut flowers
107 Genome engineering with CRISPR/HDR to diversify the functions of hybridoma-produced antibodies
108 New results on fungal genetics
109 Scientists develop technique to reveal epigenetic features of cells in the brain
110 Identity crisis for fossil beetle helps rewrite beetle family tree
111 Hidden danger from pet dogs in Africa
112 Researchers unearth 'new' extinction