File Title
1 Researchers use epigenetics to determine the age of dolphins
2 Using artificial intelligence to track birds' dark-of-night migrations
3 Can global matcha craze save Japan's tea industry?
4 Lessons on parasitism from the curious Dicyemida
5 Farmers, researchers try to hold off deadly citrus greening long enough to find cure
6 Researchers calculating the scientific value of trees in one lush neighborhood
7 Organ-on-a-chip: 3-D self-rolled biosensor array to electrically interrogate electrogenic cells
8 Shameless thief or good forest citizen? Weka bring hidden benefits to New Zealand forests
9 Birds of a feather flock together, but only in similar climates
10 Rare Caribbean gecko given highest level of protection under CITES
11 The role of GABA neurons in the central circadian clock
12 Model: Drastic ash tree dieback in U.K. unless breeding program instituted
13 Science wages a battle against the swine sector's costliest virus
14 Isotopes in poop show where secretive jaguars hunt
15 VGP generates largest number of high-quality genomes of iconic and endangered species
16 Russia seizes over 4,000 smuggled endangered tortoises
17 New mussel discoveries in Myanmar spark calls for protection
18 Yahoo Japan to end ivory trade on its websites
19 Animal ethics and animal behavioral science--bridging the gap
20 Researchers determine pollen abundance and diversity in five major pollinator-dependent crops
21 New insights into genetic basis of bird migration
22 Wildlife protections tightened as southern Africa protests
23 High-end microscopy reveals structure and function of crucial metabolic enzyme
24 New DNA sequencer method achieves early-stage and broad-range detection of wheat diseases
25 Grassland biodiversity is blowing in the wind
26 Global warming may diminish plant genetic variety in Central Europe
27 Pancreas on a chip: Scientists combine organ-on-a-chip and stem-cell technologies
28 Bacteria-attacking phages could provide clues to antibiotic resistance
29 Closing the gap: A two-tier mechanism for epithelial barrier
30 How elephant declines are affecting African forests
31 Africa's Mukula trees score a victory as trade is put under closer scrutiny
32 Brain waves detected in mini-brains grown in a dish
33 This protein is how creatures sense cold, researchers discover
34 Researchers reveal a common deficiency in genetic prediction methods
35 What a Virginia wildflower can tell us about climate change
36 Getting to the root of how plants tolerate too much iron
37 Biological 'Rosetta Stone' brings scientists closer to deciphering how the body is built
38 New type of visual filter discovered in an unlikely place
39 'Charismatic carbon': Seaweed farming to combat climate change
40 Detailed map shows how viruses infect humans
41 Researchers gain new insight about bacteria within grapevine-killing crown gall tumors
42 Diversity of inter-species interactions affects functioning of ecological communities
43 New UN high-seas treaty must close gaps in biodiversity governance
44 New research reveals that a human stomach pathogen is attracted to bleach
45 Food, predators, and people influence giraffe social behavior
46 Tiny thermometer measures how mitochondria heat up the cell by unleashing proton energy
47 Hunters turn gamekeepers to help C. Africa's threatened wildlife
48 'Google of microbes' could provide digital data from bacteria to solve world problems in health, crops
49 Why there are so many species at the equator and so few at the poles?
50 Understanding probiotic yeast
51 Researchers assemble genomic puzzle of cow gut microbes
52 Banning trophy hunting can have a detrimental impact, experts say
53 Survey results show positive perceptions of adaptive tree breeding
54 Biochar: A better start to rain forest restoration
55 The science that stops possums eating your garden
56 What if we paid countries to protect biodiversity?
57 Aw, shucks: Vet says corn on the cob no treat for dogs
58 Daisies that close at night have camouflaged petals to protect them from herbivores
59 Scientist identifies cone snail's strike as one of the quickest in the animal kingdom
60 Hand- versus machine-harvested juice and cider apples: A comparison of phenolic profiles
61 Pole caught in customs web with tarantula haul
62 Berlin zoo delights in rare birth of panda twins
63 Researchers reveal how bacteria behind hospital infections block out antibiotics
64 Riding in cars with dogs
65 A 'rheostat' for cancer signals
66 Seeing memories being made
67 Keeping your dog safe from toxic blue-green algae
68 Spiders are threatened by climate change, and even arachnophobes should be worried
69 Some species in the Amazon face local wipeout despite plants' ability to recover from fire
70 Waratah is an icon of the Aussie bush (and very nearly the national emblem)
71 How early-stage embryos maintain their size
72 Mitochondrial DNA reveals unexpected ancestral connections
73 Wild geese take climate action
74 Birds in serious decline at Lake Constance
75 Native birds in southeastern Australia worst affected by habitat loss
76 First pea genome to help improve crops of the future
77 The role of environmental factors and internal regulation in determining the growth of an organism
78 Scientists recommend procedures for the protection of the oceans
79 Barn owls reflect moonlight in order to stun their prey
80 Chagas parasite thought to be asexual shown to reproduce sexually
81 Conservation plan could help endangered primates in Africa
82 Novel CRISPR method identifies key genes for Toxoplasma survival
83 New whale species discovered along the coast of Hokkaido
84 Evolution doesn't proceed in a straight line, so why draw it that way?
85 Breeding has shaped dogs' brains, MRI scans reveal
86 Functional changes of thermosensory molecules related to environmental adaptation
87 Why fruit flies eat practically anything
88 As monarch butterflies vanish, researchers investigate road salt as culprit and cure
89 Corals take control of nitrogen recycling
90 Slowed metabolism helps migrating geese soar
91 Sexual selection influences the evolution of lamprey pheromones
92 Undercover evolution: Our individuality is encrypted in our DNA, but it is deeper than expected
93 Study shows Old World monkeys combine items in speech--but only two and never more, unlike humans
94 Tropical sea snake uses its head to 'breathe'
95 Research finds extreme elitism, social hierarchy among Gab users
96 A new reptile species from Wales named by Bristol student
97 On an average day, only 1% of Australian news stories quoted a young person
98 Study turns attention to rural homelessness
99 Mums feel pressure of cooking duty
100 Why do people believe in curses?
101 Parents can help kids catch up in reading with a 10-minute daily routine
102 Time to make fast fashion a problem for its makers, not charities
103 When religious ideology drives abortion policy, poor women suffer the consequences
104 Polarization can happen even when rational people listen to each other
105 Flexible working, the neglected congestion-busting solution for our cities
106 Schools could teach children how to be happy but they foster competition instead
107 Central banks are waking up to climate change dangers
108 Study finds increase in women giving TED talks but not ethnic minorities
109 Plagiarism and inclusivity highlighted in new study into arts, humanities and social sciences
110 Genes reveal kinship between three victims of Mongol army in 1238 massacre
111 Researchers discover more male than female mammalian fossils in museum collections
112 How the limits of the mind shape human language