File Title
1 Lower risk for heart failure with new type 2 diabetes drug
2 Biochar: A better start to rain forest restoration
3 Engineers demonstrate key step in robotic disassembly
4 Kessler researchers investigate social cognition, mood and fatigue in multiple sclerosis
5 New medication may be able to improve effects of psychological treatment for PTSD
6 Human developmental clock mimicked in a dish
7 A protective factor against Alzheimer's disease?
8 First human ancestors breastfed for longer than contemporary relatives
9 The 'inflammation' of opioid use
10 Biophysics: The art of worming through tight spaces
12 Treat citizens as partners, not participants, to improve air quality research
13 Researchers describe a key protein for Epstein-Barr virus infection
14 Study discovers abnormal expression of genes in psychopathy
15 White matter affects how people respond to brain stimulation therapy
16 Immortalized blood cell lines enable new studies of malaria invasion
17 How changes in land use could reduce the browning of lakes
18 Hints of a volcanically active exomoon
19 Changes in ice volume control seabed methane emissions
20 Theory reveals the nature of crystals defects (of silicon carbide)
21 Warnings on individual cigarettes could reduce smoking
22 Parenting stress may affect mother's and child's ability to tune in to each other
23 Adults with cerebral palsy about twice as likely to develop non-communicable diseases
24 Researchers reveal ultra-fast bomb detection method that could upgrade airport security
25 Better chemistry through tiny antennae
26 Friendships factor into start-up success (and failure)
27 Global warming may diminish plant genetic variety in Central Europe
28 Entanglement sent over 50 km of optical fiber
29 Providing a solution to the worst-ever prediction in physics
30 Researchers develop process flow for high-res 3D printing of mini soft robotic actuators
31 Synthesis of UV absorbers from cashew nut shell liquid
32 DGIST Successfully defined the identity and dynamics of adult gastric isthmus stem cells
33 Mechanism of epilepsy causing membrane protein is discovered
34 Much fridge food 'goes there to die'
35 Changing treatment practices for alcohol use disorder could save lives
36 Researchers develop low-power, low-cost network for 5G connectivity
37 Pancreas on a chip
38 Scientists explore aged paint in microscopic detail to inform preservation efforts
39 'Mental rigidity' at root of intense political partisanship on both left and right--study
40 Exercise in pregnancy improves health of obese mothers by restoring their tissues, mouse study finds
41 Negative interest rate policies are backfiring--new research
42 JAMA paper: Doctors encouraged to consider social determinants screening, referrals
43 Beetle scales hold secret to creating sustainable paint from recycled plastic, research shows
44 People's initial immune response to dengue fever analyzed
45 Humans were changing the environment much earlier than believed
46 Inflammation triggers silent mutation to cause deadly lung disease, Stanford study shows
47 The Lancet: New analyses of the worldwide epidemiological evidence demonstrate link between different forms of menopausal hormone therapy and breast cancer incidence, and find that some risk persists for many years
48 Blocking specific protein could provide new treatment for deadly form of prostate cancer
49 Drug use, excess alcohol and no helmet common among US injured eScooter users
50 Suggested move to plant-based diets risks worsening brain health nutrient deficiency
51 Closing the gap--a two-tier mechanism for epithelial barrier
52 Extreme mangrove corals found on the Great Barrier Reef
53 Deep-sea sediments reveal solar system chaos: An advance in dating geologic archives
54 Researchers demonstrate all-optical neural network for deep learning
55 Archaeological assessment reveals Earth's early transformation through land use
56 Gene therapy reduces obesity and reverses type 2 diabetes in mice
57 This protein is how creatures sense cold, researchers discover
58 Burgundy wine grapes tell climate story, show warming accelerated in past 30 years
59 Cracking the code of a brain cancer that keeps coming back
60 Machine learning algorithm can't distinguish these lab mini-brains from preemie babies
61 Crowdsourced archaeology shows how humans have influenced Earth for thousands of years
62 Family perceptions of end-of-life care for patients with advanced kidney disease
63 Ancient civilizations were already messing up the planet
64 Diversity of inter-species interactions affects functioning of ecological communities
65 Evolution: Ancient teeth shed light on Miocene 'mouse' migration
66 Most-comprehensive analysis of fentanyl crisis urges innovative action
67 How visceral leishmaniasis spread through central-Southern Brazil
68 How chikungunya virus may cause chronic joint pain
69 Mutation that causes rare muscle disease protects against HIV-1 infection
70 Drug resistance signature discovered in Crohn's disease
71 Brain waves detected in mini-brains grown in a dish
72 Gut microbiota linked to organ damage in patients with sepsis
73 Study of bile acids links individual's genetics and microbial gut community
74 Emotion recognition deficits impede community integration after traumatic brain injury
75 Hand- versus machine-harvested juice and cider apples: A comparison of phenolic profiles
76 USF-led team deciphers sea level rise from the last time Earth's CO2 set record highs
77 Common stomach bacteria is attracted to bleach
78 Eliminating visual stimulation may help counter symptoms of spatial neglect after stroke
79 Oxygen depletion in ancient oceans caused major mass extinction
80 Discovery paves the way for earlier detection of type 1 diabetes
81 Memphis study suggests transplanting Hep C-infected kidneys to uninfected donors safe
82 The 'universal break-up criterion' of hot, flowing lava?
83 Archaeological assessment reveals Earth's early transformation through land use
84 Moving faster in a crowd
85 Early start of 20th century arctic sea ice decline
86 New radiomics model uses immunohistochemistry to predict thyroid nodules
87 Rethinking our resilience to wildfire
88 Reconstructing Anak Krakatau flank collapse that caused December 2018 Indonesian tsunami
89 Researchers determine pollen abundance and diversity in pollinator-dependent crops
90 New ATS Clinical Practice Guideline: Diagnosing fungal infections
91 Creation of new brain cells plays an underappreciated role in Alzheimer's disease
92 FEFU scientists developed brand-new rapid strength eco-concrete
93 Skin cancer risk in athletes: The dangers of ultraviolet radiation
94 Scientists discover evidence for past high-level sea rise
95 Giving people a 'digital identity' could leave them vulnerable to discrimination, experts warn
96 Air pollution under clear skies reduces sunlight reaching the Earth's surface
97 New insights into how diet & medication impact the influence of gut bacteria on our health
98 Defrosting surfaces in seconds
99 Danish-American research presents new ways of developing treatment of chronic inflammation
100 Amazon deforestation has a significant impact on the local climate in Brazil
101 What if we paid countries to protect biodiversity?
102 Daisies that close at night have camouflaged petals to protect them from herbivores
103 Deep snow cover in the Arctic region intensifies heat waves in Eurasia
104 Understanding probiotic yeast
105 Scientists uncover key new molecules that could help to tackle tooth loss and regeneration
106 Victorian child hearing-loss databank to go global
107 UCI scientist identifies cone snail's strike as one of the quickest in the animal kingdom
108 Illinois engineer continues to make waves in water desalination
109 AI uncovers new details about Old Master paintings
110 Humans were changing the planet earlier than we knew
111 Providing more testing choices does not increase colorectal cancer screening rates
112 It's never too late to start exercising, new study shows
113 Number of years in NFL, certain positions portend greater risk for cognitive, mental health problems
114 Many who die waiting for a kidney had multiple offers, new study finds
115 New artifacts suggest people arrived in North America earlier than previously thought
116 Breakthrough enables storage and release of mechanical waves without energy loss
117 How to simulate softness