File Title
1 Demonstration of alpha particle confinement capability in helical fusion plasmas
2 Babies display empathy for victims as early as 6 months--Ben-Gurion U. researchers
3 DIY balloon pump takes microfluidics to the people
4 Simultaneous infection by 2 viruses the key to studying rare lymphoma
5 Workplace safety can worsen under bullying bosses, PSU study finds
6 Predicting earthquake hazards from wastewater injection
7 UVA discovers incredible HULLK that controls prostate cancer progression
8 Dragon heart
9 Researchers recreate the sun's solar wind and plasma 'burps' on Earth
10 Larger ethnic communities help new refugees find work, Stanford research shows
11 Veterans Affairs study finds genetic basis for re-experiencing symptoms in PTSD
12 High levels of estrogen in the womb linked to autism
13 New, portable tech sniffs out plant disease in the field
14 Hospitals key in the spread of extremely drug-resistant bacteria in Europe
15 Scientists film molecular rotation
16 'Digital twins'--An aid to tailor medication to individual patients
17 KIST develops technology for creating flexible sensors on topographic surfaces
18 Extraordinarily thick organic light-emitting diodes solve nagging issues
19 Doctors more likely to recommend antihistamines rather than cough & cold medicine for kids
20 NASA's TESS mission finds 'missing link' planets
21 It pays to explore in times of uncertainty
22 Uncovering the roots of discrimination toward immigrants
23 The Lancet Oncology: Globally, more than 11 million years of healthy life lost due to childhood cancer in 2017
24 Interventions aimed at parents and kids boost safe sex practices
25 TESS discovers three new planets nearby, including temperate 'sub-Neptune'
26 Study reveals how bacteria beat immune systems
27 Infants expect leaders to right wrongs, study finds
28 Mysterious release of radioactive material uncovered
29 High blood sugar levels and BMI linked to stillbirth in mothers with diabetes
30 AI-powered tool predicts cell behaviors during disease and treatment
31 Discovery could lead to new treatments for Parkinson's, other brain diseases
32 TET proteins: double agents in DNA methylation prevent catastrophic cancer
33 SLAP microscope smashes speed records
34 Pulse waves measured at the wrist uncover often-missed artery changes in menopausal women
35 Key gene behind hallmark of Lou Gehrig's disease identified
36 Identity-shifting cells protect against rupture in atherosclerosis
37 Candida auris is a new drug-resistant fungus emerging globally and in the US early detection is key to controlling spread of deadly drug-resistant fungus [plus additional topics]
38 Deep brain stimulation modifies memory
39 Blocking dopamine weakens effects of cocaine
40 Impaired brain activity in rats with family history of alcohol abuse
41 Most deaths related to noncardiac surgery occur after surgery and after discharge from hospital
42 Nearly three-quarters of traumatic brain injuries in under-19s caused by consumer products
43 Leap toward robust binder-less metal phosphide electrodes for Li-ion batteries
44 Experimental observation of a new class of materials: Excitonic insulators
45 UW study: House move during early pregnancy linked to heightened premature birth risk
46 Boosting the anti-inflammatory action of the immune system
47 Soft wearable health monitor uses stretchable electronics
48 Autonomic nervous system appears to function well regardless of mode of childbirth
49 Ethnic networks help refugees integrate into the host country's economy
50 Marital infidelity and professional misconduct linked, study shows
51 Expanding the palette
52 p53 mutations in 10,000 cancer patients shed new light on gene's function
53 UA researcher and doctoral student reconcile scientific standoff in colon cancer research
54 Credit default swaps cushion stock prices against credit downgrades
55 Food quality control made faster and easier
56 West Coast forest landowners will plant less Douglas-fir in warming climate, model shows
57 New studies by CU researchers highlight causes of vitiligo
58 Researchers enrich silver chemistry
59 Disruption of glucose transport to rods and cones shown to cause vision loss in RP
60 When mosquitoes are biting during rainy season, net use increases, study finds
61 To conserve water, Indian farmers fire up air pollution
62 How we care for the environment may have social consequences
63 Students with a greater sense of school belonging are less likely to become bullies
64 Conservation or construction? Deciding waterbird hotspots
65 Keeping parasites from sticking to mosquito guts could block disease transmission
66 Leading oncologists and nutritionists pinpoint areas to catalyze nutrition-based cancer prevention
67 CHOP research team redefines the footprint of viral vector gene therapy
68 Scientists identify propranolol's target in treating rare condition and hemangiomas
69 Fly antimicrobial defense system doubles as tumor-killer
70 Selective antibiotics following nature's example
71 Skin in balance: Joint forces of polarity and cell mechanics
72 FEFU scientists trained robots to make independent decisions in a changing environment
73 A paradoxical proinflammatory effect of endocannabinoids in the brain discovered
74 75% of asthma sufferers unable to work to their full potential
75 From urine samples to precision medicine in bladder cancer through 3D cell culture
76 'Love hormone' has stomach-turning effect in starfish
77 Sexual competition helps horned beetles survive deforestation
78 A first bad apple spoils the bunch
79 Legal status no guarantee of job security
80 Stem cell research sheds new light on the skin
81 The surprising link between a babies' weeble-wobble and the genetics of motor control
82 Cigarette smoke makes MRSA superbug bacterium more drug-resistant
83 Virtual reality to solve personal problems
84 Next step in producing magnetic organic molecules
85 Girls who are more physically active in childhood may have better lung function in adolescence
86 New method increases accuracy of nontuberculous mycobacteria identification
87 Smartphone virus scanner is not what you think
88 Next-generation medication: where chemistry meets computation
89 Adjuvant radiotherapy may be beneficial in treating locally advanced prostate cancer
90 New nanoparticle combination therapy shows effective resuscitation for massive hemorrhage
91 Study shows non-lethal impacts of seabirds' plastic ingestion
92 3D printed rocket fuel comparison at James Cook University
93 Why are we so drawn to places of happy memories?
94 Researchers repair faulty brain circuits using nanotechnology
95 Beyond the bottom line: Investors favour companies that give back
96 Scientists reproduce the dynamics behind astrophysical shocks
97 Birthweight, height together provide insight into future heart health
98 Treating solar cell materials reveals formation of unexpected microstructures
99 School segregation worsens for Latino children compared with a generation ago
100 How humans and chimpanzees travel towards a goal in rainforests
101 Tech companies not doing enough to protect users from phishing scams
102 Increased risk of cardiovascular disease for healthy 75-year-olds who stop taking statins
103 'Tickle' therapy could help slow aging
104 Individuals with obesity get more satisfaction from their food
105 Should polycystic kidney disease patients be screened for brain aneurysms?
106 Weight stigma in men associated with harmful health consequences
107 Improving efficiency, brightness of perovskite LEDs
108 PE fitness tests have little positive impact for students
109 House move during early pregnancy linked to heightened premature birth risk
110 UK tick-borne Lyme disease cases may be 3 times higher than previous estimates
111 New material could make it easier to remove colon polyps
112 Starting with less-invasive procedures to restore leg blood flow as good at avoiding amputation as starting with open surgery
113 To get customers to buy more in the future, help them buy a gift
114 Researchers estimate societal costs of the opioid epidemic
115 Technological developments in radiation detectors enhance global nuclear security
116 A voracious Cambrian predator, Cambroraster, is a new species from the Burgess Shale
117 NHS 'health checks' reduce cardiovascular disease risk, new study finds
118 Pre-eclampsia increases risk of end stage kidney disease, study finds
119 Antenatal screening for kidney problems in early childhood
120 Brand-brand competition is unlikely to reduce list prices of medicines
121 Antioxidant compound from soybeans may prevent marijuana-induced blood vessel damage
122 Finding a cause of neurodevelopmental disorders
123 At the edge of chaos: New method for exoplanet stability analysis
124 Smoking impedes embolization treatment in lungs
125 Gene transcripts from ancient wolf analyzed after 14,000 years in permafrost
126 Microfluidic array catches, holds single cervical cells for faster screening