File Title
1 New laws of attraction: Scientists print magnetic liquid droplets
2 Toward molecular computers: First measurement of single-molecule heat transfer
3 Study unveils a new supersolid phase in dipolar Bose-Einstein condensates
4 Quantum interference in the service of information technology
5 Seeing smaller through cells: A natural single-cell biomagnifier for subwavelength imaging
6 New nanoantennas to improve ultra-fast wireless connections
7 New mechanism moving droplets at record-high speed and long distance without extra power
8 Physicists create record-setting quantum motion
9 ATLAS Experiment searches for rare Higgs boson decays into muon pairs
10 A torque on conventional magnetic wisdom
11 Spontaneous magnetization in a non-magnetic interacting metal
12 In quantum mechanics, the pigeon and the letter do not always travel together
13 Physicists have let light through the plane of the world's thinnest semiconductor crystal
14 Unconventional phenomena triggered by acoustic waves in 2-D materials
15 Wavelength-encoded laser particles for massively multiplexed cell tagging
16 Eyes on VENUS: ORNL to deliver unique US neutron imaging capability for science discovery
17 Closing the terahertz gap: Tiny laser is an important step toward new sensors
18 Seeing clearly: Revised computer code accurately models an instability in fusion plasmas
19 Quantum uncertainty helps solve an old problem
20 Technologies for the sixth generation cellular network
21 Leiden physicists image lumpy superconductor
22 Scientists take high-speed video of waves to better understand sea spray
23 Supercomputers use graphics processors to solve longstanding turbulence question
24 Balancing beams: Multiple laser beamlets show better electron and ion acceleration
25 Researchers lead breakthrough in quantum computing
26 Physicists create metallic alloy for magnetic refrigerator
27 Terahertz imaging technique reveals subsurface insect damage in wood
28 Einstein's general relativity theory is questioned but still stands for now
29 Small but mighty: Mini satellite may launch new era in space exploration
30 When droplets walk across a liquid surface
31 Seeking new physics, scientists borrow from social networks
32 Shaping light with a Smartlens
33 Physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone
34 Every transistor has a unique quantum fingerprint--but can it be used as a form of ID?
35 Scientists film rotating carbonyl sulphide molecules
36 Light may magnetise non-magnetic metals, propose physicists
37 Seeing moving objects around corners
38 Travelling towards a quantum internet at light speed
39 Demonstration of alpha particle confinement capability in helical fusion plasmas
40 SLAP microscope smashes speed records
41 Recovering color images from scattered light
42 Imaging of exotic quantum particles as building blocks for quantum computing
43 'Digital alchemy' to reverse-engineer new materials
44 Producing graphene from carbon dioxide
45 Localised excitons in 2-D materials for integrated quantum optics
46 Optimizing the growth of coatings on nanowire catalysts
47 Antigravity water transport system inspired by trees
48 Tiny nanocrystals create 'brighter' future for TV viewers, study finds
49 On the way to nanotheranostics
50 Heat transport can be blocked more effectively with a more optimized holey nanostructure
51 Left out to dry: A more efficient way to harvest algae biomass
52 Direct after-fabrication tailoring of molybdenum disulphide transistors
53 Researchers discover semiconducting nanotubes that form spontaneously
54 One-molecule-thick coating to help improve disease and drug testing
55 Online simulation game makes graphene research available to the public
56 X-rays reveal monolayer phase in organic semiconductor
57 Nanoscale visualization of the distribution and optical behavior of dopant in GaN
58 On-demand control of terahertz and infrared waves
59 Vitamin C is key to protection of exciting new nanomaterial
60 Engineers develop chip that converts wasted heat to usable energy
61 Carbon nanotube tape stays sticky in extreme temperatures
62 Will your future computer be made using bacteria?
63 Study contributes to the production of flexible electronic devices
64 Organic porous structures on 2-D defect networks
65 Physicists use nanostructures to free photons for highly efficient white OLEDs
66 Red wine may hold the key to next-gen wearable technology
67 Physicists have revealed new properties of Yakutia diamonds
68 Nanotechnology delivers hepatitis B vaccine
69 Carbon nanotube device channels heat into light
70 Novel nanoparticles deliver CRISPR gene editing tools into the cell with much higher efficiency
71 Shape-encoded dynamic assembly of mobile micromachines
72 2-D perovskite materials found to have unique, conductive edge states
73 Magnetite nanowires with sharp insulating transition
74 Scientists find new way to use silicon nanoparticles in fight against cancer
75 Research shows black plastics could create renewable energy
76 Researchers toughen glass using nanoparticles
77 High magnetic field of 10T during activated carbon production improves micropore capacity by 35%
78 First-ever visualizations of electrical gating effects on electronic structure
79 A graphene superconductor that plays more than one tune
80 Making catenanes and a molecular trefoil knot out of para-connected benzene rings
81 Cuttlefish ink found promising for cancer treatment
82 Search for new semiconductors heats up with gallium oxide
83 New multi-material 3-D nanoprinting strategy could revolutionize optics, photonics and biomedicine
84 Team develops new material for wearable devices able to restore conductivity
85 Scientists report revolutionary sensors capable of detecting carcinogenic foods
86 Ultrathin transistors for faster computer chips
87 Valleytronics core theory for future high-efficiency semiconductor technology
88 Scientists develop a novel method to fine-tune the properties of carbon nanotubes
89 Microrobots show promise for treating tumors
90 Molecular mayhem at root of battery breakdown
91 Chemists close gap in making nanomedicines safer, more efficient
92 Giant gate-tunable bandgap renormalization and excitonic effects in a 2-D semiconductor
93 Physicists discover new quantum trick for graphene: magnetism
94 Engineers find new way to create single-chain protein nanostructures
95 Listening to the whispers of individual cells
96 New quantum phenomenon helps to understand fundamental limits of graphene electronics
97 Research team develops technology for creating flexible sensors on topographic surfaces
98 Thermal management of hybrid nanoparticles
99 Ne theory shows peculiar 'Janus' interface a common mechanism in carbon nanotube growth
100 Researchers tune nanowire properties with peptide 'decorations'
101 AP Explains: How big a threat is an electromagnetic attack?
102 In science, questions matter a lot. Men are more likely than women to ask them
103 Ghanaian case study: How 'bride price' reinforces negative stereotypes
104 Redefining the kilogram means redefining how we measure wealth
105 Predatory journals could damage the legitimacy of scientific publishing
106 Young crime is often a phase, and locking kids up is counterproductive
107 Workplace safety can worsen under bullying bosses, study finds
108 Pfizer to combine off-patent drug business with Mylan
109 Black students receive fewer warnings from teachers about misbehavior
110 Study examines how picture books introduce kids to politics
111 Who dominates the discourse of the past?