File Title
1 Stanford physicists discover new quantum trick for graphene: Magnetism
2 Asthma medication inhibits changes in diabetic retinopathy in type 1 diabetes mouse
3 Like film editors and archaeologists, biochemists piece together genome history
4 Study: Sizzling Southwest summers can cause pavement burns in seconds
5 Two therapeutic targets identified for deadly lung cancer
6 Medications used to treat atrial fibrillation may raise risk of falls
7 New CRISPR platform expands RNA editing capabilities
8 A good first step toward nontoxic solar cells
9 Brain region linked to altered social interactions in autism model
10 The effects of skin aging vary depending on ethnicity, review finds
11 Mouse model supports importance of fatty acid balance in chronic disease
12 Compound found in red wine opens door for new treatments for depression, anxiety
13 For salmonella detection, genomic tool emerges as a key
14 Researchers develop novel imaging approach with potential to identify patients with CAD
15 When considering presidential candidates, age is just a number
16 N/A
17 Work that kills
18 Banning tobacco sales to people under age 21 reduces smoking
19 A computer that understands how you feel
20 New paper points to soil pore structure as key to carbon storage
21 Antipsychotic use in youths with ADHD is low, but still cause for concern
22 Liver transplants could be redundant with discovery of new liver cell
23 Radiotherapy targets tumours precisely--with less damage to healthy cells
24 An unexpected developmental hierarchy in an unusual disease
25 Yellow is not the new black: Discovery paves way for new generation of solar cells
26 Stature and education level of diabetic women to find those at risk of dementia in Nigeria
27 Market competition sets tone for lower cost of UK mobile phone contracts, research shows
28 Shaping light with a smartlens
29 Researchers show the importance of copy-number variants in the development of insecticide resistance in malaria mosquitoes
30 Solar energy becomes biofuel without solar cells
31 The democratic governance of agricultural multinationals is essential for environmental sustainability
32 Successful application of machine learning in the discovery of new polymers
33 Aussie businesses not ready to tackle modern slavery
34 HDO-antimiR represents a new weapon in the fight against microRNA-related disease
35 Visible punishment institutions are key in promoting large-scale cooperation: Study
36 New gene found for a deadly childhood cancer offers possibility of targeted drug therapy
37 Stanford physicists count sound particles with quantum microphone
38 Ladies' choice: What drives faster, flashier formation of new animal species
39 Mouse genetics influences the microbiome more than environment
40 Next-gen membranes for carbon capture
41 City of Hope study finds novel mechanism of action for NK cells in checkpoint inhibitor for cancer
42 Expert panel in macular degeneration recommends paradigm shift for future directions
43 Burnout symptoms associated with racial bias in medical residents
44 One in 75 new mothers go on to long-term opioid painkiller use; risk rises with size of Rx
45 New drug providing hope for babies with aggressive Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia
46 Do babies like yawning? Evidence from brain activity
47 Hackers could use connected cars to gridlock whole cities
48 Single-electrode material streamlines functions into a tiny chip
49 Tart cherry juice may juice up the brain
50 Decoding the complex life of a simple parasite
51 New study reveals how TB bacteria may survive in human tissues
52 Analysis reveals economic cost of Alzheimer's disease and dementia are 'tip of the iceberg'
53 Stressed at school? Art therapy reduces teenage girls' headaches
54 Ultra-thin layers of rust generate electricity from flowing water
55 Study shows power of refocusing student stress in middle school transition
56 Cannabidiol reduces aggressiveness, study concludes
57 Midwives and nurse-midwives may underestimate the dangers of prenatal alcohol use
58 Whole-tree harvesting could boost biomass production
59 Energy from seawater
60 Researchers identify specific genetic vulnerabilities to PTSD among US veterans
61 African smoke is fertilizing Amazon rainforest and oceans, new study finds
62 'Mommy bloggers' study reveals factors that drive success in social influencer marketing
63 The 'blowfish effect': Children learn new words like adults do, say Princeton researchers
64 Recovering color images from scattered light
65 Imaging of exotic quantum particles as building blocks for quantum computing
66 Parasitic bat flies offer window into lives of hosts
67 Diets rich in blueberries yield diverse benefits
68 Expanding functions of conducting microbial nanowires for chemical, biological sensors
69 Oddball edge wins nanotube faceoff
70 Lung cell patches its own DNA on the fly to survive influenza
71 Camera can watch moving objects around corners
72 Numerical model pinpoints source of pre-cursor to seismic signals
73 OU-led study shows improved estimates of Brazilian Amazon gains and losses
74 Who dominates the discourse of the past?
75 Seeking new physics, scientists borrow from social networks
76 New software brings lower-resolution cryo-EM maps into focus
77 Clinical trial reveals potential for treating larger strokes with thrombectomy
78 Study examines how picture books introduce kids to politics
79 Engineers use heat-free tech for flexible electronics; print metal on flowers, gelatin
80 Origin of life: The importance of interfaces
81 Tired of waiting on a waiter?
82 NASA's TESS mission scores 'hat trick' with 3 new worlds
83 Smart brain stimulators: Next-gen Parkinson's disease therapy
84 BU researchers predict global energy needs will increase 25% by 2050
85 Study: Black students receive fewer warnings from teachers about misbehavior
86 Freezing cells made safer thanks to new polymer made at University of Warwick
87 Solar panels cast shade on agriculture in a good way
88 Fish reveal limb-regeneration secrets
89 Study considers sensory impacts of global climate change
90 Researchers discover therapy to treat drug-resistant acute lymphoblastic leukemia
91 Study finds worrisome birth-control knowledge gaps
92 UMD studies green infrastructure to manage more intense stormwater with climate change
93 Stem cell transplantation: Chance of survival increases with number of procedures
94 Continuing the Apollo legacy
95 Increasing value of ivory poses major threat to elephant populations
96 Predatory journals could damage the legitimacy of scientific publishing
97 Mechanical forces control cell fate during brain formation
98 Researchers build artificial cells that sense and respond to their environment
99 How can you reliably spot a fake smile? Ask a computer
100 'Deforming' solar cells could be clue to improved efficiency
101 Support needed for foster carers of LGBTQ young people
102 A catalyst for sustainable methanol
103 Introduced species dilute the effects of evolution on diversity
104 Lymph nodes can predict survival in patients with esophageal cancer
105 Travelling towards a quantum internet at light speed
106 Supposed disorder is not disorder after all
107 Laboratory study paves way for new approach to treating hair loss in humans
108 Cardiac device complications vary widely among hospitals
109 Simpler than expected: A microbial community with small diversity cleans up algal blooms
110 Light may magnetise non-magnetic metals, propose physicists