File Title
1 Scientists detail mechanism behind gamma-ray bursts
2 Researchers recreate the sun's solar wind and plasma "burps" on Earth
3 North Korea says new missile a 'solemn warning' to South
4 Four Chinese indicted for evading US weapons sanctions on N. Korea
5 Four Chinese indicted for evading US WMD sanctions on N. Korea
6 N. Korean leader inspects new submarine as talks with US stall
7 Pence says US to press religious freedom in North Korea
8 US hopes N. Korea talks go ahead despite Pyongyang threat over wargames
9 French 'flyboard' daredevil to make new Channel bid
10 US approves sales to support Pakistan's F-16s, India's C-17s
11 Anti-collision software appears on F-35s, seven years ahead of schedule
12 4 defense giants to vie for Canadian fighter jet contract
13 Lockheed Martin awarded $112.4 million for work on F-35
14 Boeing awarded $96.9 million for Apache helicopter, trainer suppport for UAE
15 DLR tests flexible and actively controlled wing designs
16 Erdogan says US refusal to deliver F-35 jets would be 'robbery'
17 Air Force Thunderbolt hits bird, drops three dummy bombs over Florida
18 Lockheed nets $106.1 million for Apache night vision targeting sensor systems
19 Climate impacts of airplane contrails could triple by 2050
20 AFRL launched largest unmanned space structure on SpaceX Falcon Heavy
21 NanoRacks flies science mission for first Emirati Astronaut
22 New safer, inexpensive way to propel small satellites
23 NASA's new lightweight X-ray mirrors ready for try-outs in space
24 NASA's Webb Telescope Shines with American Ingenuity
25 Spectrum X-Gamma Rockets into Space with X-ray Vision
26 Russia launches space telescope
27 Radio telescope ALMA finds earliest example of merging galaxies
28 Astronomers Make History in a Split Second
29 ALMA finds earliest example of merging galaxies
30 How NASA's Spitzer has stayed alive for so long
31 How the Webb Telescope Will Explore Mars
32 Precision calibration empowers largest solar telescope
33 NICER's night moves trace the X-ray sky
34 A New View of Exoplanets with NASA's Upcoming Webb Telescope
35 Giant Telescope on Sea Floor Will Study Neutrinos from Space
36 SKA Consortium completes design of Science Data Processor
37 Jellyfish galaxy swims into view of NASA's upcoming Webb Telescope
38 NASA's Webb Telescope Mirrors Utilize Innovative Space Shielding
39 Quasar jets confuse orbital telescope
40 Founding members sign Square Kilometre Array Observatory Treaty
41 NASA's Webb Telescope Will Study an Iconic Supernova
42 Australia Designs Local Infrastructure for World's Largest Telescope
43 Citizen scientists invited to join quest for new worlds
44 New sky map detects hundreds of thousands of unknown galaxies
45 Airbus selects exactEarth as AIS Partner for new maritime applications platform
46 Cheops passes final review before shipment to launch site
47 Potentially habitable planet found in new solar system
48 World first as kits designed to extract metals from the Moon and Mars blast off for space station tests
49 Sustaining Life on Long-Term Crewed Missions Will Require Planetary Resources
50 InSight Uncovers the 'Mole' on Mars
51 Paragon Space Development Corp. awarded NASA contract for ISRU technology
52 Robotic arm will raise the support structure and help the Mole hammer
53 China launches first private rocket capable of carrying satellites
54 Chinese scientists say goodbye to Tiangong-2
55 China's space lab Tiangong 2 destroyed in controlled fall to earth
56 From Moon to Mars, Chinese space engineers rise to new challenges
57 China plans to deploy almost 200 AU-controlled satellites into orbit
58 Space data relay system shows its speed
59 Jupiter's auroras powered by alternating current
60 Table salt compound spotted on Europa
61 Juno Finds Changes in Jupiter's Magnetic Field
62 British town evacuated as dam disintegrates
63 Tensions surge over Serbia's small hydropower plants
64 Tanzania's Magufuli dismisses concerns over dam in nature park
65 An AI technology to reveal the characteristics of animal behavior only from the trajectory
66 Europe's GPS rival Galileo suffers outage
67 Aquariids peak on Monday starts month of meteor showers
68 What gives meteorites their shape
69 Scientists find largest meteorite impact in the British Isles
70 Oldest meteorite collection on Earth found in one of the driest places
71 Scientists find the ghost of a new mineral
72 Airbus brings a SMILE to ESA
73 Scientists reproduce the dynamics behind astrophysical shocks
74 Multiple laser beamlets show better electron and ion acceleration
75 Physicists find first possible 3D quantum spin liquid
76 Theoretical physicists unveil one of the most ubiquitous and elusive concepts in chemistry
77 Building a bridge to the quantum world
78 Electron-behaving nanoparticles rock current understanding of matter
79 Physicists create stable, strongly magnetized plasma jet in laboratory
80 The geometry of an electron determined for the first time
81 Colliding lasers double the energy of proton beams
82 Physicists discover new type of spin waves
83 'Fire streaks' ever more real in the collisions of atomic nuclei and protons
84 The search for nothing at all
85 Physicists make collimated atomic beam smaller, more precise
86 Physicists aim to catch slow-decaying dark particle inside LHC
87 'Featherweight oxygen' discovery opens window on nuclear symmetry
88 Behavior of 'trapped' electrons in a one-dimensional world observed in the lab
89 Low-loss, all-fiber system for strong and efficient coupling between distant atoms
90 Listening to the quantum vacuum
91 New report on industrial physics and its role in the US economy
92 Ultracold atoms could provide 2D window to exotic 1D physics
93 A trap for positrons
94 Exotic spiraling electrons discovered by physicists
95 Lightning's electromagnetic fields may have protective properties
96 New physical effect demonstrated by University of Bath scientists after 40 year search
97 Superinsulators to become scientists' quark playgrounds
98 Taking magnetism for a spin: Exploring the mysteries of skyrmions
99 A competing state of matter in superconducting material uncovered
100 Precision experiment first to isolate, measure weak force between protons, neutrons
101 Fake plastic atoms
102 Einstein's general relativity theory is questioned but still stands for now, team reports
103 New Measurement Adds to Mystery of Universe's Expansion Rate
104 New Method May Resolve Difficulty in Measuring Universe's Expansion
105 New Measurement of Cosmic Expansion Rate Is "Stuck in the Middle"
106 The first AI universe sim is fast and accurate--and its creators don't know how it works
107 MUSE Reveals a Glowing Ring of Light in the Distant Universe
108 Clocks, gravity, and the limits of relativity
109 New Clues About How Ancient Galaxies Lit up the Universe
110 New Hubble measurements confirm universe is expanding faster than expected
111 Planck Finds No New Evidence for Cosmic Anomalies
112 A peek at the birth of the universe