File Title
1 Tornadoes, windstorms pave way for lasting plant invasions
2 Great apes found to bond when watching videos together
3 How mammals' brains evolved to distinguish odors is nothing to sniff at
4 Lionfish ear-bones reveal a more mobile invasion
5 Waking up sleeping bacteria to fight infections
6 Study reveals zebrafish make an unexpected decision when faced with conflicting opportunities
7 New frog species discovered
8 Simulation explores how insects glean compass direction from skylight
9 Sperm may offer the uterus a 'secret handshake'
10 Manmade ruin adds 7,000 species to endangered 'Red List'
11 Swine fever sends China's pork prices, imports soaring
12 Scientists discover group of genes connected to longer life in fruit flies
13 Helping robots to build new antibiotics
14 Study finds small mammals aid expansion of warm-climate trees
15 Peanut plant's 'chemical breath' could give clues to drought and other stresses
16 Theory that ridged skin helps dolphins debunked
17 Do plant cells hold the roadmap for surviving climate change?
18 Novel mechanism of inheritance detected
19 New genome editing technology for plant breeding
20 Researchers discover genome-wide variations in gene expression between male and female mammals
21 What is leptospirosis and how can it harm us and our pets?
22 Fishing for genes
23 Still time for Scottish fishing industry to adapt to climate change
24 Turkestan cockroach selling online is a companion of the common household cockroach
25 Newly discovered biosynthetic pathway in bacteria recipe for drug discovery and production
26 Tagged whale shark part of ongoing study by NSU's guy harvey research institute
27 Thai farmers on the cash trail with snail slime
28 New software helps plant breeders bring out their best
29 Wool odor could be key to protecting sheep from flystrike
30 Is New Zealand's food system unsustainable?
31 Animals' body sizes shrinking from climate change, study finds
32 Sophisticated molecular machines in action
33 Micro-naps for plants: Flicking the lights on and off can save energy without hurting indoor agriculture harvests
35 Improving the cacao genome and phytozome
36 Five ways buildings of the future will use biotech to become living things
37 How to stroke a cat, according to science
38 Studies show the influence of environment on the evolution of weeds
39 Machine learning approach significantly expands inovirus diversity
40 Miniaturized version of ribosome found in microsporidia
41 Parasitic plants use stolen genes to make them better parasites
42 Molecular sensor scouts DNA damage and supervises repair
43 Tourist photographs are a cheap and effective way to survey wildlife
44 Scientists make fundamental discovery to creating better crops
45 Unique hybrid implant first installed to a cat
46 Plants defend against insects by inducing 'leaky gut syndrome'
47 How fat prawns can save lives
48 Garlic on broccoli: A smelly approach to repel a major pest
49 How did Africa's grasslands get started?
50 3-D printed custom silicon heart valves
51 Singapore makes its biggest ever illegal ivory seizure
52 Privatization of public goods can cause population decline, research shows
53 Sea Pangolin: The first ever species endangered by potential deep sea mining
54 How fireflies glow and what signals they're sending
55 Bird embryos respond to adult warning calls inside their shells
56 Phosphate shortage: The dwindling resource required to grow food
57 Climate changes faster than animals adapt
58 Fussy fish can have their coral, and eat it too
59 For anemonefish, male-to-female sex change happens first in the brain
60 The first bioluminescent click beetle discovered in Asia represents a new subfamily
61 Hidden world of stream biodiversity revealed through water sampling for environmental DNA
62 Finding one's way in the rainforest
63 Left eye? Right eye? American robins have preference when looking at decoy eggs
64 Cane toad testes smaller at the invasion front
65 What motivates people to join--and stick with--citizen science projects?
66 Algae living inside fungi: How land plants first evolved
67 Putting the brakes on lateral root development
68 An apple carries about 100 million bacteria--good luck washing them off
69 Insects replace pesticides in Spain's 'Sea of Plastic'
70 Aussie drug offers hope for stamping out wombat-killing disease
71 Chimpanzees' working memory similar to ours
72 Scientists complete first assessment of blood abnormalities in Antarctic penguin colony
73 How the kava plant produces its pain-relieving and anti-anxiety molecules
74 Researchers develop phage-assisted continuous evolution of base editors system
75 Following the food trail to help right whales
76 Changes in human diet shed light on human evolution
77 Rising CO2 levels could boost wheat yield but slightly reduce nutritional quality
78 Scientists report a new clue to understanding of bacterial evolution
79 Motor proteins and membrane dynamics
80 Sisters improve chances of reproduction in Asian elephants
81 Rare rhinos among more than 200 animals killed by India floods
82 Genome research shows that the body controls the integrity of heritable genomes
83 Seismic air guns found to harm balance organ in rock lobsters
84 How climate change disrupts relationships
85 Monarch butterflies rely on temperature-sensitive internal timer while overwintering
86 A $3 million collaborative research project on 'Rules of Life'
87 Picky pathogens help non-native tree species invade
88 Researchers use light to serve up on-demand genome folding
89 Light pollution may be increasing West Nile virus spillover from wild birds
90 Some Pacific salmon populations are especially at risk from climate change
91 Amoeba builds barriers for protection against bacteria
92 Bacteria-killing gel heals itself while healing you
93 7-foot mako shark tagged off Texas reappears off North Carolina's Outer Banks
94 Commercial fishing threatens sharks worldwide
95 Tuna are spawning in marine protected areas
96 Determining traits from genes
97 Cryo-EM structures show how vertical single [beta]-barrel viruses manage self-assembly
98 Fewer fish may reach breeding age as climate change skews timing of reproduction, food availability
99 Training my dog taught me that it's people who really need training
100 Massive nests of sociable weavers endure for generations, and house other species, as well
101 Using weather radar to monitor insects
102 Brain parts involved in parenting in frogs revealed
103 Microbial manufacturing: Genetic engineering breakthrough for urban farming
104 Antarctic krill use 'hotspots' for their young
105 Biochemists streamline construction method for human artificial chromosomes
106 Slowing metabolic rate can prevent detrimental effects of genetic mutations
107 Study suggests dark-colored wing feathers may help birds fly more efficiently
108 Study reveals top tools for pinpointing genetic drivers of disease
109 Elephant extinction will raise carbon dioxide levels in atmosphere
110 Preventing people from abandoning exotic pets that threaten biodiversity
111 Detox pathway extends lifespan of the worm C. elegans