File Title
1 The Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology: Testosterone may significantly improve sexual function and sexual wellbeing in postmenopausal women
2 Muslim LGBTQI+ refugees more likely to gain asylum in Germany if they conform to stereotypes, study
3 To become, or not to become...a neuron
4 Children with medical emergencies during airline flights have limited aid
5 Penn biochemists streamline construction method for human artificial chromosomes
6 Biologists and mathematicians team up to explore tissue folding
7 Five or more hours of smartphone usage per day may increase obesity
8 High-performance flow batteries offer path to grid-level renewable energy storage
9 When a fix for one vision problem causes another
10 New AI tool developed by Dana-Farber identifies cancer outcomes using radiology reports
11 More can be done to prevent children from having in-flight medical emergencies
12 Shape shifting protocells hint at the mechanics of early life
13 Georgetown technique using urine suggest individualize bladder cancer treatment possible
14 Ten-state program increases healthy eating and physical activity at child care facilities
15 Tobacco industry has bumped up prices beyond that required by tax changes
16 Supercomputers use graphics processors to solve longstanding turbulence question
17 Paris Agreement hampered by inconsistent pledges, new research finds
18 Underwater glacial melting is occurring at higher rates than modeling predicts
19 Trapping female mosquitoes helps curb chikungunya virus
20 Missile strike false alarm most stressful for less anxious Hawaiians, study finds
21 Molecular traffic jam may underlie rare kidney disease, other protein misfolding disorders
22 Researchers suggest empathy be a factor in medical school admissions
23 Exposure to common chemicals in plastics linked to childhood obesity
24 Slowing metabolic rate can prevent detrimental effects of genetic mutations
25 Interventions for type 2 diabetes successful across the genetic landscape
26 The geoengineering of consent: How conspiracists dominate YouTube climate science content
27 Little helpers for the rainforest
28 Vitamin D supplementation may slow diabetes progression
29 Tobacco-21 laws can lower smoking prevalence in the 18-20 age group
30 Einstein's general relativity theory is questioned but still stands for now, team reports
31 Mapping cells in the 'immortal' regenerating hydra
32 These gut bacteria prevent mice from becoming obese--what could that mean for us?
33 Hidden genetic variations power evolutionary leaps
34 Weight loss surgery rates are rising among US adults with kidney failure
35 How HIV infection may contribute to wide-ranging metabolic conditions
36 Pain and gain: Skin nerves anticipate and fight infection, Pitt research finds
37 Human artificial chromosomes bypass centromere roadblocks
38 A tree stump that should be dead is still alive; here's why
39 How the pufferfish got its wacky spines
40 Electricity-driven undersea reactions may have been important for the emergence of life
41 TESS uncovers 'first nearby Super-Earth'
42 New method for exoplanet stability analysis
43 TESS mission completes first year of survey, turns to northern sky
44 Scientists deepen understanding of magnetic fields surrounding Earth and other planets
45 A desert portal to other worlds
46 Discovering Exoplanets with Gravitational Waves
47 NASA's TESS Mission Finds Its Smallest Planet Yet
48 View of the Earth in front of the Sun
49 Two Earth-like Planets Discovered Near Teegarden's Star
50 Giant planets orbiting sun-like stars may be rare
51 Starshade Would Take Formation Flying to Extremes
52 Physicists Discover New Clue to Planet Formation
53 The 'forbidden' planet has been found in the 'Neptunian Desert'
54 Meteor magnets in outer space
55 New insights about carbon and ice could clarify inner workings of Earth, other planets
56 Small, hardy planets can survive stellar end sequence
57 GOES-17 Mishap Investigation Board Study Completed
58 New developments with Chinese satellites over the past decade
59 Study identifies way to enhance the sustainability of manufactured soils
60 First-Ever Space Oven and Microgravity Baking Experiment
61 NASA Testing Method to Grow Bigger Plants in Space
62 Space plants project could be astronaut game changer
63 Photobioreactor: oxygen and a source of nutrition for astronauts
64 NASA's OCO-3 Measures How Plants Grow and Glow
65 Grapes on Mars? Georgia winemakers aiming high
66 A decade-long quest to build an ecosystem in a room
67 Bacterial factories could make high-performance proteins for space missions
68 China is growing crops on the far side of the moon
69 Eating your veggies, even in space
70 A method to monitor indoor crop health no matter what planet you're on
71 Plant hormone makes space farming a possibility
72 Champagne in space: Zero-G bottle lets tourists drink bubbly
73 Final Fruit-ier: Thailand sends smelly durian into space
74 The challenge of space gardening: One giant 'leaf' for mankind
75 Iran builds satellite, 2 more in final preparation despite sanctions
76 'Let's see them aliens': 1.3 mn people vow to storm classified US base
77 US military's X-37B space plane spotted in orbit
78 Pentagon seeks ideas for small military space station
79 General Atomics Orbital Test Bed Satellite Successfully Launched and Deployed
80 National Security Geostationary Assets are at Risk
81 Countdown to NATO space strategy
82 A chemical clue to how life started on Earth
83 Microbiologists uncover mechanisms of magnetic bacteria
84 ELSI scientists discover new chemistry that may help explain the origins of cellular life
85 Super salty, subzero Arctic water provides peek at possible life on other planets
86 Astronomers expand cosmic "cheat sheet" in hunt for life
87 Planet Seeding and Panspermia
88 Alien worlds are less hospitable to complex life than scientists thought
89 Exomoons may be home to extra-terrestrial life
90 Bacteria's protein quality control agent offers insight into origins of life
91 Features that could be used to detect life-friendly climates on other worlds
92 Detecting bacteria in space
93 NASA Team Teaches Algorithms to Identify Life
94 Planetary Habitability? It's What's Inside that Counts
95 Slime mold memorizes foreign substances by absorbing them
96 Necrophagy: A means of survival in the Dead Sea
97 Life Could Be Evolving Right Now on Nearest Exoplanets
98 Building blocks of DNA and RNA could have appeared together before life began on Earth
99 In Hunt for Life, Astronomers Identify Most Promising Stars
100 Astrobiology seminar aims to inspire a look into the bounds of life
101 Carbon monoxide detectors could warn of extraterrestrial life
102 LightSail 2 spacecraft demonstrates flight by light
103 Green Run test will pave the way for NASA lunar missions
104 Apollo's legacy: A quiet corner of Alabama that is forever Germany
105 Pentagon working on 9 separate hypersonic missile projects to take on Russia, China
106 Raytheon, DARPA complete design review for hypersonic weapon
107 3D printing transforms rocketry in Florida
108 Australia can pick up its game and land a Moon mission
109 Study shows that the Moon is older than previously believed
110 Heavy metal gases observed streaming from football-shaped exoplanet