File Title
1 Research team finds new adaptive trick used by Staphylococcus bacteria
2 Artificial intelligence makes fishing more sustainable by tracking illegal activity
3 Why you shouldn't kill your friendly neighborhood spiders
4 Plants under drought stress change their microbes through their roots
5 DDT contaminants in marine mammals may threaten California condor recovery
6 Minuscule microbes wield enormous power over the Great Lakes, but many species remain a mystery
7 EPA restores broad use of pesticide opposed by beekeepers
8 Mediterranean sharks risk 'disappearing': conservationists
9 Let's talk about gay penguins: Munich zoo joins Pride week
10 Study gives insight into sun-induced DNA damage and cell repair
11 Australian research finds little lizards learn very quickly
12 Grasshoppers and silkworms have antioxidant capacity similar to fresh orange juice, says study
13 Empty nets as overfishing and climate change sap Lake Malawi
14 DNA replication machinery captured at atom-level detail
15 Determining gene function will help understanding of processes of life
16 Video: Friend or foe? Fun facts about sharks
17 Scientists use technology to examine questions around climate, biodiversity
18 Fossil of smallest Old World monkey species discovered in Kenya
19 Tiny bivalve found in Brazil sheds light on tropical Atlantic biogeography
20 Female mammals kill the offspring of their competitors when resources are scarce
21 Out of Africa and into an archaic human melting pot
22 Spain's natural river basins network should expand to protect biodiversity in rivers
23 Armyworms on the march post-Tropical Storm Barry
24 Back-to-back heatwaves kill more than two-thirds of coral
25 Environment, not evolution, might underlie some human-ape differences
26 New study provides clarity on the recognition and signs of canine chiari associated pain
27 Does rearranging chromosomes affect their function?
28 Nature plants review explores the current state and future of CRISPR technology in crops
29 World's island conifers threatened with extinction from climate change
30 Next generation metagenomics: Exploring the opportunities and challenges
31 Off the hook: Manta ray asks divers for helping hand
32 New study on the immune system of plants: It works differently than expected
33 Smallholder agriculture is threatening the western Amazon
34 Invasive parrots have varying impacts on European biodiversity, citizens and economy
35 Blood samples from the zoo help predict diseases in humans
36 Study documents impacts of selective logging on Congo's intact forest landscapes
37 Researchers publish new study on citrus greening disease
38 Ribosome standby: How bacteria translate proteins from structurally blocked mRNAs
39 New study highlights peculiar reproductive strategies of tiny plankton
40 EPA approves use of bee-killing pesticide
41 Effectiveness of using natural enemies to combat pests depends on surroundings
42 Stripping down bacterial armor: A new way to fight anthrax
43 A new way to stop insect pests in their tracks
44 What can researchers learn by eavesdropping on fish?
45 The protein that gives identical cells individuality
46 Australian plants extracting high-value metals from mining wastes
47 Better genome editing for bioenergy
48 Birds of a feather flock together to keep their options open, say scientists
49 When and where Nile crocodiles attack
50 New species of tree discovered in Tanzania mountains
51 Private land conservation research underrepresents geographical regions and stakeholders
52 Australian ants prepared for 'Insect Armageddon'
53 Long live the long-limbed African chicken
54 Man's best friend: The dogs who sniff out explosives in Kabul
55 Tending the future of data analysis with MVApp
56 Flies may also spread disease among monkeys and apes
57 Should we resurrect the American chestnut tree with genetic engineering?
58 New model illuminates why some greater sage grouse males 'strut' better than others
59 Italians cheer on wild bear's 'Great Escape'
60 'Intensive' beekeeping not to blame for common bee diseases
61 Giving a chip about masa
62 Salt regulation among saltmarsh sparrows evolved in 4 unique ways
63 Researchers track how cats' weights change over time
64 Timing is everything for the mutualistic relationship between ants and acacias
65 Limits on pot fishing can result in win-win for fishermen and marine wildlife
66 Avian malaria behind drastic decline of London's iconic sparrow?
67 New Zealand cops nab penguin prowlers in sushi stall
68 Predators' fear of humans ripples through wildlife communities, emboldening rodents
69 Living longer or healthier? Genetic discovery in worms suggests they can be separated
70 Researchers find a method to select for haploid mammalian cells
71 Sharing data key in fight against illegal fishing
72 Bioengineered cell walls open new medical, research possibilities
73 Robotic fish helps protect native species from invasive pests
74 What is a species? The most important concept in all of biology is a complete mystery
75 Forest elephants are allies in the fight against climate change, finds research
76 New function for the nucleolus
77 New insight into microRNA function can give gene therapy a boost
78 Animal experimentation in research: between animal welfare and scientific quality
79 Plant probe could help estimate bee exposure to neonicotinoid insecticides
80 Newly discovered cattle genes could be keys to more sustainable beef industry
81 Can protecting land promote employment? In New England, the answer is yes
82 Little genes, big conservation: Scientists study genetic rescue
83 New study works with historically disenfranchised communities to combat sudden oak death
84 The loss of biodiversity comes at a price
85 Spawn of the triffid? Tiny organisms give us glimpse into complex evolutionary tale
86 For bacteria, the neighbors co-determine which cell dies first
87 Red algae steal genes from bacteria to cope with environmental stresses
88 Pokemon-like card game can help teach ecology
89 Ghana and Ivory Coast lift threat to suspend cocoa supplies
90 Animal rescue group needs help caring for 89 baby birds
91 Georgia beachgoers help pilot whales from stranding on shore
92 Wary US swimmers share waves with deadly sharks off Cape Cod
93 New tuberculosis tests pave way for cow vaccination programs
94 Endangered Bornean orangutans survive in managed forest, decline near oil palm plantations
95 Protected area designation effective in reducing, but not preventing, land cover changes
96 Plant viruses may be reshaping our world
97 Study identifies how to verify whether MPAs are effective
98 Modeling predicts blue whales' foraging behavior, aiding population management efforts
99 Species on the move
100 Jumbo squid mystery solved
101 Timing of spay, neuter tied to higher risk of obesity and orthopedic injuries in dogs
102 Toxic toads found near Sydney spark fears of southward spread
103 How invading fungus forces zombie ant's death grip
104 Ants that defend plants receive sugar and protein
105 Researchers refute widespread racist analogy comparing human races to dog breeds
106 Algae-killing viruses spur nutrient recycling in oceans
107 The ABC of ribosome recycling
108 Making fish farming in eastern Africa's Lake Victoria sustainable
109 From bugs to drugs
110 Two-headed turtle born in Malaysia
111 More than 28,000 species are officially threatened, with more likely to come
112 Scientists hope genetic research will lead to new breakthroughs in weed control
113 New species of flying squirrel from Southwest China added to the rarest and 'most wanted'