File Title
1 New study explains a secret to more efficient learning
2 MERS-CoV vaccine is safe and induces strong immunity in Army-led first-in-human trial
3 New technique could help engineer polluted water filter, human tissues
4 Amoeba builds barriers for protection against bacteria
5 Targeted therapy erdafitinib effective for patients with advanced bladder cancer and specific gene mutations
6 Physician experience and practice area affects decision-making for endovascular treatment
7 New study identifies causes of multidecadal climate changes
8 Found: Fastest eclipsing binary, a valuable target for gravitational wave studies
9 Extra weight in 60s may be linked to brain thinning years later
10 Independent, private firms pollute less than public firms, study shows
11 Pupil dilation and heart rate, analyzed by AI, may help spot autism early
12 Hydration sensor could improve dialysis
13 Waist size is a forgotten factor in defining obesity
14 Monarch butterflies rely on temperature-sensitive internal timer while overwintering
15 Time heals all wounds, but this adhesive can help
16 Active pharmaceutical ingredients can persist in the environment
17 Digital GP service risks destabilizing care for patients with greatest needs
18 Individual non-invasive tests not sufficient to diagnose important complication of brain injury
19 An apple carries about 100 million bacteria--good luck washing them off
20 Too much caffeine during pregnancy may damage baby's liver
21 KIST-Stanford team develops new material for wearable devices able to restore conductivity
22 Study finds meal timing strategies appear to lower appetite, improve fat burning
23 Reach out and touch someone
24 Designed protein switch allows unprecedented control over living cells
25 Outcompeting cancer
26 Former NFL players may face higher risk of atrial fibrillation
27 Rising CO2 levels could boost wheat yield but slightly reduce nutritional quality
28 High blood sugar increases pancreatic cancer rate
29 How to consider nature's impact on mental health in city plans
30 Cellular soldiers designed to kill cancer cells that get loose during surgery
31 Researchers find evidence a cancer drug may be extended to many more patients
32 New data fills research gaps on weight loss experiences for minority groups
33 Forecasting US economic and demographic shifts at higher resolution
34 Some Pacific salmon populations are especially at risk from climate change
35 Top universities fail to achieve many measures of institutionalized diversity outreach
36 The road to Scandinavia's bronze age: Trade routes, metal provenance, and mixing
37 Under development medical camera could help cut time and cost of procedures
38 World's smallest fossil monkey found in Amazon jungle
39 Science snapshots: Chromosomes, crystals, and drones
40 Emergency medicine: Department-based intensive care unit improves patient survival rates
41 Researchers create model to predict risk of low blood sugar in people with diabetes
42 How and why resistance training is imperative for older adults
43 Researchers call for industry regulation to stop 'photoshop' frenzy in advertising
44 The origin and future of spam and other online intrusions
45 When should banks chase debts? New method could help them decide
46 Clemson research suggests a practical use for regret, hindsight
47 The cuttlefish may be flashy, but its microbiome is super simple, team reports
48 New method enables more extensive preclinical testing of heart drugs and therapies
49 Shark hotspots under worldwide threat from overfishing
50 Researchers discover new cause of cell aging
51 Scientists find clue to 'maternal instinct'
52 Decades after a good-behavior program in grade school, adults report healthier, more successful lives
53 Current guides for starting infants on solid food may lead to overfeeding
54 Supervisors driven by bottom line fail to get top performance from employees: Baylor study
55 Research finds connecting patients with their community could transform healthcare
56 Strange bacteria hint at ancient origin of photosynthesis
57 Study calls for legal reform on 'hidden crime' few male victims will talk about
58 Bacteria enhance coral resilience to climate change effects
59 Transforming biology to design next-generation computers, using a surprise ingredient
60 NAFTA's demise puts Canada in the 'penalty box,' study shows
61 Terahertz imaging technique reveals subsurface insect damage in wood
62 Virginia Tech researchers lead breakthrough in quantum computing
63 Generic mobile phone chargers escalate risk of burn, electrocution
64 Make more with your 3D printers: from smooth surfaces to complex patterns
65 New model identifies most efficient logistics for military operations
66 HIV spreads through direct cell-to-cell contact
67 Genetic screen identifies genes that protect cells from Zika virus
68 Worm pheromones protect major crops
69 Physicists from IKBFU create metallic alloy for magnetic refrigerator
70 Detox pathway extends lifespan of the worm C. elegans
71 'Trash talk' really can put players off their game
72 Sclerosing agent delivery improvements to protect against malignant pleural effusion
73 Preventing people from abandoning exotic pets that threatened biodiversity
74 How to trick electrons to see the hidden face of crystals
75 Technologies for the Sixth Generation Cellular Network
76 How neuromuscular connections are maintained after nerve lesions
77 Physics of life: Motor proteins and membrane dynamics
78 Working memory is structured hierarchically
79 The positive and negative role of LRH-1 during inflammation
80 Paleontology--new light on cichlid evolution in Africa
81 Molecular biophysics--the ABC of ribosome recycling
82 Neurobiology--sushi for synapses
83 US emergency medical services underrepresented of women and minorities
84 Antibiotic-resistant genes found in London's canals and ponds
85 One or the other: Why strength training might come at the expense of endurance muscles
86 Antibiotics can inhibit skin lymphoma
87 Fracking likely to result in high emissions
88 Revolutionary method could bring us much closer to the description of hyperdiverse faunas
89 Signals from skin cells control fat cell specialization
90 Airborne particles can send our detox systems into overdrive
91 Clinical trial identifies new breast cancer drug as a potential therapy for glioblastoma
92 Why companies should not give their customers discounts after service failures
93 Attitudes toward race, immigration underscored vote switching in 2016 election
94 Microbial manufacturing: Genetic engineering breakthrough for urban farming
95 Study reveals how HIV infection may contribute to metabolic conditions
96 Researchers discover the science behind giving up
97 Gravity changes mass of muscles and bones, which was experimentally observed in space
98 Study finds new insights on overdose rates, county segregation, and socioeconomics
99 Device could automatically deliver drug to reverse opioid overdose
100 Study in mice advances combination immune therapy for ovarian cancer
101 Preclinical study of therapeutic strategy for Lafora disease shows promise
102 Inherited BRCA2 mutations linked to increased risk of childhood lymphoma
103 Favorable five-year survival reported for patients with advanced cancer treated with the immunotherapy
104 Preschool teachers ask children too many simple questions
105 Rotavirus cell invasion triggers a cacophony of calcium signals
106 Study: Reducing greenhouse gas in rocky mountain region has health, financial benefits
107 Underwater glacial melting occurring much faster than predicted
108 Bacteria-killing gel heals itself while healing you
109 New space discovery sheds light on how planets form
110 Brains work in sync during music therapy--study