File Title
1 Aspiring urban planners seek to mitigate gentrification in Pacoima
2 Scientists describe an almost complete albatross skull from the pliocene epoch
3 Survey reveals common habits and skills among highly productive managers
4 The impact of ethnic stereotypes on employment
5 Report calls for radical rethink on support given to released prisoners recovering from addiction
6 310-million-year-old tree fossils to reveal new ancient animals
7 Study suggests girls' advantage in reading explains gender gap in math fields
8 ESL tests: Memorization is a shortcut to high scores, but not to lasting learning
9 Mansplaining: New solutions to a tiresome old problem
10 New study reveals surprising gender disparity in work-life balance
11 Modeling tool addresses uncertainty in military logistics planning
12 Americans reflect on Apollo 11 and the space program
13 Wide income gaps affect health of rich and poor alike, says researcher
14 A study analyzes the influence of political affinities in the processes of socialization
15 Legalized recreational marijuana a substitute for alcohol, but not tobacco
16 Link between workplace sexual harassment and women's negative self-views may be weakening
17 Stone tool changes may show how Mesolithic hunter-gatherers responded to changing climate
18 Win or lose: Rigged card game sheds light on inequality, fairness
19 Community size matters when people create a new language
20 Graduates offer small businesses a route to innovation--but firms don't know how to access them
21 Over-claiming knowledge predicts anti-establishment voting
22 Swiss specialities: chocolate, cheese
23 Illusive patterns in math explained by ideas in physics
24 Researchers study impact of information on voters
25 An age of uncertain work: Americans miss stability and a shared sense of purpose in their jobs
26 Mathematics is about wonder, creativity and fun, so let's teach it that way
27 Study: Social diversity is initially threatening, but people do adapt over time
28 Polling data suggest gender stereotypes have significantly changed since 1940s
29 Homo naledi and Australopithecus sediba to be exhibited in Perot Museum
30 Spread-changing orders and deletions affect stock prices
31 Even in competitive markets, shareholders bear burden of corruption
32 Jurassic fossil shows how early mammals could swallow like their modern descendants
33 Coaching scientists to play well together
34 Diversity on teams leads to positive outcomes, but not for all
35 Pre-results review: Taking transparency in economics research to the next level
36 Nations with strong women's rights likely to have better population health and faster growth
37 Study finds huge disparities in participation in extra-curricular activities depending on social background
38 Teacher treatment of students factors into racial gap in school suspensions
39 In sluggish Russian economy, halal sees growth
40 Bank of England notes its 325 years with trip back in time
41 How do distance learners connect?
42 Employers urged to find new ways to address workers' mental health
43 Russian website reportedly selling science article authorships
44 Archaeological evidence verifies long-doubted medieval accounts of First Crusade
45 Strongman leaders make for weak economies, study finds
46 School psychologists develop intervention to reduce hallway disruptions
47 Texas' strategic goal for students' debt burden shows potential promise and pitfalls
48 Cosmic pearls: Fossil clams in Florida contain evidence of ancient meteorite
49 White police officers are not more likely to shoot minorities
50 Scientists document late Pleistocene/early Holocene MesoAmerican stone tool tradition
51 Archaeology student finds exceptionally rare fragment from Roman bottle
52 Immigrant children experience high levels of discrimination when entering the labor market
53 It takes more than mass protests to drive change
54 Researchers unveil first of four reports on racial disparities in prosecutor behavior
55 White-tailed deer were predominant in pre-Columbian Panama feasts
56 Addressing mental health issues in small businesses could bring major boost to the economy
57 Building therapeutic cities to tackle mental health problems
58 How to thrive when foreign competitors enter your market
59 Teacher incentive programs can improve student achievement
60 IMF downgrades world growth, warns of 'precarious' 2020
61 NZ researchers call for gender binary in elite sports to be abandoned
62 Buying local? Higher price means higher quality in consumers' minds
63 Americans' tolerance for racist speech declines
64 Study examines how gentrifiers' race affects retail development
65 Migrants who adapt to Australian culture say they're happier than those who don't
66 Newcomers and Canadian high school students are friendly, but not friends
67 Study of data from 1988 Shroud of Turin testing suggests mistakes
68 Public health authorities need to reassess how they market to racialized groups
69 Can women have it all? Working and mothering in Indonesia's capital Jakarta
70 New 'safety tool' could help managers make workplaces safer
71 Pottery related to unknown culture found in Ecuador
72 To prevent another world war, researcher suggests changing how we think
73 New grant-funded educator misconduct database used as research and prevention tool
74 New study explains a secret to more efficient learning
75 How random tweaks in timing can lead to new game theory strategies
76 The road to Scandinavia's bronze age: Trade routes, metal provenance, and mixing
77 Top universities fail to achieve many measures of institutionalized diversity outreach
78 Feeling hot? It can make you a more competitive buyer, study reveals
79 Smaller class size means more success for women in STEM
80 Russia hatches plan to become top tourist draw
81 Preschool teachers ask children too many simple questions
82 Chinese importers looking at buying more US farm goods
83 New study to explore impact of football-based Twinning Project on offenders
84 Archaeologists and anthropologists peer into original homes of the past to see what made us who we are today
85 Backyard not backward: Intentional living, the rise of imikhukhu and urban densification for dignity
86 How motherhood has been redefined through migration and maternal motion
87 Expressing religious identity at work good for staff wellbeing
88 Being your true self isn't always treated equally in the business world, new study finds
89 Pure altruism: The connection that explains why we help strangers
90 Study shows U.S. veterans earn more money in the workplace than non-veterans
91 Is your favorite brand authentic?
92 Moral character of victims can influence consumer action against companies
93 ECB charts path for new stimulus
94 Attitudes toward race, immigration underscored vote switching in 2016 election
95 Slave ship model brings a harrowing story to life in 3-D
96 Study calls for legal reform on 'hidden crime' few male victims will talk about
97 An algorithm developed to study the structure of galaxies helps explain a key feature of embryonic development
98 NAFTA's demise puts Canada in the 'penalty box,' study shows
99 Supervisors driven by bottom line fail to get top performance from employees
100 When should banks chase debts? New method could help them decide
101 Muslim LGBTQI+ refugees more likely to gain asylum in Germany if they conform to stereotypes, study
102 Despondent Guatemalan coffee growers dream of US return
103 Employers miss out on talent by overlooking workers living with disabilities
104 Could Twitter be a tool for improving schools?
105 Hidden life revealed inside dinosaur bones
106 World's smallest fossil monkey found in Amazon jungle
107 Visible punishment institutions are key in promoting large-scale cooperation
108 Market competition sets tone for lower cost of UK mobile phone contracts, research shows
109 Aussie businesses not ready to tackle modern slavery
110 The democratic governance of agricultural multinationals is essential for environmental sustainability
111 When considering presidential candidates, age is just a number
112 Trump threatens French wine in digital tax retaliation
113 Questions remain about Florida's new school-based mental health effort