File Title
1 This deep neural network fights deepfakes
2 Study reveals unusually high carbon stocks and tree diversity in Panama's Darien forest
3 How long does a surgery take? Researchers create model
4 BU researchers use Twitter and AI to see who is hitting the gym
5 Alzheimer's gene may impact cognitive health before adulthood
6 Study finds maternal race not a factor for children experiencing a 'language gap'
7 Strong storms also play big role in Antarctic ice shelf collapse
8 TGen-led study finds link between gene and severe liver damage
9 Sperm may offer the uterus a 'secret handshake'
10 Toward molecular computers: First measurement of single-molecule heat transfer
11 Drinking red wine on the red planet
12 Cleaning our water with groundbreaking 'bioinspired' chemistry
13 Scientists discover group of genes connected to longer life in fruit flies
14 Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) can increase men's risk of stroke and heart attack
15 Link found between gut bacteria, successful joint replacement
16 Carnegie Mellon research identifies new pathways for sensory learning in the brain
17 Lionfish ear-bones reveal a more mobile invasion
18 CCNY physicists use mathematics to trace neuro transitions
19 Study finds key metabolic changes in patients with chemotherapy-associated cardiotoxicity
20 A sharper focus: New computational technique resolves compressed X-ray data
21 U of Guelph researchers learn how low oxygen builds a bigger, stronger alligator heart
22 Greater prevalence of congenital heart defects in high intensity oil and gas areas
23 Strong family relationships may help with asthma outcomes for children
24 UMN Medical School researchers explain muscle loss with menopause
25 Biomaterial-delivered chemotherapy leads to long-term survival in brain cancer
26 How mammals' brains evolved to distinguish odors is nothing to sniff at
27 UCF team discovers, names new frog species
28 Women report skipping scientific conferences because of child care
29 New low-cost thermoelectric material works at room temperature
30 What makes some people more receptive to the idea of being vaccinated against infectious disease?
31 Study: Even in competitive markets, shareholders bear burden of corruption
32 Tornadoes, windstorms pave way for lasting plant invasions
33 The unpopular truth about biases toward people with disabilities
34 Genetic differences between strains of Epstein-Barr virus can alter its activity
35 Algae-killing viruses spur nutrient recycling in oceans
36 A better avenue for neurosurgery to improve outcomes
37 Diversity on teams leads to positive outcomes, but not for all
38 Depressed by Facebook and the like
39 Group calls on international community to prevent dementia by preventing stroke
40 The art of sensing within the skin
41 Improving the signal-to-noise ratio in quantum chromodynamics simulations
42 Spread-changing orders and deletions affect stock prices
43 Simulations fix the cracks in magnetic mirrors
44 China's plans to solve the mysteries of the moon
45 Researchers confirm the validity of xenographic models for studies of methylation
46 Scientists hope genetic research will lead to new breakthroughs in weed control
47 Adding a polymer stabilizes collapsing metal-organic frameworks
48 Diabetes medications masking surgical complication
49 Deciphering brain somatic mutations associated with Alzheimer's disease
50 Biochemistry: Versatile recycling in the cell
51 Scientists discover how and when a subterranean ocean emerged
52 Waking up sleeping bacteria to fight infections
53 Identification of autophagy gene regulation mechanism related to dementia and Lou Gehrig's disease
54 New e-skin innovation by NUS researchers gives robots and prosthetics an exceptional sense of touch
55 Survival of the zebrafish: Mate, or flee?
56 Some pharmacists missing mark on therapeutic guidelines: QUT study
57 Lancet series, co-authored by NYU's Benzian, calls for 'radical reform' of oral healthcare
58 Emotion-detection applications built on outdated science, report warns
59 Hypertension poorly managed in low- and middle-income countries
60 Over-claiming knowledge predicts anti-establishment voting
61 Radical reform needed to address dental decay worldwide
62 Rising CO2, climate change projected to reduce availability of nutrients worldwide
63 Discovery shows how difficult-to-treat prostate cancer evades immune system
64 Canada's high school curricula not giving students full picture of climate change
65 Diabetes increases the risk of heart failure; more so in women than men
66 Access to contraception not 'silver bullet' to stem population growth in Africa
67 Low doses of radiation promote cancer-capable cells
68 Species on the move
69 'Crystal clocks' used to time magma storage before volcanic eruptions
70 Diabetes increases the risk of heart failure more in women than men
71 The Lancet: Big Sugar and neglect by global health community fuel oral health crisis
72 Salt regulations linked to 9,900 cases of cardiovascular disease and 1,500 cancer cases
73 Nations with strong women's rights likely to have better population health and faster growth
74 Music may offer alternative to preoperative drug routinely used to calm nerves
75 Voluntary pact with food industry to curb salt content in England linked to thousands of extra heart disease and stroke cases
76 Metal oxide-infused membranes could offer low-energy alternative for chemical separations
77 Stanford team stimulates neurons to induce particular perceptions in mice's minds
78 Coaching scientists to play well together
79 Many of the deadliest cancers receive the least amount of research funding
80 'Trojan horse' anticancer drug disguises itself as fat
81 Scientists discover how mosquito brains integrate diverse sensory cues to find a host
82 Jumbo squid mystery solved
83 Ultra-soft, liquid magnetic droplets could vault technology forward
84 New species of flying squirrel from Southwest China added to the rarest and 'most wanted'
85 Diabetes increases the risk of heart failure; more so in women than men
86 A dynamic genetic code based on DNA shape
87 New laws of attraction: Scientists print magnetic liquid droplets
88 Women now seen as equally as or more competent than men
89 Brown neuroscientists discover neuron type that acts as brain's metronome
90 Red wine's resveratrol could help Mars explorers stay strong, says Harvard study
91 Study examines differences over time in home dialysis initiation by race and ethnicity
92 Higher kidney function at dialysis start linked with greater risk of death in children
93 New research identifies gene that hides cancer cells from immunotherapy
94 Researchers compare visceral leishmaniasis diagnostic tests
95 Women no longer regarded as less competent than men but still seen as less ambitious
96 The FASEB Journal: SIRT6 over-expression may prevent progression of diabetes, study finds
97 Jurassic fossil shows how early mammals could swallow like their modern descendants
98 Sports participation gap exists between youth from lower-income and middle-income families
99 Simulation explores how insects glean compass direction from skylight
100 Biologist leads pioneering study on stress
101 Discovering how diabetes leads to vascular disease
102 Take a bath 90 minutes before bedtime to get better sleep
103 New research finds private practice physicians less likely to maintain electronic records
104 Teacher treatment of students factors into racial gap in school suspensions
105 Routine blood tests could predict diabetes
106 USF geoscientists discover mechanisms controlling Greenland ice sheet collapse
107 Smart irrigation model predicts rainfall to conserve water
108 NIH study links air pollution to increase in newborn intensive care admissions
109 KIST used eco-friendly composite catalyst and ultrasound to remove pollutants from water
110 2016 election linked to increase in preterm births among US Latinas