File Title
1 Better tools, better cancer immunotherapy
2 Microneedling improves appearance of acne scars
3 Comparison between major types of arthritis based on diagnostic ultrasonography
4 A Finnish study finds bowel preparation for colon surgery unnecessary
5 Enhancing the quality of AI requires moving beyond the quantitative
6 Novel dual stem cell therapy improving cardiac regeneration
7 Mathematicians of TU Dresden develop new statistical indicator
8 Medical research ranked higher by people receiving health-related news while they wait
9 There are no water molecules between the ions in the selectivity filter of potassium
10 Smuggling route for cells protects DNA from parasites
11 Take a break! Brain stimulation improves motor learning
12 Direct toxic action of beta-amyloid identified
13 Enhanced natural gas storage to help reduce global warming
14 Abundant screen time linked with overweight among children
15 Sleep, snacks and shift work
16 New diagnostic method for fungal infections could combat a major global health risk
17 Development of simplified new mass spectrometric technique using laser and graphene
18 Scientists at DGIST discovered how chronic stress causes brain damage
19 Single-cell sequencing reveals glioblastoma's shape-shifting nature
20 These sharks glow in the dark thanks to a newly identified kind of marine biofluorescence
21 Bending the rules: A revolutionary new way for metals to be malleable
22 Conservative treatment with a sling can replace surgery for shoulder fractures
23 Green turtles eat plastic that looks like their food
24 A new method of tooth repair? Scientists uncover mechanisms to inform future treatment
25 Research on cholera adds to understanding of the social life of bacteria
26 New retroreflective material could be used in nighttime color-changing road signs
27 Depression symptoms in Alzheimer's could be signs for cognitive decline
28 The brain inspires a new type of artificial intelligence
29 Bone strength could be linked to when you reached puberty
30 A genetic chaperone for healthy aging?
31 Artificial intelligence could yield more accurate breast cancer diagnoses
32 Disrupted genetic clocks in schizophrenia-affected brains reveal clues to the disease
33 The mind-muscle connection: For aesthetes, not athletes?
34 Oral appliances may be highly effective in treating a type of sleep apnea
35 Printing flattens polymers, improving electrical and optical properties
36 Older adults more likely to condemn even accidental harm
37 Regular exercise may slow decline in those at risk of Alzheimer's
38 When working with animals can hurt your mental health
39 Low-income, black neighborhoods still hit hard by air pollution
40 Reduced carbohydrate intake improves type 2 diabetics' ability to regulate blood sugar
41 Psychology can help prevent deadly childhood accidents
42 Why stress and anxiety aren't always bad
43 Climate change conversations can be difficult for both skeptics, environmentalists
44 Evidence of the Babylonian conquest of Jerusalem found in Mount Zion excavation
45 Monaco to decriminalise abortion, but no legalisation
46 After pot legalized, Colorado's teens moved from smoking to edibles, 'dabbing'
47 Overweight, obesity may up early mortality risk in pediatric ALL
48 Deciphering pancreatic cancer's invade and evade tactics
49 Shrinking brain tumours and opening the door for targeted cancer therapies
50 Opioid use recovery requires persistence, range of services
51 Scientists can now manipulate brain cells using smartphone
52 Young teens of color more likely to avoid peers with mental illness
53 Blinking eye-on-a-chip used for disease modeling and drug testing
54 Researchers discover blocking key mineral uptake could prevent gonorrhea infection
55 Researchers use Amazon reviews and AI to predict product recalls
56 Gut throws cells overboard when chemical insults build up
57 No racial disparities in quality-of-care for CABG outcomes for those insured by TRICARE
58 Is it safe to use an electric fan for cooling? Public health guidance on fans not evidence-based
59 One in 300 thrives on very-early-to-bed, very-early-to-rise routine
60 Prenatal parental stress linked to behaviour problems in toddlers
61 Many post on social media under the influence of drugs--and regret it
62 Canada's new dementia strategy needs commitment to be successful
63 WVU researcher tailors first-responder app to improve stroke outcomes
64 Louisiana launching medical marijuana after years of waiting
65 No, there's still no link between video games and violence
66 Blood pressure monitoring may one day be easy as taking a video selfie
67 'Bone in a dish' opens new window on cancer initiation, metastasis, bone healing
68 Study explores blood-brain barrier leakage in CNS infections
69 Biomarkers confirm higher incidence of thyroid cancer among World Trade Center responders
70 Human breast milk may help babies tell time via circadian signals from mom
71 Why drug cheats are still being caught seven years after the 2012 London Olympics
72 Philippines declares dengue outbreak a national epidemic
73 Romania plans anti-obesity tax on sugary drinks
74 Study: Racial tension may stem from fear of exposure to infectious diseases
75 Protection from mosquitoes key to avoid West Nile virus
76 Improving mental health in rainbow communities
77 Type 2 diabetes: Small reduction in alcohol, big reduction in heart disease risk
78 World-first insulin technology will provide better diabetes care
79 Promoting low-sugar drinks on touch screen menus encourages customers to make healthier choices
80 Hep C prevention still necessary despite advances in treatment
81 The growing trend of emotional support animals
82 6 things bicyclists can do to keep out of emergency rooms
83 Tips for managing distress in children following traumatic events
84 Dietary choline associates with reduced risk of dementia
85 A prescription for exercise
86 Treatable cancers killing thousands in Pacific
87 Do neurocysticercosis-related seizures lead to epilepsy?
88 Why do I grunt when I bend over?
89 A simple method to improve heart-attack repair using stem cell-derived heart muscle cells
90 Sleep interrupted: What's keeping us up at night?
91 Neuropathology tied to dementia ID'd in football players who had CTE
92 Scientists shed new light on how we perceive vibrations through touch
93 Kappa opioid receptor influences naltrexone's effects on drinking alcohol
94 Perceptions of unemployment benefits and impacts on the job search
95 Health professionals turn to outside, informal sources for health information during a crisis
96 New hormone injection aids weight loss in obese patients
97 Internal body fat is significant to the development of cardiovascular disease and diabetes
98 How brain cells pick which connections to keep
99 Most independent charity drug assistance programs exclude the uninsured
100 Team first to grow genetically engineered mini livers to study disease and therapeutics
101 APOE variants' effect on mortality studied in 38,000
102 Vaping likely to blame for 14 hospitalizations in two states
103 Risk for mental health disorders up for adults with cerebral palsy
104 Try yellow peas for protein punch
105 3 ways to improve your eating habits
106 Stress linked to worse outcomes for young women with heart disease
107 Philippines rejects dengue vaccine as outbreak leaves hundreds dead
108 Amyloid is a less accurate marker for measuring severity, progression of Alzheimer's
109 In Burundi, 1,800 dead as malaria 'epidemic' rages: UN
110 Study links progenitor cells to age-related prostate growth
111 Heart-on-a-chip mimics drug response seen in humans
112 Newly developed approach shows promise in silencing HIV infection
113 Children with ADHD have differences in part of brain controlling movement