File Title
1 Study finds fish preserve DNA 'memories' far better than humans
2 Positive effect of music and dance on dementia proven by New Zealand study
3 News from Annals of Internal Medicine: Organizations urge immediate action to prevent firearm-relate
4 Dark matter may be older than the big bang, study suggests
5 Researchers develop method to automatically estimate rooftop solar potential
6 Home births as safe as hospital births: International study
7 Adults with cerebral palsy at increased risk for mental health conditions
8 New research provides better way to gauge pain in mice
9 A simple method to improve heart-attack repair using stem cell-derived heart muscle cells
10 Stanford researchers discover gel reduces scar tissue after surgery in animals
11 Over-sensationalized scandal can actually be a job saver for strong performing leader
12 New data indicate rise in opioid use for migraine treatment
13 Internet can be valuable tool for people with undiagnosed rare disorders
14 Designing a light-trapping, color-converting crystal
15 Opioid use and misuse 3 months after ED visit for acute pain
16 Looking out for the little guys
17 Wearable motion sensors could save unborn babies
18 New intra-nasal imaging to study airways in patients with cystic fibrosis
19 Collaboration sees sustained increase in imaging history quality from ordering providers
20 Study evaluates effects of noninvasive neuromodulation used to treat obesity
21 New 'liquid biopsy' blood test improves breast cancer diagnostics
22 Why so fly: MU scientists discover some fruit flies learn better than others
23 Right or left, Americans value hard work to achieve success
24 Scientists reveal key insights into emerging water purification technology
25 Researchers identify key proteins for the repair of nerve fibers
26 ALMA dives into black hole's 'sphere of influence'
27 Lung lining fluid key to elderly susceptibility to tuberculosis disease
28 Fear of predators causes PTSD-like changes in brains of wild animals
29 Enhanced glow
30 Optimistic people sleep better, longer, study finds
31 Blue sharks use eddies for fast track to food
32 Medical mistrust impacts African American men's preventive health, but racism also matters
33 Geneticists unlock the secret of mutant flies' longevity
34 Air pollution cuts are saving lives in New York state
35 Quantum momentum
36 Gene mutation combo linked to common cancer in women
37 Spinning towards robust microwave generation on the nano scale
38 Chemotherapy drugs react differently to radiation while in water
39 BU researchers: 'Set' of gun laws needed to reduce gun violence
40 Entropy explains RNA diffusion rates in cells
41 New test to snare those lying about a person's identity
42 Brain stimulation for PTSD patients
43 Fighting a mighty weed
44 Transport by mobile stroke units get patients quicker treatment than ambulance
45 Calcium: Good for bones, good for cultural conservation
46 Designing a better low-fat potato chip
47 Anatomy of a cosmic seagull
48 Gold glue really does bond nanocages 'contradicting' logic
49 Record-breaking analytical method for fingerprinting petroleum and other complex mixtures
50 Tiny biodegradable circuits for releasing painkillers inside the body
51 Astronomers reveal true colors of evolving galactic beasts
52 Outbursts of hot wind detected close to black hole
53 New synthesis method opens up possibilities for organic electronics
54 The surprising merit of giant clam feces
55 Nanosecond pulsed electric fields activate immune cells
56 Gluten response in celiac patients could lead to diagnostic test
57 Combination targeted therapy may offer hope to infants with a deadly type of leukemia
58 Physicians call for an end to conversion therapy
59 Human activity likely affects giraffe's social networks
60 Study examines characteristics of older adults with moderately severe dementia
61 Erectile dysfunction associated with lower work productivity in men
62 Where in the universe can you find a black hole nursery?
63 Sorting out who needs a pill sorter
64 Pain medications linked to higher cardiovascular risks in patients with osteoarthritis
65 Marijuana legalization reduces opioid deaths
66 Substituting poultry for red meat may reduce breast cancer risk
67 33% of new childhood asthma cases in Europe attributable to air pollution
68 Surgical planning for head and neck cancer benefits from FDG-PET/CT
69 A growth mindset intervention can change students' grades if school culture is supportive
70 Depleted seamounts near Hawaii recovering after decades of federal protection
71 Major surgery associated with small, long term decline in brain functioning
72 Climate change likely to increase human exposure to toxic methylmercury
73 Good heart health at age 50 linked to lower dementia risk later in life
74 A rocky relationship: A history of Earth's continents breaking up and getting back together
75 Groundwater resources in Africa resilient to climate change
76 Liberals and conservatives have different views on equity, but share 'protestant work ethic'
77 Cibio knocks out cystic fibrosis
78 Observation-driven research to inform better groundwater management policies
79 'Extensive gender discrimination in healthcare access' for women in India, suggests study
80 A long time ago, galaxies far, far away
81 Persistent inflammation in sepsis survivors linked to higher mortality rates
82 Cancer in the oldest old: The fastest growing age group in the US
83 Earth's last magnetic field reversal took far longer than once thought
84 Eating more plant-based foods may be linked to better heart health
85 New insights into the origin of life
86 How much energy storage costs must fall to reach renewable energy's full potential
87 Forgotten immune cells protective in mouse model of multiple sclerosis
88 A marine microbe could play increasingly important role in regulating climate
89 Permian lizard-like animal suffered from a bone condition similar to Paget's disease
90 Fast-food availability near commute route linked to BMI
91 Study finds routine hits playing football cause damage to the brain
92 Cover crops, compost and carbon
93 Controlling the shape-shifting skeletons of cells
94 Adding MS drug to targeted cancer therapy may improve glioblastoma outcomes
95 Ten years of icy data show the flow of heat from the Arctic seafloor
96 Puzzling shapes: Unlocking the mysteries of plant cell morphology
97 Forest fragments surprising havens for wildlife
98 Great Scots! 'It's' a unique linguistic phenomenon
99 Tel Aviv U and Technion researchers wrest control of one of world's most secure PLCs
100 Rethinking seizures associated with cardiac disease
101 Over a century of Arctic sea ice volume reconstructed with help from historic ships' logs
102 Study shows gun shops can aid in preventing suicides
103 Does cable news shape your views?
104 Depression is the single largest predictor of substance use during pregnancy
105 Bringing cancer medication safely to its destination
106 Genetic variation contributes to individual differences in pleasure
107 Existing anti-parasitic drug could offer treatment for Ebola
108 88% decline of big freshwater animals
109 New process discovered to completely degrade flame retardant in the environment
110 Novel strategy uncovers potential to control widespread soilborne pathogens
111 Teens feel pressured to get pregnant
112 Installing solar panels on agricultural lands maximizes their efficiency, new study shows