File Title
1 Elegant antibody nanoparticles override immunological tolerance of tumors
2 Quality Composite Rank provides a consumer-friendly, single-digit rating that makes quality data more meaningful
3 Taking opioids for pain may make it harder to find primary care, study finds
4 Researchers show how AI can be used to more quickly and accurately diagnose breast cancer
5 New study highlights advantages of living-donor liver transplant over deceased donor
6 Recognizing kidney injury due to burns is improved by artificial intelligence
7 New technology improves atrial fibrillation detection after stroke
8 Improving care quality for hospitalized socially at-risk patients
9 An itch to scratch: Scientists identify potential approach to chronic problem
10 Outcomes of non-operatively treated elbow ulnar in professional baseball players
11 Over-conditioning kills: Non-traumatic fatalities in football is preventable
12 Lower quadricep strength can indicate increased risk of future ACL injury
13 Healthy lifestyle may offset genetic risk of dementia
14 Does use of headgear reduce the rate injuries in high school women's lacrosse?
15 Adults with HIV who have compassionate care providers start and remain in treatment longer
16 Sudden cardiac arrest in athletes: Prevention and management
17 Political support, strong public health systems key to eliminating measles outbreaks worldwide
18 Cancer tissue-freezing approach may help more breast cancer patients in lower income countries
19 Strict state laws and universal background checks linked to lower pediatric firearm-related deaths
20 Scientists explore blood flow bump that happens when our neurons are significantly activated
21 Hope for restoring sight in acid attack victims
22 Doctor burnout costs health care system $4.6 billion a year
23 High intensity interval training (HIIT) may prevent cognitive decline
24 Relating sentence representations in deep neural networks with those encoded by the brain
25 3-D brain imaging may improve treatment path for MS patients
26 Surgery before pregnancy linked to higher risk of opioid withdrawal in babies
27 New look at atherosclerosis
28 Working memory in psychotic disorders
29 New data on e-cigarette use among New Zealand adults
30 Older Australians taking multiple medicines may be putting their health at risk
31 Make picnics safer by guarding against foodborne bacteria
32 Methodological limitations keeping at-risk individuals from accessing lifesaving HIV prevention pill
33 Helping patients shop around for health care could control costs better than current system
34 Digital twin for personalized therapies
35 Loss of multiple senses increases dementia risk
36 Ticks spread plenty more for you to worry about beyond Lyme disease
37 Leishmaniasis causes skin lesions, and is often lethal
38 The human microbiome is a treasure trove waiting to be unlocked
39 People who microdose psychedelic substances report improved mood and focus
40 An inflammatory diet correlates with colorectal cancer risk
41 How accommodating workers with autism benefits employers--and everyone else
42 Turbo chip for drug development
43 Persistent HIV DNA in spinal fluid may be associated with cognitive challenges
44 Comics can improve queer men's body image
45 Iatrogenic disorders in psychiatry are common and neglected
46 1 in 10 patients are infected in hospital, and it's not always with what you think
47 Which body organs are most at risk during a heat wave?
48 Improving the nutritional quality of baby food
49 Science of microdosing psychedelics remains patchy and anecdotal, say researchers
50 Genetic study reveals metabolic origins of anorexia
51 Holes in the immune system left unrepaired despite drug therapy
52 Increases in social media use and television viewing associated with increases in teen depression
53 20mn children not vaccinated in 2018: UN warns against 'stagnation'
54 Differences in MS patients' cerebrospinal fluid may be key to drugs that halt progression
55 New e-cigarette laws could drive some users to smoke more cigarettes
56 Loose RNA molecules rejuvenate skin, researchers discover
57 Lower than expected risk of bone density decline with Truvada PrEP
58 Combined breast and gynecologic surgery: Study says not so fast
59 Study shows widespread global implementation of WHO's 'Treat All' HIV recommendation
60 Study demonstrates stress reduction benefits from petting dogs, cats
61 Biocompound from Atlantic Rainforest combats leishmaniasis and Chagas disease
62 Can magnetic stem cells improve cartilage repair?
63 Can videogames promote emotional intelligence in teenagers?
64 The happiness dividend: Longer, healthier lives
65 A legal framework for vector-borne diseases and land use
66 Neuroscientists find brain activity patterns that encode our beliefs
67 New study uncovers weakness in C. diff toxin
68 Study shows advantages for stress urinary incontinence surgery
69 Biofilm researchers help doctors understand, treat chronic wounds
70 Investigation into fungal infection reveals genetic vulnerability in Hmong
71 Many perceive lack of choice in receipt of RAI for thyroid cancer
72 Dance your way to better health
73 Timing is everything when it comes to calorie intake
74 Child psychiatry telephone programs help increase mental health services for children
75 Cannabis treatment counters addiction: First study of its kind
76 Cholesterol-lowering drugs under-prescribed for prevention of atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease
77 Defective potassium channels cause headache, not body pain
78 Reducing seizures by removing newborn neurons
79 Scientists close in on blood test for Alzheimer's
80 Ebola case in DRC's Goma 'a warning': WHO
81 Unlocking chemo-resistance in cancer
82 High blood pressure, cholesterol in young adults associated with later heart disease
83 Even one small glass of juice or soda a day can increase cancer risk, study says
84 Helping transplanted stem cells stick around and do their jobs
85 Researchers describe new ALS biomarkers, potential new drug targets
86 New biomarker-guided strategy has potential for liver cancer treatment
87 Dietary quality influences microbiome composition in human colonic mucosa
88 Study asked people with mental health disorders to recommend changes to international diagnostic guidelines
89 Study identifies potential markers of lung cancer
90 A genomic barcode tracker for immune cells
91 Organoids grown in microfluidic device may help cf patients with diabetes
92 New technique uses microcurrent to exercise heart muscle
93 Are fertility apps useful?
94 Wearing hearing aid may help protect brain in later life
95 Scientists shift goals in Alzheimer's research to focus on prevention
96 Study finds keys to music in exercise
97 Study dispels myth of exercise damage in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee
98 Study examines impact of institutional portraiture on medical students
99 Hand sanitisers in public won't wipe out the flu but they might reduce its spread
100 Apathy: The forgotten symptom of dementia
101 Partnering with a pharmacist may decrease burnout among primary care providers
102 Making youth soccer less competitive: Better skills or a sign of coddled kids?
103 Stop worrying about screen time: It's your child's screen experience that matters
104 Researcher identifies differences in genes that impact response to cryptococcus infection
105 Heart drug could significantly increase survival rates for children with an aggressive form of brain tumour
106 The survival strategies of a bacterium that causes hospital infections
107 Scientists link frequent use of sleep medication with changes to risk of developing dementia
108 Study turns trauma treatment on head
109 Osteoarthritis linked to higher risk of dying from cardiovascular disease
110 Slug, a stem cell regulator, keeps breast cells healthy by promoting repair of DNA damage
111 Formation of new blood vessels in tumors regulated by p38 protein
112 Record drug deaths in Scotland are a national scandal
113 Australian bee sting vaccine trial holds promise against allergic reactions
114 Study finds transgender, non-binary autism link
115 Hit it where it hurts--scientists reveal how mirrors cure phantom pain
116 Will sports help young offenders turn their lives around?