File Title
1 Quantum dots capture speciation in sandplain fynbos on the West Coast of South Africa
2 Polyoxometalate-based coordination frameworks for CH4 generation in photoreduction of CO2
3 Researchers create first-ever personalised sound projector with 10 pounds webcam
4 A new paradigm for efficient upward culture of 3D multicellular spheroids
5 Spacer protects healthy organs from radiation exposure during particle therapy
6 A novel robotic jellyfish able to perform 3D jet propulsion and maneuvers
7 Accelerating development of STT-MRAM
8 Rye is healthy, thanks to an interplay of microbes
9 Study: Sleep is essential for business leaders seeking next successful venture
10 Is it safe to use an electric fan for cooling?
11 Long-lasting effects of ironwork on mammal distributions over the last millennium
12 New voyage to the universe from DESHIMA
13 How light steers electrons in metals
14 Patterns of substance use and co-use by adolescents
15 Twelve centuries of European summer droughts
16 Researchers find proteins that might restore damaged sound-detecting cells in the ear
17 'Stressors' in middle age linked to cognitive decline in older women
18 Stanford scientists create artificial catalysts inspired by living enzymes
19 Warning to adults: Children notice everything
20 Whole body vibration shakes up microbiome, reduces inflammation in diabetes
21 Researchers embrace imperfection to improve biomolecule transport
22 In the future, this electricity-free tech could help cool buildings in metropolitan areas
23 Recursive language and modern imagination were acquired simultaneously 70,000 years ago
24 Put a charge on it
25 Deciphering pancreatic cancer's invade and evade tactics
26 Transgender women case study shows sperm production is possible but not certain
27 Pregnancy problems may lead to later cardiac trouble in adult children
28 Professional coaching alleviates burnout symptoms in physicians
29 New study: Ocean temperature 'surprises' becoming more common
30 Road verges provide refuge for pollinators
31 'Fat suit' role play may help uncover medical student prejudices against obesity
32 'Spin' found in over half of clinical trial abstracts published in top psychiatry journals
33 Prenatal parental stress linked to behaviour problems in toddlers
34 Seaweed sinks deep, taking carbon with it
35 Google maps for tissues
36 Intense look at La Brea Tar Pits explains why we have coyotes, not saber-toothed cats
37 Visa concerns deter foreign-born PhDs from working in startups
38 Lessons of conventional imaging let scientists see around corners
39 MSI detection via liquid biopsy shows high concordance with results from tissue samples
40 Police use of fatal force is identified as a leading cause of death in young men
41 The front line of environmental violence
42 It would take 50 million years to recover New Zealand's lost bird species
43 Embargoed news from Annals of Internal Medicine: Electric fans not safe for relieving the heat when temperatures are high and humidity is low [plus additional topics]
44 How deep space travel could affect the brain
45 Machine learning classifies word type based on brain activity
46 Brain reorganization predicts language production
47 Manipulating brain cells by smartphone
48 Asbestosis toxicity study identifies potential of novel mineral treatment
49 Natural gas storage research could combat global warming
50 Blood clotting proteins in urine discovered as biomarkers of lupus nephritis
51 Calcium levels in freshwater lakes declining in Europe and North America
52 'Weaponized interdependence' wields economic networks as political weapons
53 Kids might be naturally immunized after C. difficile colonization in infancy
54 Blood pressure recording over 24 hours is the best predictor of heart and vascular disease
55 Heart-on-a-chip mimics drug response seen in humans
56 Tariffs lead to creative supply chains
57 Knowing berry pests' varied diets may help control them
58 Research advances to better target debilitating effects of cachexia syndrome
59 How the Pacific Ocean influences long-term drought in the Southwestern US
60 The growing trend of emotional support animals
61 Raising the standard for psychology research
62 How can robots land like birds?
63 Guacamole lovers, rejoice! The avocado genome has been sequenced
64 Robotic cane shown to improve stability in walking
65 Thyme essential oil in corn starch particles combats Aedes aegypti larvae
66 Newly developed approach shows promise in silencing HIV infection
67 Striped glow sticks
68 Non-invasive imaging method spots cancer at the molecular level
69 UCLA study links progenitor cells to age-related prostate growth
70 How do you forecast eruptions at volcanoes that sit 'on the cusp' for decades?
71 Questions during shared book reading with preschoolers need to be more challenging
72 Hotter, wetter, dryer: WVU research forecasts an uptick in extreme weather, temperatures
73 Amyloid is a less accurate marker for measuring severity, progression of Alzheimer's
74 New plant galls research includes most comprehensive study of role of hormones
75 Surprising discovery could change the way industry uses nickel
76 APOE variants' effect on mortality studied in 38,000
77 Thyroid screening may not be needed in all youth with psychiatric disorders
78 Seeing how computers 'think' helps humans stump machines and reveals AI weaknesses
79 Novel school improvement program can raise teaching quality while reducing inequality
80 OU microbiologists provide framework for assessing ecological diversity
81 The limits of rainforest growth
82 Houseplants ability to survive drought can provide useful knowledge for the climate change era
83 Wits University PhD student discovers new species of early dinosaur
84 Scientists shed new light on how we perceive vibrations through touch
85 Dead planets can 'broadcast' for up to a billion years
86 Animal collectives like ants should move through their environment like 'savvy gamblers'
87 Kappa opioid receptor influences naltrexone's effects on drinking alcohol
88 New hormone injection aids weight loss in obese patients
89 Reconstructing histological slices into 3D images
90 Ionic thermal up-diffusion boosts energy harvesting
91 Strange coral spawning improving Great Barrier Reef's resilience
92 Dietary choline associates with reduced risk of dementia
93 Study on attosecond timescale casts new light on electron dynamics in transition metals
94 Simulations demonstrate ion heating by plasma oscillations for fusion energy
95 Development of flexible sensors mimicking human finger skin by DGIST
96 Streamlining fee waiver requests helped low-income immigrants become citizens
97 Climate change could shrink oyster habitat in California
98 Study explores blood-brain barrier leakage in CNS infections
99 Most seniors with dementia live at home, despite pain, anxiety, poor health
100 1 in 300 thrives on very-early-to-bed, very-early-to-rise routine
101 New study could reset how scientists view sex determination in painted turtle populations
102 Industrial fishing behind plummeting shark numbers
103 Staring at seagulls could save your chips
104 Cooperation with high status individuals may increase one's own status
105 Antineutrino detection could help remotely monitor nuclear reactors
106 'Bone in a dish' opens new window on cancer initiation, metastasis, bone healing
107 Scientists create the world's thinnest gold
108 NZ big bird a whopping 'squawkzilla'
109 What do you mean the hamburger isn't all that American?
110 Most independent charity drug assistance programs exclude the uninsured
111 Sleep interrupted: What's keeping us up at night?
112 Blood pressure monitoring may one day be easy as taking a video selfie
113 Many post on social media under the influence of drugs--and regret it
114 Virtual treasure hunt shows brain maps time sequence of memories
115 Bullet shape, velocity determine blood spatter patterns
116 'Mega-fires' may be too extreme even for a bird that loves fire
117 One therapy bests others at motivating kids with autism to speak, Stanford study finds
118 How brain cells pick which connections to keep
119 Canada's new dementia strategy needs commitment to be successful
120 A hog in wolf's clothing
121 Pitt first to grow genetically engineered mini livers to study disease and therapeutics