File Title
1 Pre-life building blocks spontaneously align in evolutionary experiment
2 Priority rule for organ donors could have unintended consequences
3 Cheater, cheater: Human Behavior Lab studies cheating as innate trait
4 'Fake news,' diminishing media trust and the role of social media
5 Supercomputing improves biomass fuel conversion
6 Experimental treatment slows prion disease, extends life of mice
7 Veterans with traumatic brain injuries have higher suicide risk
8 Fear of more dangerous second Zika, dengue infections unfounded in monkeys
9 Genomic data reveal intense fish harvesting causes rapid evolution
10 Cancer without end? Discovery yields fresh insights
11 New computational method could advance precision medicine
12 Three concepts from complexity could play a big role in social animal research
13 NYU physicist receives US Department of Energy Early Career Award
14 Improving outcomes for sepsis patients
15 FRESH 3D printing used to rebuild functional components of human heart
16 Study assesses outcomes for meth users with burn injures
17 Peering into the soul of the immune system to better fight disease
18 Self-sterilizing polymer proves effective against drug-resistant pathogens
19 How little we know: Experts document the lack of research on youth firearm injury
20 Study finds mutual fund managers use their networks for info on insider trades
21 ATS publishes clinical guideline on obesity hypoventilation syndrome
22 New approach could make HVAC heat exchangers five times better
23 Study highlights need to rethink emergency responses for children in humanitarian settings
24 From greenhouse gas to fuel
25 'Green' taxes
26 Study casts doubt on evidence for 'gold standard' psychological treatments
27 Ancient plankton help researchers predict near-future climate
28 Discovery of distinct lung cancer pathways may lead to more targeted treatments
29 Police officers' exposure to peers accused of misconduct shapes their subsequent behavior
30 US infrastructure unprepared for increasing frequency of extreme storms
31 Despite treatment, elderly cancer patients have worse outcomes if HIV-positive
32 How microorganisms protect themselves against free radicals
33 Hubble uncovers a 'heavy metal' exoplanet shaped like a football
34 Species aren't adapting fast enough to cope with climate change, according to new study
35 Doing more with less: Flexible, reduced-load jobs a win-win for workers, employers
36 Artificial intelligence could help air travelers save a bundle
37 Promising new solar-powered path to hydrogen fuel production
38 BU study: Youth empowerment program can prevent childhood obesity
39 Physicists make graphene discovery that could help develop superconductors
40 Storytelling bots learn to punch up their last lines
41 How roads can help cool sizzling cities
42 Human genetic diversity of South America reveals complex history of Amazonia
43 Light for the nanoworld
44 Scientists crack the code to improve stress tolerance in plants
45 Drop of ancient seawater rewrites Earth's history
46 Digital games may beat mindfulness apps at relieving stress, new study shows
47 Two fraudsters, one passport
48 New blood test can detect rejection by antibodies after kidney transplant
49 A novel graphene-matrix-assisted stabilization method will help unique 2D materials to become a part
50 Toxic chemicals hindering the recovery of Britain's rivers
51 Very little public support for relaxing rules and regulations around fracking
52 From Japanese basket weaving art to nanotechnology with ion beams
53 Heterophase nanostructures contributing to efficient catalysis
54 Edinburgh is global hotspot for inflammatory bowel disease rates
55 Levels of 'ugly cholesterol' in the blood are much higher than previously imagined
56 Russian scientists studied the effect of mutations of Alzheimer's disease
57 Unmasking the hidden burden of tuberculosis in Mozambique
58 Largest ever study finds links in epilepsy genes
59 Anaemic star carries the mark of its ancient ancestor
60 The drug combination effective against bovine leukemia
61 Super-resolution microscopy sheds light on how dementia protein becomes dysfunctional
62 Photocatalytic generation of highly reactive alkynes under visible light conditions
63 Low level exposure to air pollution is harmful, mouse model shows
64 Strong evidence for causal link between obesity and multiple diseases
65 Slip layer dynamics reveal why some fluids flow faster than expected
66 Knockout mice are guide to new genes for eye and skin disorders
67 Scientists discover immune cell subtype in mice that drives allergic reactions
68 Black male educators sound alarm regarding lack of diversity in P-12 classrooms
69 Bats use leaves as mirrors to find prey in the dark
70 Barn owls may hold key to navigation and location
71 3D printing the human heart
72 Is your supercomputer stumped? There may be a quantum solution
73 Distant 'heavy metal' gas planet is shaped like a football
74 Sudden hearing loss: Update to guideline to improve implementation and awareness
75 The Lancet: Deep learning AI may identify atrial fibrillation from a normal rhythm ECG
76 Treatment for liver disorder in pregnancy ineffective, finds new study
77 Scientists identified a new signaling component important for plant symbiosis
78 A scientific approach to recreate metabolic evolution in plants
79 Endometrial diseases can be imitated in a lab dish, new study shows
80 Experimental respiratory syncytial virus vaccine prompts antibody surge
81 Middle-school Latino children report more depressive symptoms after family member arrested
82 Blood test is highly accurate at identifying Alzheimer's before symptoms arise
83 Monthly lifestyle counseling tied to better outcomes for patients with diabetes
84 The curious tale of the cancer 'parasite' that sailed the seas
85 Stress in cervical cancer patients associated with higher risk of cancer-specific mortality
86 New vaccine against Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) elicits strong immune response
87 EU agriculture not viable for the future
88 Simulation technique can predict microstructures of alloy materials used in jet engines--before they are made
89 UC researchers unlock cancer cells' feeding mechanism, central to tumor growth
90 Can a combination immune therapy reduce genital herpes outbreaks?
91 'Wildling' mice could help translate results in animal models to results in humans
92 System to image the human eye corrects for chromatic aberrations
93 Repairing harmful effects of inbreeding could save the iconic Helmeted Honeyeater
94 Human trafficking victims' unlikeliness to report crimes tied to police officers' bias
95 'Voltron' imaging tool captures brain cell action in living animals
96 Sustained police effort explains higher arrests for gun murders
97 Study examines direct-to-consumer stem cell clinics in 6 Southwestern states
98 Turtle embryos play a role in determining their own sex
99 Jogging and five other exercises ward off weight gain despite 'obesity genes'
100 Autopsies reveal how meth hurts the heart
101 Old cells, new tricks--important clue to AML diagnosis and cure discovered
102 A new lens for life-searching space telescopes
103 Researchers create first-ever 'map' of global labor flow
104 Reverse engineering the fireworks of life
105 Water treatment cuts parasitic roundworm infections affecting 800 million people
106 Change the bias, change the behavior? Maybe not
107 Paradoxical outcomes for Zika-exposed tots
108 Study finds genetic testing motivates behavior changes in families at risk for melanoma
109 Study finds native bighorn sheep herds retain migratory diversity