File Title
1 Mapping the structure of the influenza A virus genome
2 Has your doctor asked you about climate change?
3 These mannequins aren't for fashion. They're for medical training
4 Imaging shows brain matter alterations in US government personnel who served in Cuba
5 Hidden dynamics detected in neuronal networks
6 Keeping livestock in the yard just might help your baby's immune system
7 Novel rheumatoid arthritis drug succeeds in clinical trial led by Stanford investigator
8 How do brains remember decisions?
9 Senators unveil compromise to reduce drug costs for seniors
10 The research effort on acute flaccid myelitis
11 New implant, vaccine trial offer fresh HIV hope
12 Cancer lab on chip to enable widespread screening, personalized treatment
13 More heart attacks and strokes when cholesterol-lowering prescription rejected or unfilled
14 'Kneeding' a break: First evidence ACL injuries an overuse failure
15 Researchers develop novel vaccine that induces antibodies that contribute to protection
16 Study shows new moms may be vulnerable to 'sharenting'
17 Women missing out on the best heart care
18 Researchers get a handle on how to control blood sugar after stroke
19 Scientists identify new genetic interactions that may impact cancer outcomes
20 Survey finds patients want more guidance from physicians on self-care
21 A health home run: Pro baseball players live longer, healthier lives
22 Screen every pregnant woman for hep B: Task force
23 Semi-automated contracting system to accelerate partnering in AI-powered drug discovery
24 Is Instagram behavior motivated by a desire to belong?
25 AHA news: Early pregnancy may be a prime time to promote heart health
26 One in five workers exposed to secondhand smoke on the job
27 T2DM increases gastric cancer risk after H. pylori eradication
28 Reducing air pollution could cut rates of childhood asthma
29 Type of stent affects immediate and long-term outcomes
30 Study looks at stem cells for answers to how a type of autism develops
31 New discovery points toward possible treatment for diabetic non-healing wounds
32 Researchers study effect of Mediterranean diet on pregnancy outcomes
33 Air pollution in US associated with over 30,000 deaths and reduced life expectancy
34 Sex with HIV still a crime? Updated laws divide advocates
35 Slower walking speed may predict future mobility problems
36 Open-label study of a vaginal ring for HIV prevention suggests women want and will use it
37 MicroRNAs from human fat cells can impair macrophage ability to eliminate cholesterol
38 'Browning' white fat cells opens new avenue to obesity prevention
39 Most women use vaginal ring for HIV prevention in open-label study
40 Researchers map protein-gene interactions involved in Alzheimer's disease
41 Study identifies cells required for the development of a healthy uterus
42 E. coli superbug strains can persist in healthy women's guts
43 PrEP use high but wanes after three months among young African women
44 Zhang group identifies gene that may make TNBC cells vulnerable to existing
45 Researchers unlock access to pain relief potential of cannabis
46 Hit your head, lose your sense of smell
47 Study: Fat cells play key role in dangerous transformation of melanoma
48 Folic acid reduces risk of neural tube defects linked to HIV drug dolutegravir
49 Brain protein mutation from child with autism causes autism-like behavioral change in mice
50 Study finds meal timing strategies appear to lower appetite, improve fat burning
51 New data fills research gaps on weight loss experiences for minority groups
52 Former NFL players may face higher risk of atrial fibrillation
53 Ebola vaccine hampered by deep distrust in eastern Congo
54 New studies suggest prenatal marijuana may be capable of causing FASD-like impairment
55 Non-invasive longitudinal imaging of the developing eye
56 Genes underscore five psychiatric disorders
57 Brain scans of incarcerated men reveal reduced gray matter in homicide offenders
58 Heart transplant doctors could help more people by accepting donations from the obese
59 What motivates gay and bisexual men to participate in PrEP-related research?
60 Anxiety disorders during pregnancy and postpartum more prevalent than previously thought
61 40% of treatment facilities won't accept people prescribed meds to fight opioid addiction
62 Government says England will be smokefree by 2030. But how will it get there?
63 How climate change could make your allergies worse
64 Africa needs specialist capacity to tackle the spread of infectious diseases
65 Sexually objectifying women leads women to objectify themselves
66 Dissociative disorders are nearly as common as depression. So why haven't we heard about them?
67 A path toward more effective drug safety labeling
68 Review of electronic medical records best way for family doctors to detect early signs of frailty, study shows
69 Exposure to parasites may have greater negative effect than previously thought
70 DNA sequencing study suggests common genetic basis for epilepsy
71 Liquid biopsy chip detects tumor cells in 100 percent of blood samples from breast cancer patients
72 Study highlights the benefits of a salt reduction strategy to US food industry
73 Study shows stimulation of the ear can help manage Parkinson's symptoms
74 It will take a lot more than free menstrual pads to end period poverty
75 Pupil dilation and heart rate, analyzed by AI, may help spot autism early
76 How autism can be hidden from society using psychological strategies
77 Understanding the role of a little known gene in regulating metabolism
78 Postpartum psychosis: Mothers still aren't getting the support they need
79 Alzheimer's protein is likely held together with many weak chemical interactions
80 One dose of HPV vaccine may be enough, Australian research finds
81 Accidental infant deaths in bed tripled from 1999 to 2016 in the US
82 Half of young drinkers are unaware of health messages on alcohol packaging
83 Health system offers free DNA tests for 10,000 Floridians
84 High blood sugar increases pancreatic cancer rate
85 Antimalarial treatments less effective in severely malnourished children
86 Scientists use phone movement to predict personality types
87 Screen time no child's play
88 Waist size is a forgotten factor in defining obesity
89 'Cholera detection lab' smartphone-enabled platform to be beta tested by worldwide leading hospital in cholera research
90 American medical students less likely to choose to become primary care doctors
91 Mayo Clinic Q&A: Artificial sweeteners--aye or nay?
92 2001 to 2017 saw increase in suicides in African-American teens
93 Atrial fibrillation: New marker for atrial damage discovered
94 Nonphysican practitioners filling post-ACA primary care gap
95 Pilot study of 5-hour molecular test accurately distinguishes malignant and benign breast tumors
96 With bitter foods, what you eat determines what you like to eat
97 Hair could be the key to better mental-illness diagnosis in teens
98 Scientists pinpoint new mechanism that impacts HIV infection
99 NIH establishes network to improve opioid addiction treatment in criminal justice settings
100 Traveling abroad? make sure your measles shot is up to date
101 Newly identified meningeal lymphatic vessels answers key questions about brain clearance
102 A new framework to study congenital heart defects
103 To understand a childhood brain tumor, researchers turn to single-cell analysis
104 Magnetic eyelashes: A new source of MRI artifacts
105 A new way to stop cancer cells from killing their healthy neighbors
106 How to protect your baby from unsafe products
107 High blood pressure treatment and nursing home residents
108 Worrisome increase in some medical scans during pregnancy
109 Selinexor for multiple myeloma receives accelerated FDA approval
110 ADVANCE study provides evidence for shift to dolutegravir-containing ART in SA
111 Ex-NFL player helps researchers probe long-term effects of head injuries
112 Researchers find evidence a cancer drug may be extended to many more patients
113 Molecule reduces accumulation of toxic protein in Parkinson's disease model
114 Consuming 60 grams of nuts a day improves sexual function
115 Metformin may lower dementia risk in black patients with T2DM
116 Family experience influences diabetes risk, management for African Americans
117 Exploring genetic 'dark matter,' researchers gain new insights into autism and stroke
118 How to consider nature's impact on mental health in city plans