File Title
1 Tired of waiting on a waiter?
2 Cancer diagnostic firms to join in $2.8 billion deal
3 Colossal dinosaur bone find in France thrills scientists
4 Iraq displays stolen artifacts recovered from UK, Sweden
5 Uncovering the roots of discrimination toward immigrants
6 Larger ethnic communities help new refugees find work, research shows
7 Money problems? Perhaps financial therapy is for you
8 Support needed for foster carers of LGBTQ young people
9 To get customers to buy more in the future, help them buy a gift
10 The MesoAmerican attraction to magnetism
11 How valuable is financial aid to low-income students?
12 Study: People may use overconfidence to persuade or deceive others
13 Non-contact photogrammetric system to capture digital image of Ignatievka Cave
14 Migrants in rural areas face particular challenges
15 People of color support climate action, but few get credit for it
16 Social spending on kids yields biggest bang for the buck
17 Women's prisons: Why they do more harm than good
18 Archaeology student makes an unusual find at a Peruvian dig
19 Learning in virtual spaces
20 Report shows online behaviors concerning fidelity in relationships differ by age
21 School segregation worsens for Latino children compared with a generation ago
22 Legal status no guarantee of job security
23 Researchers confirm that people judge entire groups based on the performance of its 'first member'
24 Beyond the bottom line: Investors favour companies that give back
25 How we care for the environment may have social consequences
26 Students with a greater sense of school belonging are less likely to become bullies
27 Not so bad after all: Credit default swaps cushion stock prices against credit downgrades
28 Marital infidelity and professional misconduct linked, study shows
29 A voracious Cambrian predator, Cambroraster, is a new species from the Burgess Shale
30 '80s tape, toy dino: Chinatown archaeological dig cut short
31 An ancient Egypt-to-Black Sea route? Adventurers to test theory
32 What compulsive dating-app users have in common
33 Wage theft has become a culturally accepted part of business
34 Study finds technology increased voter turnout--and concerns about security
35 A unique picture of migration patterns in South Africa can help urban planning
36 Teen parents feel isolated in school and lack professional learning opportunities
37 Human trafficking victims' unlikeliness to report crimes tied to police officers' bias
38 Black male educators sound alarm regarding lack of diversity in P-12 classrooms
39 Sustained police effort explains higher arrests for gun murders
40 'Virtual teams' can overcome barriers to thrive, study finds
41 Why intercountry adoption needs a rethink
42 Yelp ratings get better when they cost something--like time
43 Total recall: N. Koreans in memory championship surprise
44 A century of public housing: building homes, not just houses, takes more than bricks and mortar
45 How not to police financial services. Balanced scorecards don't work for bankers
46 Going green? Not so easy for mainstream brands
47 Women on Tinder prefer highly educated men
48 Doing more with less: Flexible, reduced-load jobs a win-win for workers, employers
49 Police officers' exposure to peers accused of misconduct shapes their subsequent behavior
50 Study finds mutual fund managers use their networks for info on insider trades
51 'Fake news,' diminishing media trust and the role of social media
52 Cheater, cheater: Human Behavior Lab studies cheating as innate trait
53 The original Love Island: how George Sand and Fryderyk Chopin put Mallorca on the romance map
54 Libraries can have 3-D printers but they are still about books
55 How to encourage the occasional voter to cast a ballot
56 Sex appeal helped dinosaurs take flight
57 Lifelong anonymity orders: do they still work in the social media age?
58 Newly discovered Labrador fossils give clues about ancient climate
59 Pseudoscience is taking over social media--and putting us all at risk
60 Cute marsupial had a fierce fossil relative
61 Peacekeeping missions can actually increase criminal violence, research finds
62 Who were the mysterious Neolithic people that enabled the rise of ancient Egypt? Here's what we've learned on our digs
63 Voters really want presidential candidates to talk more about science
64 Music was form of resistance for women during Civil Rights Movement
65 Girls only: Polish village waits for the birth of a boy
66 Researchers map global economy in collaboration with LinkedIn
67 500 years on, how Magellan's voyage changed the world
68 Archaeologist works with tribe to explore its history and to repair historic injustices
69 For the presidential race, 'electability' could decide who wins and who loses
70 There's a dark political history to language that strips people of their dignity
71 Scammers don't cheat because they need the money--they cheat because they're cheaters
72 Throwing lifelines to job seekers after incarceration
73 Researchers publish novel study of gratitude in online communities
74 Gaming app aims to teach millions of US adults who can't read
75 Increasing value of ivory poses major threat to elephant populations
76 Study considers sensory impacts of global climate change
77 Parasitic bat flies offer window into lives of hosts
78 Researchers build artificial cells that sense and respond to their environment
79 Infants expect leaders to right wrongs, study finds
80 Introduced species dilute the effects of evolution on diversity
81 Bayer says now targeted in 18,400 glyphosate cases in US
82 Thanks to science, parasite can have sex in mice, not just cats
83 Scientists call for modernization of EU gene-editing legislation
84 How humans and chimpanzees travel towards a goal in rainforests
85 New study reveals how TB bacteria may survive in human tissues
86 New strategies for optimizing the specificity of gene editing nucleases
87 Research identifies the SIGN-R1 molecule responsible for influenza virus recognition
88 Research aims to preserve the future of Ningaloo Reef corals
89 Belligerent beetles show that fighting for mates could help animals survive habitat loss
90 New method increases accuracy of nontuberculous mycobacteria identification
91 Decoding the complex life of a simple parasite
92 Conservation or construction? Deciding waterbird hotspots
93 Gatekeepers of the genome
94 Electrifying insights into how bodies form
95 Dozens of live pangolins found hidden on bus in Vietnam
96 Bangladesh 'extremely worried' over low male tiger population
97 Hundreds of volunteers help save five whales stranded off Florida beach
98 Birth at Safari Park marks milestone in saving nearly extinct rhino
99 Fly antimicrobial defense system doubles as tumour-killer
100 Gene transcripts from ancient wolf analyzed after 14,000 years in permafrost
101 Warmer winters could lead to longer blue crab season in Chesapeake Bay
102 'Love hormone' has stomach-turning effect in starfish
103 Rare photo captures sea lion falling into mouth of whale
104 Vaquita porpoise about to go extinct, researchers warn
105 First pictures of enzyme that drives new class of antibiotics
106 Skin in balance: Joint forces of polarity and cell mechanics
107 How bacteria swim against the flow
108 Engineering new signaling networks to produce crops that need less fertilizer
109 Microbiologists solve the mystery of the compass needle in magnetic bacteria
110 Climate change alters tree demography in northern forests