File Title
1 Novel dual stem cell therapy improving cardiac regeneration
2 Nanoparticles' movements reveal whether they can successfully target cancer
3 Study shows we like our math like we like our art: Beautiful
4 Study proves hepatitis C drugs reduce liver-related deaths by nearly half
5 Manipulating dose, timing of two therapies reduces relapse in mouse models of breast cancer
6 Oregon paid leave law 1st in US to fully cover lowest wages
7 Older adults more likely to condemn even accidental harm
8 Low-income, black neighborhoods still hit hard by air pollution
9 Separated Bangladeshi twins stable: doctors
10 High temps may up admissions, deaths in end-stage renal disease
11 Nurse-led quality initiative cuts hypoglycemia in ICU patients
12 Why you should make family meals part of your busy day
13 Psychology can help prevent deadly childhood accidents
14 Why stress and anxiety aren't always bad
15 Aspirin may interact with cells' DNA modifications to alter breast cancer outcomes
16 New test enhances ability to predict risk of developing cervical cancer in HPV-positive women
17 Managing ovarian cancer risk in women with BRCA1/2 genetic variants
18 Hospital harms total $1 billion for health care system in Ontario in fiscal year 2015/16
19 Over-55s shouldn't wait for retirement to make time for their health
20 Alzheimer's disease destroys neurons that keep us awake
21 Key to targeting the spread of pancreatic cancer
22 Evaluating blood flow is key to early diagnosis and treatment for people with critical limb ischemia
23 HIV infection increases risk of other health outcomes
24 Mental health specialists boost vets' access to outpatient services
25 Reduced carbohydrate intake improves type 2 diabetics' ability to regulate blood sugar
26 The effect of being overweight and obese on cancer risk is at least double than previously thought
27 Smartphone test predicts how symptoms develop in Parkinson's
28 Scientists zero in on atomic driver of tumor formation
29 Calcium is key to age-related memory loss
30 Fast food availability linked with more heart attacks
31 The new field of sonogenetics uses sound waves to control the behavior of brain cells
32 New stats show dementia causes 1 in 8 deaths in England and Wales
33 Advanced ovarian cancer drug gets initial 'no' for NHS in England
34 Medical skin creams could be a lethal fire risk when soaked into fabric
35 How to manage in a crisis: Lessons from the West Africa Ebola outbreak
36 Pet-friendly aged care ticks both economic and health boxes
37 Why women are more likely to have dodgy hip implants or other medical devices
38 Opinion: There should be no gestational limits for abortion
39 Doctoral student's research brings new insight to removing breastfeeding barriers
40 Improving mental health of young people with cancer
41 New study: Social media isn't causing more eating disorders in young people
42 Building therapeutic cities to tackle mental health problems
43 New solution to elderly falls: drones, smartphones and sensors
44 A neuroscience-based action plan to deal with stress after mass shootings
45 Textured breast implant recall: What you need to know
46 What TV binge-watching does to your brain
47 How to kickstart your creativity
48 Motivations for sexting can be complicated, researcher says
49 Young adults in Asia get the least sleep due to cultural habits
50 More than just jaundice: Mouse study shows bilirubin may protect the brain
51 Mosquito 'spit glands' hold key to curbing malaria, study shows
52 Walnuts show protection against ulcerative colitis in early study
53 New target found for disease of the heart's smallest blood vessels
54 National report card rates states' safety policies for high school athletes
55 Hearing loss may be preventable with development of new drug
56 Study finds racial disparities in pregnancy rates for kidney transplant recipients
57 Of mice and babies: New animal model links blood transfusions to dangerous digestive disease in premature babies
58 Inherited pancreatic cancer risk mutation identified
59 Neuroscientists make major breakthrough in 200-year-old puzzle
60 Scientists identify brain region that enables young songbirds to change their tune
61 Diarrhea-causing bacteria adapted to spread in hospitals
62 Study shows pediatricians can help parents to quit smoking
63 Diabetes treatment targets have not improved in the US since 2005
64 Leishmania virulence strategy unveiled
65 Adults who mix cannabis with opioids for pain report higher anxiety, depression
66 Bacterial resistance to two critical antibiotics widespread in Southeast Asia
67 Study finds way to disarm dangerous bacteria
68 Study finds older adults less distracted by negative information
69 Women and elderly at higher risk of dangerous drug interactions
70 Tissue model reveals role of blood-brain barrier in Alzheimer's
71 Launch of standardised tool to assess cognitive and language development in two year olds
72 Industrial designers and biomedical engineers address needs of wounded veterans
73 In search of clues to fight antibiotic resistance
74 Robotic neck brace dramatically improves functions of ALS patients
75 California fix for surprise doctor bills works, but drives physician consolidation
76 Hearing loss increases risk for dementia in taiwanese individuals
77 Protein made during long workouts may warn of heart problem
78 Unused pharmaceuticals common after cataract surgery
79 Early study results suggest 2 Ebola treatments saving lives
80 Researchers identify key mechanism linked to neuropsychiatric lupus
81 Smoldering spots in the brain may signal severe MS
82 Estrogen improves Parkinson's disease symptoms
83 Negative memory storage affects depression symptoms
84 Few at risk for diabetes report being informed by provider
85 Prescription drug misuse common in high schoolers
86 Obesity plagues Hispanics and Blacks in Colorado, nation's 'healthiest' state
87 Daughter makes lifesaving plea to 911 'coach me through CPR?'
88 E-cig use triples odds that teens will smoke pot: Study
89 August is deadliest month for young football players
90 Pinpointing how cells regulate long-lasting memories
91 Biologists pioneer first method to decode gene expression
92 Antiseptic resistance in bacteria could lead to next-gen plastics
93 An alternate theory for what causes Alzheimer's disease
94 In first-of-its-kind study, researchers highlight hookah health hazards
95 Poor fit between job demands, reasoning abilities associated with health conditions
96 Study eyes role of Apple smart devices to help identify early stage AD
97 Two Ebola drugs found to increase survival rates
98 Osteoporosis drugs linked to reduced risk of premature death
99 Research shows human cells assembling into fractal-like clusters
100 Gut-brain connection helps explain how overeating leads to obesity
101 Cultural factors affect Chinese Americans' health
102 Better tests needed for urinary tract infections
103 Mode of delivery at birth may play key role in shaping the child's skin microbiome
104 Team uncovers potential for Rift Valley fever virus transmission in Colorado livestock
105 Nearly 1 in 2 swingers uses recreational drugs to intensify sex, survey suggests
106 Remove false teeth before general anesthetic, doctors warn
107 Half of key hospital doctors remain ill prepared to respond to major incidents in UK
108 First ever phase 1 trial of genital chlamydia vaccine finds it is safe and provokes immune response
109 Apples, tea and moderation--the 3 ingredients for a long life
110 Risks of novel oral prostate cancer therapies and pre-existing conditions
111 New study links high-fat diet and gut bacteria to insulin resistance
112 New evidence points to viral culprit in AFM child paralysis
113 Application of hydroxyapatite nanoparticles (n-HA) in tumor-associated bone segmental defect