File Title
1 AI system 'should be recognised as inventor'
2 Climate change: UK's 10 warmest years all occurred since 2002
3 Whale 'swallows' sea lion: 'It was a once-in-a-lifetime event'
4 Ethiopia 'breaks' tree-planting record to tackle climate change
5 Ghana 'exports rosewood timber illegally to China'
6 Drug-resistant superbug spreading in Europe's hospitals
7 Spanish slugs: Moscow alarm over giant invasive pests
8 Anglesey skeletons: Tests date remains to 4th Century
9 Huddersfield Town fans urge single-use plastics ban
10 Aberthaw Power Station set to close, risking 170 jobs
11 Plastic bag sales in England halved in past year
12 Scotch whisky and salmon 'must keep EU-style protection status'
13 Waitrose extends 'bring your own containers' anti-plastic scheme
14 Is the Moon impacting your mood and wellbeing?
15 There's a good chance that some of your beliefs have been influenced by decades of animated movies.
16 The boat-shaped ravioli of the Armenian diaspora
17 The artist in search of the 'essence of life'
18 The strange science inside your sourdough
19 Amazon Ring: Police tie-up criticised by anti-surveillance campaigners
20 Facebook: Did social network mislead MPs?
21 Kidney condition detected in minutes by app
22 Facebook funds AI mind-reading experiment
23 Pregnant Jemma Lucy's 'irresponsible' Instagram post banned
24 Russia denies OneWeb's satellite internet request
25 Samsung profits tumble as it warns of 'challenges' ahead
26 Apple sales rise while iPhone revenues dip
27 Google reveals fistful of flaws in Apple's iMessage app
28 Dark web criminal bought 'quadrillions of Zimbabwe bank notes'
29 Chinese vlogger who used filter to look younger caught in live-stream glitch
30 Genetic testing: What secrets could it reveal about you?
31 'He liked my spirit, and approved my visa on the spot'
32 'New cars are a headache,' says retiring Bedford mechanic, 80
33 'I don't get paid'--Running Instagram for Love Islanders
34 Netflix Cambridge Analytica film: Social media is 'like a crime scene'
35 F2Tekkz: How winning the FIFA FUT Champions Cup changed his life
36 Russian actor Smolev jailed for drunk policeman comic video
37 Ekaterina Karaglanova: Man 'confessed' to Moscow Instagram influencer murder
38 Facebook: Did social network mislead MPs?
39 Hotel Chocolat in plea to find missing 'Chocmobile'
40 Prison restaurant serves up cut in reoffending
41 Swapping a prison cell for a festival stage
42 One in seven prisons in England and Wales of 'serious concern'
43 Labour calls for action on 'catastrophic fall' in adult learning
44 University pensions deficit could be 23 billion pounds
45 St. Christopher's special needs children's home in Bristol closes
46 Northern Ireland training too many teachers
47 Packed lunches not a right in Italian schools, court rules
48 Private college goes bust and will stop teaching
49 How can universities get men to talk about mental health?
50 Is society's 'Man up' message fuelling a suicide crisis among men?
51 Triple joy, times two at Ulster Hospital
52 'How I got to medical school via A&E and the chicken shop'
53 Why are graduates competing to be prison officers?
54 'My husband ran up a 58,000 pounds debt in my name'
55 LGBT teaching row: Extremist groups 'exploiting' dispute
56 Cardiff flats: Cladding removal 'caused damp'
57 School uniform costs: Children 'asking Santa for basic items'
58 We should be in every school in the UK, PC says
59 Private college goes bust and will stop teaching
60 The 'dual stigma' of alcohol-related brain damage
61 Surgeon warns of 'life-changing' water park and diving dangers
62 Japan's first severely disabled lawmakers join parliament
63 Ear 'tickling' therapy could 'help thwart aging'
64 Diabetic women more likely to have stillborn baby, study finds
65 CBD oil: Have the benefits been overstated?
66 Parkinson's: 'Playing piano helps me cope with my disease'
67 'My kids would wake up 40 times a night'
68 Heatwaves and the human body
69 Group set up in response to NHS bullying claims meets
70 Kenyan survivors: Cancer is 'national disaster'
71 Listeria outbreak: Toll rises to six as Sussex patient dies
72 NI doctors warn pension tax puts pressure on health service
73 Bristol mental health staff become 'living books'
74 How can universities get men to talk about mental health?
75 Kidney condition detected in minutes by app
76 Could CBD Fight Superbugs? Marijuana Compound Shows Promise as an Antibiotic.
77 Scientists Find Scurvy in Mouth of Long-Dead, Failed Crusader King
78 A Massive Freshwater Sea Is Buried Beneath the Atlantic Ocean
79 How this Gut Bacteria May Give Elite Athletes an Edge
80 Attempted Whale Shark Mating Caught on Camera for the First Time in History
81 Mars Rover Detects Primordial Signs of Life Under the Red Planet's Surface
82 Sperm Can Survive Microgravity, but Don't Expect Any Space Babies Soon
83 Mysterious 'Bathtub Rings' of Titan Replicated on Earth
84 Uranus Is a Weirdo--And So Are Its Rings
85 How Does New Libdo-Boosting Drug for Women Work?
86 Nazis Dosed Soldiers with Performance-Boosting 'Superdrug'
87 Giant Squid Filmed Alive for Second Time in History. Here's the Video.
88 On Alien Worlds, Extraterrestrials Could Be Spewing a Toxic, Smelly Gas. That's How We Could Find Them.
89 Exclusive: Controversial King Tut Statue Has Sketchy Origins. Now Christie's Is Selling it.
90 Whoa! Enormous 'Cotton Candy' Explosion in Kids' Chemistry Lab
91 Sitting in Front of the TV May Be Worse for Your Heart than Sitting at a Desk
92 The Most Energetic Light Ever Seen Just Showered Down from the Skies Above Tibet
93 Astronomers Have Decoded a Weird Signal Coming from a Strange, 3-Body Star System
94 Volcano Just Shot Out a Mushroom-Shaped Cloud So Big It Could Be Seen from Orbit
95 Barefoot Walking Gives You Calluses that Are Even Better for Your Feet than Shoes, Study Suggests
96 Massive Blobs of 'Fire Ice' Lurks Beneath the Ocean. We Know Almost Nothing About Them.
97 Looming 'Climate Apartheid' Could Split the World into the Rich and the Dead, UN Warns
98 Reference: Pineapple: Nutrition Facts and Health Benefits
99 Life on Icy Alien Worlds May Resemble Creatures Under Submerged Hawaiian Volcano
100 'Lost' Caravaggio Painting Worth $170 Million Bought Before Auction--But Is It Authentic?
101 Yellowstone's Steamboat Geyser Is Incredibly Active Right Now, and We Don't Know Why
102 Reference: Marie Curie: Facts & Biography
103 Are Humans Growing Smartphone 'Skull Spikes'? Study that Made the Claim Under Fire.
104 This Remote Atlantic Island Is Being Covered in a 'Crust' of Plastic Trash
105 Extinct 11-Foot 'Super-Ostrich' Was as Massive as a Polar Bear
106 UFOs Remain Elusive Despite Decades of Study
107 Man Learns the Hard Way that Mixing Pufferfish and Cocaine Is a Very Bad Idea
108 Signs of 'Hidden Consciousness' May Predict Who Will Emerge from a Coma
109 Handlers Thought this Owl Was Male for 23 Years--Then He Laid an Egg
110 Reference: What Is CBD?
111 Astronomers Spotted a Car-Size Asteroid Just Hours Before Impact
112 Under Greenland's Glaciers, Dozens of Pristine, Jewel-Like Lakes Have Been Discovered
113 Mysterious 'Fast Radio Burst' Traced Back to Its Home Galaxy for First Time Ever
114 This Fungal Hallucinogen Makes Cicadas Orgy Till Their Butts Literally Fall Off
115 'Crypto' Outbreaks Linked to Swimming Pools Are on the Rise, CDC Says
116 Reference: What Is Stockholm Syndrome?