File Title
1 Low-income, less educated women least likely to access infertility care
2 Eye specialist warns parents about dangers of Nerf guns
3 Brain cells that curb overeating found diminished activity in mice on a high-fat diet
4 Researchers find correlation between vaping cannabis and other tobacco use
5 Why lead is dangerous, and the damage it does
6 Exercise may improve a woman's chances of becoming pregnant
7 Study eyes how human brain 'sees' world
8 Ending needless chemotherapy for breast cancer
9 Game theory shows why disease stigmatization may not make sense in modern society
10 Study shows the brain replays non-spatial, sequential tasks during rest periods
11 Technology allows researchers to see patients' real-time pain while in the clinic
12 Researchers reveal how protein mutation is involved in rare brain development disorder
13 Preventive drugs press pause on frailty in older Australians
14 Mini 'magic' MRI scanner could diagnose footballer knee injuries more accurately
15 Reducing the psychological distress of patients diagnosed with a common, incurable disease of the retina
16 National cancer control efforts should address the system, not its individual parts, says new report
17 New clinical certification aims to improve heart failure patient outcomes by implementing standardized care treatment
18 Don't make your own sunscreen, physician advises
19 No tumor is an island
20 New tools for programmable modulation of gene expression
21 New method divides patients with ulcerative colitis in groups
22 Students chowing down tuna in dining halls are unaware of mercury exposure risks
23 Less than 40 percent of all U.S. adults have ever had HIV testing
24 How to prevent exercise accidents
25 Broccoli you are sure to love
26 Medtronic recalls some insulin pumps as FDA warns they could be hacked
27 Medically unnecessary ambulance rides soar after ACA expansion
28 Opioids study shows high-risk counties across the country, suggests local solutions
29 In the drive to decrease low-value care, many don't assess the right impacts on patients
30 Study connects low social engagement to amyloid levels and cognitive decline
31 Scientists find thirdhand smoke affects cells in humans
32 My health: consumers empowered by sharing medical 'selfies'
33 Teens who can describe negative emotions can stave off depression
34 University researchers find WhatsApp can be good for our health
35 Soliris approved to treat neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder
36 Who's helping smokers quit? Probably not their heart doctor
37 Prenatal opioid exposure could bring long-term harm to kids
38 Most Americans have never had an HIV test: CDC
39 When it comes to disease, stem cells are a game-changer, scientists say. This is why
40 An improved vaccine for bacterial meningitis and bloodstream infections
41 Low-cost retinal scanner could help prevent blindness worldwide
42 Robot babies tackling teenage pregnancies in Colombia
43 One in 10 people have 'near-death' experiences, according to new study
44 Moments of clarity in dementia patients at end of life: Glimmers of hope?
45 MS patients at a greater risk of cancer, new study suggests
46 Cuban centenarians, cheered on by family, aim for 120
47 New strategies and approaches needed to cope with growing burden of brain diseases
48 New study reveals biological toll on brain function of Holocaust survivors
49 Neurotechnology holds promise for chronic stroke patients
50 Alcohol causes significant harm to those other than the drinker
51 Statin use reduces mortality and stroke risk in dementia patients, new study shows
52 Early warning signs of eating disorder revealed
53 Pear-shaped is better for postmenopausal women, even if they are normal weight
54 Five things found in the FDA's hidden device database
55 Low vitamin D at birth raises risk of higher blood pressure in kids
56 Outdoor smoking now banned in Sweden in certain places
57 Many grandparents' medicines not secure enough around grandchildren, poll suggests
58 Protein linked to aggressive skin cancer
59 Some children are more likely to suffer depression long after being bullied
60 Interactive zebrafish brain
61 Sequencing the genome of newborns in the US: Are we ready?
62 High doses of 60 plus-year-old chemo drug found to spur immune system attack on lymphoma
63 A new target for the treatment of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis
64 Existing drug may help fight the lethality of E. coli infection
65 Short sleep duration and sleep variability blunt weight loss
66 Tumor-treating fields in glioblastoma: Indication of a benefit
67 Tackling the growing problem of loneliness and isolation
68 Researchers develop a lab-grown blood vessel graft from natural polymers with regenerative properties
70 National assessment of prescribing competence will contribute to future patient safety
71 Nearly 30% of kids experience sibling bullying--as either bully or victim
72 Uncontrolled asthma could cost U.S. economy more than $963 billion in the next 20 years
73 The first complete picture of how long it takes to diagnose cancer in England
74 Spinach extract improves athletic performance, study shows
75 Mutation discovery leads to precise treatment for child with severe lymphatic disorder
76 Protein clumps in ALS neurons provide potential target for new therapies
77 Researchers identify new way to make cancer self-destruct
78 After WIC offered better food options, maternal and infant health improved
79 Study finds increased risk of cancer death following treatment for hyperthyroidism
80 How black pharmacists are closing the cultural gap in health care
81 How are you feeling? Check your wristband
82 NLST follow up reaffirms that low dose CT reduces lung cancer mortality
83 Peer support reduces carer burden
84 PBS restrictions result in outdated and unsafe care
85 Shorter courses of proton therapy can be just as effective as full courses prostate cancer
86 How to foster your child's imagination
87 Five-year survival less than 40 percent in seniors with DLBCL
88 Three moves for better balance
89 Cancer cell's 'self eating' tactic may be its weakness
90 Overall survival worse with multiple primary melanomas
91 Core components of teen mental health interventions ID'd
92 Leisure-time physical activity linked to lower SAH risk
93 Women missing class and missing out due to period pain
94 Benzodiazepine use with opioids intensifies neonatal abstinence syndrome
95 Research questions link between unconscious bias and behavior
96 New BU program prepares trainees for teaching modern, integrated medical curriculum
97 Summer heat brings special health risks for pregnant women
98 Standard TB tests may not detect infection in certain exposed individuals
99 Catheters: Big source of infection, but often overlooked
100 'Uncanny Valley': Brain network evaluates robot likeability
101 Sleep readies synapses for learning
102 Glowing brain cells illuminate stroke recovery research
103 Nutrition-focused program at home health agency beneficial
104 Better UTI monitoring needed after hospital admission in adults
105 Catalhoyuk: 9,000 years ago, a community with modern urban problems
106 UN: World population expected to rise to 9.7 billion in 2050
107 Science suffers collateral damage as US, China tensions rise
108 Indian family branches out with novel tree house
109 Fossil teeth reveal ancient hyenas in the Arctic
110 Human rights treaties benefit the world's most oppressed
111 Study explores how gossip spreads in social networks