File Title
1 Researchers study healthy ALS neurons as way to understand resistance to the disease
2 Laser light detects tumors
3 Multiresistant intestinal bacteria spread widely in Vietnamese hospitals
4 Adding clinical variables improves accuracy of lung allocation score
5 Zero-calorie sweeteners on trial again
6 Spending two hours per week in nature brings bountiful benefits, study finds
7 Anesthesia tied to neurocognitive impairment in childhood ALL survivors
8 New combination therapy established as safe and effective for prostate cancer
9 Ultrasmall nanoclusters and carbon quantum dots show promise for acute kidney injury
10 How human genetic data is helping dogs fight cancer
11 Predictors of cognitive recovery following mild to severe traumatic brain injury
12 Changing EHR systems may up operating times for eye surgery
13 Voxelotor improves hemoglobin levels in sickle cell disease
14 De-escalating breast cancer therapy--can some patients be spared chemotherapy?
15 Experts want doctors to add vaping to youth prevention pitch
16 Studies uncover new approaches to combat hair loss in men and women
17 These neurons affect how much you do, or don't, want to eat
18 Genetics may help predict the right blood pressure drug for you
19 Investigating the impact of drug addiction and pollution on behaviour in humans and wildlife
20 Money worries around food may spur migraines
21 New target for drug intervention in Alzheimer's disease identified
22 More years of childhood education may reduce adult heart disease risk
23 Increased walking activity associated with long-term health benefits
24 Lawyers pause plan to divide any national opioid settlement
25 Repeat ER users changed how they used ERs after gaining medicaid coverage
26 Molecular imaging suggests smokers may have impaired neuroimmune function
27 Shot could remove side effects from late-stage head and neck cancer therapy
28 Does hypertension pose a health risk to older adults who wish to donate a kidney?
29 Medicare Advantage beneficiaries run higher risk of readmission compared with traditional Medicare
30 Prostate cancer urine test shows who needs treatment and when
31 Bystanders will intervene to help victims of aggressive public disputes
32 Injury more likely due to abuse when child was with male caregiver
33 Improving cancer treatment is 'major priority' for public
34 Study: Social robots can benefit hospitalized children
35 Radionuclide therapy effective in high-grade neuroendocrine neoplasms
36 Common antidepressants interact with opioid med to lessen pain relief
37 From simple tools to high-level buy-in, how doctors can help cancer patients quit tobacco
38 More monitoring needed to reduce post-hospitalization urinary tract infections
39 Researchers reveal lack of evidence for drugs prescribed to treat chronic pain in children
40 Bringing neuromodulation therapies to drug-resistant epilepsy patients
41 Athletic trainers: Coaches still influence health decisions
42 San Francisco first major US city to ban e-cigarette sales
43 Rome doctors warn of health hazards from city's garbage woes
44 ICSI has no outcome benefits over conventional IVF in routine non-male infertility cases
45 Heart risk raised by sitting in front of the TV, not by sitting at work, finds study
46 Repurposed drugs could cure these antibiotic-resistant infections
47 Researchers look to unlock post-traumatic stress disorder puzzle
48 Could prosthetic limbs one day be controlled by human thought?
49 Portable device can be used to diagnose eye disease remotely
50 People living in rural areas may be at lower risk of Alzheimer's disease
51 Celebrity chefs could reduce foodborne illnesses, study says
52 Innovation could influence a range of reproductive health outcomes
53 Study moves one step closer to better understanding brain diseases
54 The pain of PTSD--and hope for help
55 Older adults' independence is most significant factor for vulnerability in hot weather
56 The secret of autobiographical memory is in assembly of cells
57 Study shows brain can be tricked into thinking body is working harder than it is
58 Boosting the cancer-destroying ability of killer T-cells
59 Neuronal Parkinson inclusions are different than expected
60 Genetic imbalance in immune system linked to biliary tract cancer
61 Goldilocks principle explains the origins of the most common children's cancer
62 Paternal age over 51 years reduces success rate in IVF and ICSI
63 Immunological discovery opens new possibilities for using antibodies
64 Scientists discover molecular key to how cancer spreads
65 No swimming: Toxic bacteria afflicts Mississippi coast
66 In Haiti, gay men infected with HIV are targets of discrimination
67 Defective degradation enzyme triggers hereditary storage diseases
68 SNMMI Image of the Year: Novel radiotracer detects 28 cancer types
69 New research highlights inequalities in nursing-home care for minorities
70 Methylmercury precipitates heart failure by increasing Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission
71 Factors orthopaedic surgeons should consider when prescribing opioids
72 Muscling in on the role of vitamin D
73 FDA warns two kratom marketers about false claims
74 USPSTF urges interventions to prevent tobacco use in children
75 New research shows Parkinson's disease origins in the gut
76 Study: No outcome differences after hernia surgery by medical doctors vs. surgeons in Ghana
77 Are testosterone-boosting supplements effective? Not likely, according to new research
78 Big decline seen in use of annual pelvic exam by young women
79 Boosting amino acid derivative may be a treatment for schizophrenia
80 A tasty way to enjoy more carrots
81 Higher intake of linoleic acid may reduce type 2 diabetes risk
82 Prevention bundle may cut cardiac device infections
83 Adjusting BMI eliminates lead Asian Americans hold in heart health
84 Americans aware of antibiotic resistance, but don't always follow prescription: poll
85 What's the most effective way to tone your biceps?
86 Physicians unaware of breast density laws, cancer risk
87 Use of evidence-based therapies for youth psychiatric treatment is slow to catch on
88 Uridine diphosphate glucose found to dampen lung cancer metastasis
89 Newly defined cancer driver is fast, furious and loud
90 Infrared imaging technology being developed to better detect breast cancer
91 Food insecurity leading to type 2 diabetes
92 Long-term statin use associated with lower glaucoma risk
93 Age itself appears to increase the spread of Alzheimer's-associated tau in the brain
94 Childhood leukemia cannot hide from the immune system
95 Confining cell-killing treatments to tumors
96 Is multiple sclerosis linked to childhood viral infections?
97 Immune damage may explain ineffectiveness of high-dose radiation against lung cancer
98 Scientists developing way to help premature babies breathe easier
99 Study questions success of health intervention currently used in developing countries
100 Understanding how tics are suppressed may help some at risk for tic disorders
101 Can Facebook improve your mental health?
102 Long delays prescribing new antibiotics hinder market for needed drugs
103 Is San Francisco's vaping ban backed by science?
104 Vaccine panel gives nod to HPV shots for men up to age 26
105 Is more weight protective? Weight gain and high BMI linked to lower risk of ALS
106 Hidden consciousness detectable with EEG just days after brain injury
107 Being a 'morning person' linked to lower risk of breast cancer
108 Keeping active or becoming more active in middle and older age linked to longer life
109 Mental health stigma reduction campaign increased use of services, study finds
110 Vaccination programs substantially reduce HPV infections and precancerous cervical lesions
111 Risk prediction model may help determine if a lung nodule will progress to cancer
112 Blood supply therapy bid boosted by fresh insights into key cells
113 New, noninvasive test for bowel diseases