File Title
1 Deportation worries fuel anxiety, poor sleep, among US-born Latinx youth
2 Settling the debate on serotonin's role in sleep
3 Alzheimer's missing link ID'd, answering what tips brain's decline
4 New therapy targets gut bacteria to prevent and reverse food allergies
5 Performance-enhancing bacteria found in the microbiomes of elite athletes
6 More women in US receive 3-D mammography but disparities remain
7 Does stimulation of the brain's dorsal anterior insula trigger ecstasy?
8 45% of American adults doubt vaccine safety, according to survey
9 Seniors who develop cancer have better memory, slower decline
10 Screams contain a 'calling card' for the vocalizer's identity
11 What influences how parents and their gay adolescent sons discuss sexual health at home?
12 Fingolimod: Advantages for some children and adolescents with highly active RRMS
13 Geographic patterns of COPD similar for smokers, nonsmokers
14 Study reveals lower predictive ability for renal cancer models
15 Certain cells secrete a substance in the brain that protects neurons
16 Close-range blast exposure and neurodegenerative processes among those with genetic risk for Alzheimer's disease
17 Trump order seeks disclosure of hospital prices
18 Sexual hormone oestradiol protects female brain in mid-life
19 Anxiety with type 2 diabetes tied to high-cost health care use
20 First states to expand medicaid had largest bump in cancer screening
21 FDA expands cystic fibrosis treatment approval to children ages 6 to 12
22 Seafood offers vital nutrient for expectant moms and babies
23 2018 busiest year ever for U.S. national domestic violence hotline
24 Text-mining analysis of Amazon customer reviews suggests foods are over-sweetened
25 'Secret shopper' study shows how easily teens can buy e-cigs
26 Just how harmful is TV for your health?
27 Half of U.S. adults should monitor blood pressure at home, study says
28 Drug combo slows progression in advanced breast cancer
29 Combatting the world's deadliest infections using groundbreaking human-mimetic tools
30 Researchers identify new hunger pathway in the brain
31 Is green tea a fad or a real health boost?
32 Greater long-term decline in stroke seen among older adults
33 Antacid use in first year of life tied to later fracture risk
34 Transfusion dose density affects myelodysplastic syndrome survival
35 Young women who smoke face highest risk of major heart attack
36 Culture shapes how we learn to reason?
37 Non-invasive, more precise preimplantation genetic test under development for IVF embryos
38 New therapy promotes vascular repair following stroke
39 Pathogen engineered to self-destruct underlies cancer vaccine platform
40 Alzheimer's disease: Sex [gender] affects tau accumulation in the brain
41 Earlier diagnosis and treatment assessment of tuberculosis achieved with PET/CT
42 Interim scan during prostate cancer therapy helps guide treatment
43 PET/CT detects cardiovascular disease risk factors in obstructive sleep apnea patients
44 Understanding brain activity when you name what you see
45 Suit: Generic drug makers used code to fix price increases
46 Healthcare guidelines should be updated for patients with certain adrenal tumors
47 Chronic conditions--not infectious diseases--are top five causes of early death in China
48 Better care needed for people displaying first symptoms of bipolar disorder
49 Study finds link between hypertension and air pollution
50 Shorter rotations in intensive care units mitigate burnout among physicians
51 Wearable technology to personalize Lu-177-DOTATATE therapy for NETs
52 New immune checkpoint explored for head and neck cancer
53 Patient data shows association between statins and type 2 diabetes
54 Babies can learn link between language and ethnicity, study suggests
55 Scientists closer to unraveling mechanisms of speech processing in the brain
56 European pregnancy rates from IVF and ICSI 'appear to have reached a peak'
57 Global surgical guidelines drive cut in post-surgery deaths--study
58 How preschools can do more to support children living with HIV
59 Pain relief without opioids? Yes, it's possible
60 Lifelong ill-health after exposure to chemical weapons
61 Robotic, flexible needle for more effective cancer treatment
62 You can't get influenza from a flu shot
63 Exercise an effective protection against life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage
64 Study: Alzheimer's disease not linked to type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure
65 To protect us all, babies travelling overseas may need the measles shot at 6 months instead of 12
66 Stem cells and more: How dentists of the future may fix your teeth
67 Can improvisation bring audiences back to classical music?
68 Network analysis applied to the study of cerebral macroanatomy
69 New blood test for detecting Alzheimer's disease
70 Too much screen time hurts toddlers' social skills, new study shows
71 Melanoma patient outcomes predicted by computational biology
72 AbbVie makes $63 billion bid for Botox maker Allergan
73 Evaluating the effect of spin in health care news
74 Criteria for bariatric surgery should consider more than just patient's weight
75 Researchers explore social cognitive deficits in progressive multiple sclerosis
76 Making sense of mammography guidelines
77 Health care price transparency: Fool's gold, or real money in your pocket?
78 New Ebola transmission model predicted latest Uganda cases
79 Intelligent testing could save lives by defusing ticking time bomb of liver disease
80 Researchers look to defuse cardiac 'time bomb'
81 Scientists track brain tumor turncoats with advanced imaging
82 Changes in blood flow tell heart cells to regenerate
83 Researchers improve classification of pancreatic cancer to better predict patient outcomes
84 New website helps people avoid swimmer's itch
85 Researcher looks for ways to detect deadly ovarian cancer before it develops
86 Fake drugs that could kill are on the rise in Western countries
87 Measles outbreak in Dutch 'Bible Belt' village
88 Women exposed to common antibacterial chemical more likely to break a bone
89 Preconceptional and prenatal exposure to paternal smoking affects semen quality of adult sons
90 'Doublet' immune cells are much more common--and more important in disease--than previously thought
91 Artificial intelligence could be 'game changer' in detecting, managing Alzheimer's disease
92 NIH launches large TB prevention trial for people exposed to multidrug-resistant TB
93 Nuclear medicine PSMA-targeted study offers new options for cancer theranostics worldwide
94 Workers who are unpaid caregivers of older relatives struggle with unmet workplace needs
95 Is your child depressed or suicidal? Here are the warning signs
96 Mice with a human immune system help research into cancer and infections
97 Sugary drink taxes reduce consumption, major review shows
98 Healthy work lunches are hard to come by
99 Blood test predicts stroke risk in patients with diabetes
100 Sometimes, a non-invasive procedure will suffice
101 Researchers discover mechanisms underlying early life stress and irritable bowel syndrome
102 Exposure to air pollution in India is associated with more hypertension in women
103 Distinct clinical profiles of Huntington's disease can be associated with two specific neural signatures
104 Artificial intelligence improves heart attack risk assessment
105 How the brain helps us make good decisions--and bad ones
106 Seizures in Alzheimer's mouse model disrupt adult neurogenesis
107 New osteoporosis therapy's dual effects on bone tissue
108 Discovery may help kick-start aging immune system
109 Air pollution found to affect marker of female fertility in real-life study
110 Study identifies pathway linking socioeconomic status to cardiovascular risk
111 Study supports optimal threshold for diagnosing COPD
112 First in vivo proof-of-concept in Steinert's myotonic dystrophy