File Title
1 New research shows importance of climate on spruce beetle flight
2 In ovarian cancer care, focus on high-volume centers could come at a cost
3 Research discovery leads to new clinical trial for myelofibrosis patients
4 Deep submersible dives shed light on rarely explored coral reefs
5 Sickle cell drug showing promise in clinical trial
6 Study: Behavior in kindergarten associated with earnings in adulthood
7 Researchers learn dangerous brain parasite 'orders in' for dinner
8 Synthetic joint lubricant holds promise for osteoarthritis
9 People with multiple physical conditions have faster brain decline, higher suicide risk
10 New approaches cut inappropriate antibiotic use by over 30%
11 Research brief: Stabilizing nations' food production through crop diversity
12 Study predicts more long-term sea level rise from Greenland ice
13 How information is like snacks, money, and drugs--to your brain
14 OU physicists show novel Mott state in twisted graphene bilayers at 'magic angle'
15 The dynamics of workplace sexual harassment in the US
16 Methods and models
17 Scaffold helps cells repair torn meniscus in lab tests
18 Study finds similar cardiovascular outcomes for generic, brand-name drugs for hypothyroidism
19 First-ever successful mind-controlled robotic arm without brain implants
20 New platform flips traditional on-demand supply chain approach on its head
21 Scientists demonstrate the advantages of diverse populations when compiling genetic data
22 State initiative to address disparities in mother's milk for very low birth weight infants
23 Astronomers uncover first polarized radio signals from gamma-ray burst
24 Investigating coral and algal 'matchmaking' at the cellular level
25 From one brain scan, more information for medical artificial intelligence
26 Climate change could affect symbiotic relationships between microorganisms and trees
27 Simple scan could direct treatments for angina
28 Concordia researchers develop new method to evaluate artificial heart valves
29 Family and community central to recovery among Sierra Leone's former child soldiers
30 Powering a solution: Professor takes charge at improving lithium ion batteries safety
31 FEFU scientist reported on concentration of pesticides in marine organisms
32 A songbird's fate hinges on one fragile area
33 Vitamin D may not help your heart
34 Researchers find potential way to prevent most common pregnancy-related conditions
35 Patients of surgeons with unprofessional behavior more likely to suffer complications
36 Finding 'Nemo's' family tree of anemones
37 US beekeepers lost over 40% of colonies last year, highest winter losses ever recorded
38 Serotonin linked to somatic awareness, a condition long thought to be imaginary
39 News from the diamond nursery
40 First events in stem cells becoming specialized cells needed for organ development
41 Overcoming PTSD: Study reveals memory disruption drug target
42 US military consumes more hydrocarbons than most countries--massive hidden impact on climate
43 New species of rock-eating shipworm identified in freshwater river in the Philippines
44 A forest of nano-mushroom structures keep this plastic clean and stain-free
45 New research finds increased CT use for suspected urolithiasis patients in ED
46 Aggressive, non-native wetland plants squelch species richness more than dominant natives do
47 Artificial muscles powered by glucose
48 First step towards a better prosthetic leg? Trip people over and over
49 Plate tectonics may have driven 'Cambrian Explosion, study shows
50 Reanalysis of clinical molecular data yields new genetic diagnoses
51 South African forests show pathways to a sustainable future
52 Research shows wind can prevent seabirds accessing their most important habitat
53 Biochar may boost carbon storage, but benefits to germination and growth appear scant
54 Owner training key to reducing risk of dog bite injuries
55 Freezing bubbles viral video inspired research published
56 Study reveals global disparities in cervical cancer rates among women with HIV
57 Whites' racial prejudice can lessen over time, research shows
58 Researchers see around corners to detect object shapes
59 Fifty years after the Cuyahoga conflagration
60 Expanding the temperature range of lithium-ion batteries
61 Mobile crisis service reduces youth ER visits for behavioral health needs, says study
62 Unearthing the sweet potato proteome
63 Marine microbiology--Successful extremists
64 Upcycling process brings new life to old jeans
65 High reaction rates even without precious metals
66 Kazan University Clinic testing biodegradable plant-based implants
67 The secret of platinum deposits revealed by field observations in South Africa
68 Joint hypermobility related to anxiety, also in animals
69 Motherhood can deliver body image boost--new study
70 Many asylum seekers suffer from depression and anxiety symptoms
71 Lifelong obesity linked to physical difficulties aged 50
72 How bacteria protect themselves from plasma treatment
73 Fatty fish without environmental pollutants protect against type 2 diabetes
74 'Goldilocks' neurons promote REM sleep
75 Is glue the answer to climate change?
76 Antarctic marine life recovery following the dinosaurs' extinction
77 A miniature robot that could check colons for early signs of disease
78 People who inject drugs helped investigate factors influencing susceptibility to HIV
79 Memories form 'barrier' to letting go of objects for people who hoard
80 Mapping and measuring proteins on the surfaces of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in cells
81 Secure quantum communications in the microwave range for the first time
82 Electrons take alternative route to prevent plant stress
83 Astronomers make first detection of polarized radio waves in gamma ray burst jets
84 Directed evolution comes to plants
85 New international initiative stresses need for global action on air pollution
86 Researchers call for change to river management and modelling
87 Researchers find quantum gravity has no symmetry
88 High postural sway doubles older women's fracture risk
89 Scientists chart course toward a new world of synthetic biology
90 Photovoltaic nanotubes
91 SUTD researchers enhance security in proof of stake blockchain protocols
92 Real-time analysis of MOF adsorption behavior
93 Developing a new type of refrigeration via force-driven liquid gas transition
94 Efficiently producing fatty acids and biofuels from glucose
95 A sound idea: a step towards quantum computing
96 Frog protein may mitigate dangers posed by toxic marine microbes
97 New research shows an iceless Greenland may be in our future
98 Inattentive children will earn less money at 35
99 Coverage losses in Arkansas following implementation of Medicaid work requirements
100 Study of multiethnic genomes identifies 27 genetic variants associated with disease
101 Your nose knows when it comes to stronger memories
102 Shimmer and ClearSky announce partnership to improve analysis of wearable sensor data for CNS diseases
103 Researchers find cause of rare, fatal disease that turns babies' lips and skin blue
104 Lack of diversity in genomic research hinders precision medicine for nonwhite Americans
105 Distinguishing helpful and harmful gut immune cells offers new view on inflammatory diseases
106 Study reveals roots of Parkinson's in the brain
107 Sedation method does not affect colonoscopy detection rate
108 How in times of trouble animals also stand together
109 Making systems robust
110 Direct method to etch-embed Ce onto Cu-based oxide