File Title
1 How bacteria kill host cells from the inside
2 One third of Cambodians infected with threadworm, study finds
3 High on iron? It stops anaemia but has a downside
4 Sugars that coat proteins are a possible drug target for pancreatitis
5 New research provides medical proof vacation is good for your heart
6 Restrictive approach to blood cell transfusions safe for heart surgery patients
7 Poverty, not lychees, the real culprit in Indian 'brain fever' outbreak
8 Home stretch: India leads the way on International Yoga Day
9 Burnout: Sleepless firefighters at risk of exhaustion and mental health conditions
10 Do women regret embryo testing before IVF?
11 Americans still eat too much processed meat and too little fish
12 Largest study of CTE finds it in 6% of subjects
13 Rare recessive mutations pry open new windows on autism
14 Tailor-made prosthetic liners could help more amputees walk again
15 Phenols in cocoa bean shells may reverse obesity-related problems in mouse cells
16 Many elderly patients with metastatic renal cell carcinoma benefit from targeted therapies
17 Chronic hepatitis B infections in Europe on the rise since 2008
18 Smartphone app tackles mental health and issues of data consent
19 Assembly of the human oral microbiome age 1 to 12
20 Hospital insects harbour drug-resistant bacteria
21 Testing newborn saliva for virus linked to hearing loss
22 Neuroscience research questions current alcohol limit
23 How you feel about your home is more important than the size
24 Locking up kids damages their mental health and leads to more disadvantage. Is this what we want?
25 Majority of people return lost wallets--here's the psychology and which countries are the most honest
26 There are infinite ways to have sex, and there's nothing unnatural about any of them
27 Expert discusses the deeper complexities of cancer
28 Gen Z teenagers are leaving sex until later, and it could help them lead healthier lives
29 A clear vision for cancer diagnosis
30 Women more likely to face long-term impairment after childhood brain tumor radiation
31 Women who declined medical care during hospital births report poor treatment overall
32 Obesity has become the new normal but it's still a health risk
33 Possible signal pathway in the fight against obesity-related fatty liver disease identified
34 Detecting problems of the anti-bleeding system in 60 minutes
35 2018 to 2019 influenza season in U.S. was longest in 10 years
36 In nationwide first, UC Davis doctors can peek into your whole body with one scan by 3-D device
37 Major HIV drug requires vigilance, study says
38 Bacteria live on our eyeballs--and understanding their role could help treat common eye diseases
39 Newly discovered immune cells at the frontline of HIV infection
40 California launches anti-illegal pot campaign
41 Moral lessons in children's television programs may require extra explanation
42 How working out in anger can put you at risk
43 How does your diet stack up?
44 The FDA may soon give women more options for boosting their libidos
45 Advanced computational modeling of the gut for biodefense
46 Structural development of the brain
47 Pressure difference and vortex flow of blood in heart chambers may signal heart dysfunction
48 Discovery of the cell fate switch from neurons to astrocytes in the developing brain
49 Exposure to others' suffering even worse than being shot at
50 Ageism reduced by education, intergenerational contact
51 Embryonic microRNA fuels heart cell regeneration, researchers show
52 Researchers find new mutation in the leptin gene
53 Indigenous oral health inequalities begin in childhood: A multi-country study
54 Physician, heal thyself: how depression affects cancer caregivers
55 Anger over re-introduction of tampon tax in Tanzania
56 Oral steroids put patients with inflammatory disease at high risk of infection
57 Understanding C. auris transmission with the healthcare environment
58 Prolonged transmission of a resistant bacterial strain in a Northern California hospital
59 Cannabidiol is a powerful new antibiotic
60 Frozen sperm retains its viability in outer space conditions
61 Suicide, accidents, and hepatitis: The leading causes of death for Veterans in their first year of PTSD treatment
62 Small shops, heavy advertisers less likely to ID for tobacco
63 Survivors of childhood brain tumors experience lasting cognitive and socioeconomic burdens
64 Study finds micronutrient deficiencies common at time of celiac disease diagnosis
65 New hypothesis links habitat loss and the global emergence of infectious diseases
66 New reports provide guidance for obesity care
67 Large cohort study confirms small added obstetric risk from transfer of longer developed embryos
68 Long duration of sperm freezing makes no difference to live birth rates in large sperm bank study
69 Could coffee be the secret to fighting obesity?
70 Deaths from cardiovascular diseases attributable to heat and cold down 38% in Spain
71 Ebola death toll breaks 1,500 mark in DRC
72 Bangladesh 'Tree Man' wants hands amputated to relieve pain
73 Solving the cochlea: First complete virtual model of ear's speech sensor
74 Are you sure it's burning mouth syndrome?
75 Microbiome links diet to health
76 Potential probe for early ovarian cancer
77 Study identifies critical regulator of tumor-specific T cell differentiation
78 Study explores role of metabolism in immune cell behavior
79 Vaccine investigators use bacterium's own protein against it
80 Virtual reality takes a leap into taste
81 Too much sodium, not enough vitamins and minerals in diets of pregnant women
82 For women's sake, let's screen for depression as part of the new heart health checks
83 Discrimination of minorities associated with increased risk of psychosis
84 Shedding light on rhodopsin dynamics in the retina
85 Researchers develop new blood test for faster, cheaper and more accurate detection of Alzheimer's disease
86 Language barriers affect parents' participation in neonatal care
87 Successful support for parents of anorexia patients
88 Music students score better in math, science, English than non-musical peers
89 An 'awe-full' state of mind can set you free
90 The trust trap: Why older Australians are more trusting, and what that means for them
91 E. coli in milk won't necessarily make you sick--but it signals risks from other bacteria
92 Exercise after surgery is important for lung cancer surgery recovery
93 Virtual rehab: How 'gamification' can help stroke recovery
94 Saving children's teeth in Sudan--without anaesthetic or drills
95 Non-invasive view into the heart
96 Clinical trials beginning for possible preeclampsia treatment
97 The role of family doctors in advanced therapies
98 Gene networks reveal transition from healthy to failing heart
99 Mood neurons mature during adolescence
100 Suicide rates are rising significantly among African American teens
101 Novel noninvasive molecular imaging for monitoring rheumatoid arthritis
102 Early biomarker found for degenerative neurologic disease
103 Helping the body's ability to grow bone
104 Death toll in Indian encephalitis outbreak rises to 152
105 Popular strategy for raising pregnancy rates in IVF fails to deliver improvement in large trial
106 Immunotherapy and HDAC inhibition are anti-cancer besties
107 Physical evidence in the brain for types of schizophrenia
108 EU says no proof of "east-west" split in food quality
109 'Brain fever' death toll passes 150 in Indian state
110 Seeing the doctor? Relax, you'll remember more
111 Commonly prescribed drugs could increase the risk of dementia, says a new study
112 AMA Internal Medicine commentary highlights opportunity to discover modifiable risk factor for dementia