File Title
1 Redundancies in T cells
2 MRI technique provides doctors with more reliable information about breast cancer
3 Gut microbes associated with temperament traits in children
4 When it comes to therapy for stroke patients, sometimes treating the wrong hand is exactly right
5 Anti-inflammation approach shows promise for preventing cancer metastasis
6 Study: Marijuana use increases, shifts away from illegal market
7 Researchers find genetic cause for fatal response to Hepatitis A
8 New drug compound could tackle major life-limiting kidney disease
9 One of the genes behind cannabis use disorder identified
10 Drug boosts growth in youngsters with most common form of dwarfism, new study finds
11 Researchers deliver a new understanding into a common cause of syndromic autism
12 Neuroscientists 3-D model 'face identity information' stored in the brain
13 More than 100 children die in India in encephalitis outbreak
14 New toolkit guides health-care professionals to assess dementia in a new way
15 Antidepressants can lead to reductions in behavioral and neural responses to pain empathy
16 Earth's population could shrink in a few decades
17 Adequate protein intake associates with lower risk of frailty
18 Porous border could hinder efforts to stem spread of Ebola
19 Researchers identify potential modifier genes in patients with Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
20 Molecular switch for 'exhaustion mode' of immune cells discovered
21 Fitness trackers and personalised training programmes
22 New methods from material sciences find their way into cancer research
23 Researcher carving a new path for skier safety
24 Study shows healthcare workers often care for patients while ill
25 Italian woman who was Europe's oldest person has died at 116
26 'Invisible pandemic': WHO offers global plan to fight superbugs
27 Cell division at high speed
28 Democrats and Republicans agree: Take politics out of health policymaking
29 Researchers describe new functions of protein that play key role in some tumors and rare diseases
30 Researchers relate amplification of chromosomal region with resistance to chemotherapeutic drug in breast cancer
31 Henry Ford Cancer Institute treats its first patient with innovative 'living drug' therapy
32 Scientists discover a powerful antibody that inhibits multiple strains of norovirus
33 Study reveals biology of leptin, the hunger hormone
34 Food neophobia may increase the risk of lifestyle diseases
35 Parental support is key when autistic adolescents want to learn to drive
36 Alcohol advertisements influence intentions to intervene in sexual assault situations
37 Cognitive consequences worse for pediatric-onset multiple sclerosis
38 Abdominal obesity may raise risk for psoriasis
39 Pediatric T1DM medication adherence drops on weekends, holidays
40 Adding bevacizumab improves overall survival in NSCLC
41 FDA approves victoza injection for children 10 years and older
42 No-cook summer recipes featuring cool, sweet fruit
43 Inhaling air pollution-like irritant alters defensive heart-lung reflex for hypertension
44 Students restore motion to five-year-old boy's arms
45 Is interval training the fountain of youth?
46 Popcorn as a snack--healthy hit or dietary horror show?
47 U.S. youth suicide rate reaches 20-year high
48 Afraid of food? The answer may be in the basal forebrain
49 How hepatitis B and delta viruses establish infection of liver cells
50 New evidence supports the presence of microbes in the placenta
51 Another climate change threat: More 'flesh-eating' bacteria?
52 US preschoolers less pudgy in latest sign of falling obesity
53 Reducing brain inflammation could treat tinnitus and other hearing loss-related disorders
54 A dietary supplement improves skills of an atypical Rett syndrome patient
55 Collegiate affirmative action bans tied to rise in smoking among minority high schoolers
56 Study reveals new genetic link to heart disease
57 Researchers identify compounds that starve melanoma cancer cells of energy
58 Microfluidics device captures circulating cancer cell clusters
59 Survivors of breast cancer face increased risk of heart disease
60 Women's awareness of alcohol's role in breast cancer risk is poor
61 Yogurt may help to lower pre-cancerous bowel growth risk in men
62 Good physical fitness in middle age linked to lower chronic lung disease risk
63 Atrial fibrillation linked to increased risk of dementia, even in stroke-free patients
64 Boomers back on the dating scene seek cosmetic procedures to put their best face forward
65 One day of employment a week is all we need for mental health benefits: study
66 Many parents struggle for years to adjust after learning a child's sexual orientation
67 Researchers find cause of rare, fatal disease that turns babies' lips and skin blue
68 Sedation method does not affect colonoscopy detection rate
69 New clues on tissue damage identified in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
70 Lower trust in vaccines among people in richer countries: survey
71 'Alexa, monitor my heart': Researchers develop first contactless cardiac arrest AI system for smart speakers
72 Statin therapy reduced the risk of stroke and possibly other complications in cancer patients following radiation
73 Cleveland Clinic performs its first in utero fetal surgery
74 Gut bacteria from breastfeeding linked to improved infant response to vaccines
75 Scientists identify genes associated with biliary atresia survival
76 Family, community bonds help decrease mental health problems of former child soldiers
77 Brain anatomy links cognitive and perceptual symptoms in autism
78 Sleep training for your kids: Why and how it works
79 How France is persuading its citizens to get vaccinated
80 Researchers identify three kinds of helicopter parents
81 Medicare program aimed at lowering costs, improving care may not be working as well as thought
82 Those with elevated risk of Alzheimer's may show memory changes up to 40 years before onset
83 Research demonstrating the importance of exercise in cancer care
84 Your nose knows when it comes to stronger memories
85 Surgery to straighten a deviated septum improves quality of life
86 We know contact with nature makes you feel better. Can virtual contact do the same?
87 How common gut bacteria trigger a lethal autoimmune disease
88 Does more rain mean more risk of mosquito-borne diseases?
89 Summer is coming! Here's why you need to protect your children's eyes
90 Cannabis quality involves careful science and carefree highs
91 Narcissists and psychopaths: how some societies ensure these dangerous people never wield power
92 Scientists identify novel protrusions in blood vessels of the brain
93 3-D technology might improve body appreciation for young women
94 Want to be healthy and happy? Choose a conscientious partner
95 Fatty fish without environmental pollutants protect against type 2 diabetes
96 What do Aboriginal Australians want from their aged care system? Community connection is number one
97 Online brain game reduces meat consumption
98 Long hours at the office could be killing you
99 Early research shows a way to develop effective therapies against pancreatic cancer
100 Time to cook is a luxury many families don't have
101 First step toward a better prosthetic leg? Trip people over and over
102 Study: Yoga breathing and relaxation lower blood pressure
103 Chaos and tragedy in Indian 'brain fever' outbreak
104 Study: How arousal impacts physiological synchrony in relationships
105 Memories form 'barrier' to letting go of objects for people who hoard
106 High postural sway doubles older women's fracture risk
107 Study explores extent of state legal protections for provider conscience rights for reproductive health services
108 Motherhood can deliver body image boost--new study
109 Recommendations issued for imaging use in multiple myeloma
110 Inattentive children will earn less money at 35