File Title
1 Scientists create new 'y-shaped' synthetic consortium for efficient bio-manufacturing
2 Window film could even out the indoor temperature using solar energy
3 Why is east Asian summer monsoon circulation enhanced under global warming?
4 Study shows potential for reduced methane from cows
5 Indian Ocean causes drought and heatwaves in South America
6 Cancer genes and the tumor milieu
7 The declining impact of federal funding on cancer innovation
8 Blood flow monitor could save lives
9 A study in scarlet Japanese macaques
10 'You all look alike to me' is hard-wired in us, UCR research finds
11 Wind, warmth boost insect migration, first-ever University of Guelph study reveals
12 Two new algorithms can identify patients at risk of HIV
13 Problematic smartphone use linked to poorer grades, alcohol misuse, more sexual partners
14 Microrobots to change the way we work with cellular material
15 Infection-fighting protein also senses protein misfolding in non-infected cells
16 Scientists find urine test could offer a non-invasive approach for diagnosis of IBS
17 New research shows only half of countries globally have cardiac rehab programs
18 Researchers discover semiconducting nanotubes that form spontaneously
19 Tuning the energy levels of organic semiconductors
20 Just the tonic! How an afternoon tipple made from peas could help save the rainforest
21 Light touch to improve rheumatoid arthritis diagnosis
22 Castor oil-based inhibitors to remove gas hydrate plugs in Arctic deposits
23 New probe could help surgeons more accurately remove tumours
24 Cartoons are appropriate for developing children's narrative skills and values
25 The ancestor of the great white shark
26 CNIC is the coordinator of an international consensus document on the use of magnetic resonance
27 NTU Singapore scientists develop probes to detect acute kidney failure early
28 Can computer use, crafts and games slow or prevent age-related memory loss?
29 Understanding how the mTOR complex comes together
30 Will your future computer be made using bacteria?
31 Loneliness heightened among gay men in certain age group in China
32 Ped EM docs at risk for developing compassion fatigue, burnout, low compassion satisfaction
33 Antibiotic stewardship intervention improves prescribing for acute respiratory infection
34 Robotic pancreas transplant offers hope for obese patients with Type 1 diabetes
35 Study contributes to the production of flexible electronic devices
36 Food may have been scarce in Chaco Canyon
37 How sounds, shapes, speech and body movements convey emotion through one shared property
38 How to capture waste heat energy with improved polymers
39 No more trial-and-error when choosing an electrolyte for metal-air batteries
40 Study: Minimum wage 'an effective tool' for increasing incomes of older workers
41 Cleveland Clinic releases fourth installment of Alzheimer's Disease Drug Pipeline Report
42 Researchers discover ice is sliding toward edges off Greenland Ice Sheet
43 Genetic breakthrough in cereal crops could help improve yields worldwide
44 Study confirms disparities in triple-negative breast cancer diagnoses
45 Cells synchronize to release toxins in unison
46 Study: New cars are safer, but women most likely to suffer injury
47 Giving nanowires a DNA-like twist
48 'Traffic light' food labels reduce calories purchased in hospital cafeteria
49 New research helps predict locations of blue whales so ships can avoid them
50 Keeping a cell's powerhouse in shape
51 HSE scholars propose new method for measuring individual well-being
52 Nuclear physics in search of world artifacts
53 Sloppy sea urchins
54 UNH research finds thicker pavement is more cost effective down the road
55 Shingles vaccine safely prevents outbreaks among stem cell transplant patients
56 New filter enhances robot vision on 6D pose estimation
57 In UK's third largest city intervention program helps reduce childhood obesity
58 A human liver cell atlas
59 Impaired learning linked to family history of Alzheimer's
60 The Zika epidemic in Cuba, reflected by imported cases in Barcelona
61 Astronomers expand cosmic 'cheat sheet' in hunt for life
62 Getting to zero malaria cases in zanzibar
63 How the mosquito immune system fights off the malaria parasite
64 Study finds subclinical cardiovascular disease associated with higher fall risk
65 Researchers identify cancer killing capability of lesser-known immune cells
66 Discovered: A new way to measure the stability of next-generation magnetic fusion devices
67 Using artificial intelligence to detect discrimination
68 Cycling success may hold key to free up fifth of agricultural land
69 Researchers determine bacteria structure responsible for traveler's diarrhea
70 Are doctors treating more thyroid cancer patients than necessary?
71 How a popular antidepressant drug could rewire the brain
72 Holes in the universe sharpen cosmic measurements
73 Carbon nanotube tape stays sticky in extreme temperatures
74 Awareness of product transformation increases recycling
75 On the way to printable organic light emitting diodes
76 Maternal obesity linked to childhood cancer
77 Feinstein Institutes discovery may have implications for diabetes management and therapy
78 Attitude towards new educational standards in Russia shows conflicting opinions
79 Repair of aged tissue can be enhanced by inhibiting signals from neighboring cells
80 Auroral crackling sounds are related to the electromagnetic resonances of the Earth
81 Pair of supermassive black holes discovered on a collision course
82 Bringing the blockchain into the physical world
83 Unprecedented display of concern towards unknown monkey offers hope for endangered species
84 How to discover new materials quickly
85 Larger drug trials that intervene earlier needed for Alzheimer's disease
86 Police officers consider environmental crimes less important than conventional misconducts
87 Unravelling the 3-dimensional genomic structure of male germ cells
88 Study explores how social movements can use virtual worlds
89 Patients with mental health conditions denied access to 'best available' stop smoking treatments
90 Heat, salt, drought: This barley can withstand the challenges of climate change
91 Robot-ants that can jump, communicate with each other and work together
92 Jump test tool to predict athletic performance
93 Expert mathematicians stumped by simple subtractions
94 It's not an antibody, it's a frankenbody: A new tool for live-cell imaging
95 Shared e-cargo bikes: boom and barriers in Basel
96 Puzzling on a quantum chessboard
97 Geophysical observations reveal the water distribution and effect in Earth's mantle
98 Solar power with a free side of drinking water
99 Epic research endeavor reveals cause of deadly digestive disease in children
100 UCLA-developed terahertz sensors work at room temperature, unlike current technology
101 New antibody treatment provides little relief for high-frequency migraine patients
102 Terahertz technology escapes the cold
103 Study finds ACOs need a balance of PCPs and specialists to best reduce health care costs
104 Flu fact sheet for parents increases vaccination rate in children
105 Study identifies new potential target in glioblastoma
106 Anaphylactic shock: IgG antibodies and neutrophils play an unexpected role
107 Yale-developed scorecard promotes better clinical trial data sharing
108 Why sex becomes less satisfying with age
109 Standing frame intervention improves life for people with MS, research shows
110 No evidence of added benefit for most new drugs, say researchers