File Title
1 Good viruses and bad bacteria: A world-first green sea turtle trial
2 Study: How arousal impacts physiological synchrony in relationships
3 New evidence shows rapid response in the West Greenland landscape to Arctic climate shifts
4 Gut microbiome implicated in antiphospholipid syndrome
5 Advanced computational modeling of the gut for biodefense
6 Cool halo gas caught spinning like galactic disks
7 Appearance of deep-sea fish does not signal upcoming earthquake in Japan
8 Latest artificial intelligence research from China in Big Data
9 Record-low fertility rates linked to decline in stable manufacturing jobs
10 Does greater immersion in virtual reality lead to a better experience?
11 New clues on tissue damage identified in rheumatoid arthritis and lupus
12 Quantum music to my ears
13 Survivors of breast cancer face increased risk of heart disease
14 Researchers identify compounds that starve melanoma cancer cells of energy
15 A new manufacturing process for aluminum alloys
16 Microfluidics device captures circulating cancer cell clusters
17 Cell structure linked to longevity of slow-growing ponderosa pines
18 Size matters: New data reveals cell size sparks genome awakening in embryos
19 Egg-sucking sea slug from Florida's Cedar Key named after Muppets creator Jim Henson
20 New evidence supports the presence of microbes in the placenta
21 Afraid of food? The answer may be in the basal forebrain
22 View of the Earth in front of the sun
23 Inhaling air pollution-like irritant alters defensive heart-lung reflex for hypertension
24 New insight from Great Barrier Reef coral provides correction factor to climate records
25 Monitoring biodiversity with sound: How machines can enrich our knowledge
26 How hepatitis B and delta viruses establish infection of liver cells
27 Collaborative research charts course to hundreds of new nitrides
28 Locally based Haitian social entrepreneurs empower disaster-stricken villagers to rebuild and improve their communities
29 Preoperative management of inflammation may stave off cancer recurrences
30 New study shows how environmental disruptions affected ancient societies
31 Automated cryptocode generator is helping secure the web
32 Foreign investment limits cost Canadian economy almost $10 billion a year says new study
33 Scientists identify plant that flowers in Brazilian savanna one day after fire
34 Witnessing uncivil behavior
35 Alcohol advertisements influence intentions to intervene in sexual assault situations
36 NRL researchers find insights into the formation of the solar system in ancient comet dust
37 Uncovering hidden protein structures
38 Risky business: New data show how manatees use shipping channels
39 Scientists discover a powerful antibody that inhibits multiple strains of norovirus
40 Calcium phosphate to help advance bone tissue regeneration
41 How to keep fish in the sea and on the plate
42 New methods from material sciences in physics find their way into cancer research
43 A dietary supplement improves skills of an atypical Rett syndrome patient
44 Parental support is key when autistic adolescents want to learn to drive
45 Yale-led study reveals biology of leptin, the hunger hormone
46 Now your phone can become a robot that does the boring work
47 Researchers identify potential modifier genes in patients with charcot-marie-tooth disease
48 A new force for optical tweezers awakens
49 Food neophobia may increase the risk of lifestyle diseases
50 Researchers link gene to cannabis abuse
51 Antidepressants can reduce the empathic empathy
52 New drug compound could tackle major life-limiting kidney disease
53 Adequate protein intake associates with lower risk of frailty
54 Speeding up the journey towards clean energy through photocatalyst optimization
55 Redundancies in T cells
56 CNIO researchers describe new functions of protein that plays key role in some tumors and rare diseases
57 Molecular switch for 'exhaustion mode' of immune cells discovered
58 Changing how we predict coral bleaching
59 Hydrogenation of white phosphorus leads way to safer chemical technology
60 Origin of life--a prebiotic route to DNA
61 Gut microbes associated with temperament traits in children
62 IDIBELL researchers relate the amplification of a chromosomal region with resistance to to a chemotherapeutic drug in breast cancer
63 Gold adds the shine of reversible assembly to protein cages
64 Dormant neural stem cells in fruit flies activate to generate new brain cells
65 Climate change enhances carbon dioxide flux from lakes
66 Dark centers of chromosomes reveal ancient DNA
67 New AI system manages road infrastructure via Google Street View
68 Rebirth of the Japanese black tea market: challenges for entrepreneurial green tea farmers
69 Zipingpu Reservoir reveals climate-tectonics interplay around 2008 Wenchuan earthquake
70 Brain anatomy links cognitive and perceptual symptoms in autism
71 Emerging device by the fusion of IGZO and ferroelectric-HfO2
72 Study shows experimental drug can encourage bone growth in children with dwarfism
73 Researchers lay out plan for managing rivers for climate change
74 Dinosaur bones are home to microscopic life
75 'Hot spots' increase efficiency of solar desalination
76 Methods in belowground botany
77 Health policies key factor in hospitalization of seniors
78 UToledo research links fracking to higher radon levels in Ohio homes
79 Drug boosts growth in youngsters with most common form of dwarfism, new study finds
80 Sea otters have low genetic diversity like other threatened species, biologists report
81 Study finds alcohol and tobacco appear frequently in UK reality television
82 Study: Marijuana use increases, shifts away from illegal market
83 Surgery to straighten a deviated septum improves quality of life
84 Collegiate affirmative action bans tied to rise in smoking among minority high schoolers
85 Democrats and Republicans agree: Take politics out of health policymaking
86 Study shows healthcare workers often care for patients while ill
87 Atrial fibrillation linked to increased risk of dementia, even in stroke-free patients
88 Coral bleaching causes a permanent change in fish life
89 Scientists challenge notion of binary sexuality with naming of new plant species
90 Mount Sinai study reveals new genetic link to heart disease
91 One day of employment a week is all we need for mental health benefits--study
92 Yogurt may help to lower pre-cancerous bowel growth risk in men
93 Good physical fitness in middle age linked to lower chronic lung disease risk
94 Women's awareness of alcohol's role in breast cancer risk is poor
95 Many parents struggle for years to adjust after learning a child's sexual orientation
96 Crocs' climate clock: Ancient distribution of crocs could reveal more about past climates
97 Cell division at high speed
98 ELSI researchers use biological evolution to inspire machine learning
99 Leaving microbes out of climate change conversation has major consequences, experts warn
100 Terminally ill who request doctors make decisions undergo more aggressive final treatments
101 Researchers find genetic cause for fatal response to hepatitis A
102 Apparent increase in tobacco smoking in minority teens after college affirmative action bans
103 Fossil teeth reveal ancient hyenas in the Arctic
104 Reducing brain inflammation could treat tinnitus and other hearing loss-related disorders
105 Wearable device reveals how seals prepare for diving
106 The fellowship of the wing: Pigeons flap faster to fly together
107 A warming Midwest increases likelihood that farmers will need to irrigate