File Title
1 Identifying the risk of recurrence of developmental disorder in future pregnancies
2 UVA scientists use machine learning to improve gut disease diagnosis
3 Tiny probe that senses deep in the lung set to shed light on disease
4 The complex fate of Antarctic species in the face of a changing climate
5 Interest free loans could prevent homelessness and save councils millions, according to a new study
6 Balancing data protection and research needs in the age of the GDPR
7 Genetic study of the causes of excess liver iron may lead to better treatment
8 UQ researcher carving a new path for skier safety
9 Evidence of hiring discrimination against nonwhite groups in 9 countries examined
10 New study suggests automation will not wipe out truck-driving jobs
11 Penn engineers demonstrate superstrong, reversible adhesive that works like snail slime
12 NASA scientists find sun's history buried in moon's crust
13 Columbia researcher studies how climate change affects crops in India
14 Scientists unearth green treasure--albeit rusty--in the soil
15 RNR 'switch' offers hope in battling antibiotic resistant bacteria
16 Lumping all Hispanic-Americans together masks the differences in cancer outcomes
17 Tanning industry uses promos, cheap prices to lure adolescents and young adults
18 Biting backfire: Some mosquitoes actually benefit from pesticide application
19 3D printed tissues and organs without the scaffolding
20 Seaweed feed additive cuts livestock methane but poses questions
21 Scientists reveal reversible super-glue inspired by snail mucus
22 Researchers identify enzyme that suppresses immune system in breast cancer
23 Immuno-PET precisely diagnoses IBD inflammation without invasive procedures
24 3D reconstruction of craniums elucidates the evolution of New World monkeys
25 Underenrollment in clinical trials: Patients not the problem
26 Researchers call for personalized approach to aging brain health
27 Cancer-sniffing dogs 97% accurate in identifying lung cancer, according to study in JAOA
28 Past climate change: A warning for the future?
29 LGBTQ awareness lacking among American neurologists, new survey finds
30 Poor oral health linked to a 75% increase in liver cancer risk, new study finds
31 Study reveals new genomic roots of ecological adaptation in polar bear evolution
32 Dundee lab solves HOIL-1 mystery
33 Three quarters of Americans concerned about burnout among healthcare professionals
34 Gender pay gap shrinking for some female university presidents
35 Farm-like indoor microbiota may protect children from asthma also in urban homes
36 GPs should not use inflammatory marker tests to rule out serious conditions, study finds
37 Study shows 70% of patients lack advance directives before elective surgery
38 UCF is part of NASA Cassini mission that reveals new details about Saturn's rings
39 Bees required to create an excellent blueberry crop
40 Antioxidant puts up fight, but loses battle against protein linked to Alzheimer's disease
41 Researchers from IKBFU study nanoparticles synthesized by method of electric explosion
42 Research highlights possible targets to help tackle Crohn's disease
43 U of Guelph study finds health professionals need to be cautious on social media
44 Performance improves when the enemy of an enemy is a friend
45 Young adults who live near medical marijuana dispensaries use more often
46 Your circle of friends, not your Fitbit, is more predictive of your health
47 Study underscores role of menthol cigarettes in smoking cessation
48 Managing the risk of aggressive dog behavior
49 Stem cells reprogrammed into neurons could reveal drugs harmful to pregnancy
50 U-M researchers testing ways to make aspen-dominated forests resilient to climate change
51 Topical cream shows promise in treatment of skin pigmentation disease, vitiligo
52 Cold weather increases the risk of fatal opioid overdoses
53 New study shows gender pay gap is still issue for airline staff
54 Do video games drive obesity?
55 Social media use contributing to poor mental health in Indonesia, research finds
56 A new 2D magnet draws future devices closer
57 Repurposing existing drugs or combining therapies could help in the treatment of autoimmune diseases
58 Tuning into the LCDs of tomorrow: Exploring the novel IGZO-11 semiconductor
59 A new tool makes it possible to adapt treatment for patients with cardiogenic shock
60 Molecular analysis could improve the early detection and prevention of endometrial cancer
61 Breakthrough in understanding how human eyes process 3D motion
62 Gold for iron nanocubes
63 Climate change had significant impact on Amazon communities before arrival of Europeans
64 The evolution of puppy dog eyes
65 Rinsing system in stomach protects the teeth of ruminants
66 VINO's O2Amp Oxy-Iso glasses ineffective at curing color-blindness
67 A single gut enterotype linked to both inflammatory bowel disease and depression
68 Lynx in Turkey: Noninvasive sample collection provides insights into genetic diversity
69 Vest helps athletes keep their cool
70 Schizophrenia: Adolescence is the game-changer
71 Science snapshots: New nitrides, artificial photosynthesis, and TMDC semiconductors
72 Preventing drugs from being transported
73 Introduced a new paradigm of cell transplantation with scaffold microrobots
74 Testing therapies on mini-tumors of head and neck cancer
75 Most metastatic colorectal cancers have spread before diagnosis, Stanford researchers say
76 100-year-old physics model replicates modern Arctic ice melt
77 Harvard chemists' breakthrough in synthesis advances a potent anti-cancer agent
78 From surfer shorts to surgical drapes
79 Global commodities trade and consumption place the world's primates at risk of extinction
80 How to reinvigorate exhausted immune cells and stop cancer along the way
81 First lung map uncovers new insights into asthma
82 Wheat myth debunked
83 'Self-healing' polymer brings perovskite solar tech closer to market
84 Bright lights outdoors may help treat lazy eye in children
85 Innovative technique uses sensory nanoparticles to detect disease
86 New study examines the association between race, ethnicity and exclusionary discipline practices
87 Researchers solve mystery of how gas bubbles form in liquid
88 Rules of brain architecture revealed in large study of neuron shape & electrophysiology
89 From function to form
90 Facebook posts better at predicting diabetes, mental health than demographic info
91 Climate change threatens commercial fishers from Maine to North Carolina
92 Cognitive decline may accelerate after heart attack, angina
93 Meteors help Martian clouds form
94 Study finds bleeding after minimally invasive pad treatments can increase risk of death
95 More heart failure patients may benefit from CRT defibrillator
96 Breastmilk antibody protects preterm infants from deadly intestinal disease
97 Tracking life's first step: Two molecules 'awaken' brand new genome
98 Boaty McBoatface mission gives new insight into warming ocean abyss
99 Breakthrough paves way for new Lyme disease treatment
100 Dinoflagellate plankton glow so that their predators won't eat them
101 The brain consumes half of a child's energy--and that could matter for weight gain
102 Nurses more likely to test for HIV when practice setting supports routine screening
103 Researchers question implanting IVC filters on prophylactic basis before bariatric surgery
104 Hypertension drug may hold promise for Alzheimer's disease
105 9,000 years ago, a community with modern urban problems
106 Preventing hepatitis C transmission from mothers to babies
107 Study finds personal care products send a child to the emergency room every two hours
108 What influences critical care doctors in withdrawing life support for patients with brain injury?
109 Receiving opioids for the first time while hospitalized doubles the risk of continued use [plus additional topics]
110 How certain antibiotic combinations could defeat 'superbugs'
111 Sleep history predicts late-life Alzheimer's pathology
112 Shedding light on 'black box' of inpatient opioid use
113 Immune system can slow degenerative eye disease, NIH-led mouse study shows
114 New time-banking system utilizes blockchain tech to measure one's value to society