File Title
1 Muscling in on the role of vitamin D
2 Trump's tweets reveal hidden unity between Democrats, Republicans
3 Every penny counts: Reducing infections improves care, cuts costs
4 Methylmercury precipitates heart failure by increasing Drp1-mediated mitochondrial fission
5 'Flying salt shakers of death:' Fungal-infected zombie cicadas, explained by WVU research
6 Cyanide compounds discovered in meteorites may hold clues to the origin of life
7 More monitoring needed to reduce post-hospitalization urinary tract infections
8 Bringing neuromodulation therapies to drug-resistant epilepsy patients
9 Radionuclide therapy effective in high-grade neuroendocrine neoplasms
10 Common antidepressants interact with opioid med to lessen pain relief
11 Pine woodland restoration creates haven for birds in Midwest, MU study finds
12 Research reveals exotic quantum states in double-layer graphene
13 Conservation efforts for giant South American river turtles have protected 147,000 females
14 Algorithm designed to map universe, solve mysteries
15 Shot could remove side effects from late-stage head and neck cancer therapy
16 Molecular imaging suggests smokers may have impaired neuroimmune function
17 Private prisons have a political role in corrections issues in the US, researcher finds
18 New research hopes to identify individuals at risk of clinically significant COPD
19 National trash: Reducing waste produced in US national parks
20 Repeat ER users changed how they used ERs after gaining Medicaid coverage
21 Study reveals elevated cancer risk in children with birth defects
22 How people want to feel determines whether others can influence their emotions
23 Analyzing the tweets of Republicans and Democrats
24 These neurons affect how much you do, or don't, want to eat
25 Helping physics teachers who don't know physics
26 A new 'golden' age for electronics?
27 Ultrasmall nanoclusters and carbon quantum dots show promise for acute kidney injury
28 How human genetic data is helping dogs fight cancer
29 New combination therapy established as safe and effective for prostate cancer
30 Using 3D-printing to stop hair loss
31 Solving a condensation mystery
32 Puppy love: Choosing the perfect pooch poses challenges similar to dating
33 Biochip advances enable next-generation sequencing technologies
34 Radioactive tadpoles reveal contamination clues
35 Scientists find potential way to defuse 'time bomb' of cardiology
36 Hearts and stripes: A tiny fish offers clues to regenerating damaged cardiac tissue
37 De-escalating breast cancer therapy; can some patients be spared chemotherapy?
38 Hubble finds tiny 'electric soccer balls' in space, helps solve interstellar mystery
39 Researchers create first portable tech for detecting cyanotoxins in water
40 Microscopic glass blowing used to make tiny optical lenses
41 Adding clinical variables improves accuracy of lung allocation score
42 Study funded by NIH supports optimal threshold for diagnosing COPD
43 Massachusetts General study identifies pathway linking socioeconomic status to cardiovascular risk
44 Machine learning reveals how strongly interacting electrons behave at atomic level
45 Milk: Best drink to reduce burn from chili peppers
46 Zero-calorie sweeteners on trial again
47 Virtual reality faces: animating precise, lifelike avatars for VR in real-time
48 SwRI-led team studies binaries to make heads or tails of planet formation
49 Scientists track brain tumor turncoats with advanced imaging
50 Multiresistant intestinal bacteria spread widely in Vietnamese hospitals
51 New osteoporosis therapy's dual effects on bone tissue
52 New research shows how melting ice is affecting supplies of nutrients to the sea
53 SwRI scientist develops novel algorithm to aid search for exoplanets
54 First in vivo proof-of-concept in Steinert's myotonic dystrophy
55 Laser light detects tumors
56 Changes in blood flow tell heart cells to regenerate
57 Study snapshot: Missed exams and lost opportunities: Who could gain from expanded college admission
58 Levanluhta jewellery links Finland to a European exchange network
59 Researchers study healthy ALS neurons as way to understand resistance to the disease
60 An ion channel with a doorkeeper: The pH of calcium ions controls ion channel opening
61 Diagnosis and treatment of widespread skin diseases reaches a new level
62 Goat milk kefir is proven to be good for your health
63 New blood test for detecting Alzheimer's disease
64 Blue color tones in fossilized prehistoric feathers
65 How gastric stem cells fight bacteria
66 Dung beetles use wind compass when the sun is high
67 Symbiotic upcycling: Turning 'low value' compounds into biomass
68 Dung beetles get wind
69 Distinct clinical profiles of Huntington's disease can be associated with two specific neural signature
70 Researchers block protein that plays a key role in Alzheimer's disease
71 A further step towards reliable quantum computation
72 Santorini volcano, a new terrestrial analogue of Mars
73 New membrane efficiently separates mirrored molecules
74 Lifelong ill-health after exposure to chemical weapons
75 Conceptual model can explain how thunderstorm clouds bunch together
76 Sometimes, a non-invasive procedure will suffice
77 Intelligent testing could save lives by defusing ticking time bomb of liver disease
78 (Not only) the wind shows the way
79 Improving cancer treatment is 'major priority' for public
80 HKBU discovers mechanisms underlying early life stress and irritable bowel syndrome
81 Exposure to air pollution in India is associated with more hypertension in women
82 Discovery may help kick-start aging immune system
83 Mice with a human immune system help research into cancer and infections
84 The making of 'warm ice'
85 Review emphasizes the power of simple physical models for complex protein machines
86 Blood test predicts stroke risk in patients with diabetes
87 Researchers model how octopus arms make decisions (+ video)
88 Kessler researchers explore social cognitive deficits in progressive multiple sclerosis
89 Star tours
90 Study in nutrients shows important role choline and DHA play in infant brain and eye health
91 No cell is an island
92 Workers who are unpaid caregivers of older relatives struggle with unmet workplace needs
93 Artificial intelligence could be 'game changer' in detecting, managing Alzheimer's disease
94 Cholesterol medication could invite diabetes, study suggests
95 Viewing pornography increases unethical behavior at work
96 More years of childhood education may reduce adult heart disease risk
97 Finding missing network links could help develop new drugs, stop disease, ease traffic
98 Shorter rotations in intensive care units mitigate burnout among physicians
99 Scientists closer to unraveling mechanisms of speech processing in the brain
100 How the brain helps us make good decisions--and bad ones
101 Prostate cancer urine test shows who needs treatment and when
102 Women's agricultural labor a key factor in malnutrition in India
103 Global surgical guidelines drive cut in post-surgery deaths--study
104 How the dragon got its frill
105 Exercise an effective protection against life-threatening cerebral hemorrhage
106 Babies can learn link between language and ethnicity, study suggests
107 New target for drug intervention in Alzheimer's disease identified
108 Study finds link between hypertension and air pollution
109 Which climates are best for passive cooling technologies?
110 Remote-controlled drug delivery implant size of grape may help chronic disease management