File Title
1 Earlier diagnosis and treatment assessment of tuberculosis achieved with pet/ct
2 Alzheimer's disease: Sex affects tau accumulation in the brain
3 Researchers create multi-junction solar cells from off-the-shelf components
4 Tropical soil disturbance could be hidden source of CO2
5 Women face more cognitive issues after brain tumor radiation
6 Interim scan during prostate cancer therapy helps guide treatment
7 PET/CT detects cardiovascular disease risk factors in obstructive sleep apnea patients
8 PSU study finds people prefer to donate time--even when charities lose out
9 Understanding brain activity when you name what you see
10 Does limited underground water storage make plants less susceptible to drought?
11 Researchers explain visible light from 2D lead halide perovskites
12 Gene networks reveal transition from healthy to failing heart, Stanford-led study shows
13 'Good' bacteria may prevent--and reverse--food allergy
14 Stanford researchers teach robots what humans want
15 Big data says food is too sweet
16 Mathematics ties media coverage of gun control to upticks in gun purchases
17 SLAS Discovery announces its July feature article, '3D Cell-Based Assays for Drug Screens: Challenges in Imaging, Image Analysis, and High-Content Analysis'
18 Close-range blast exposure & neurodegenerative processes among those with genetic risk for AD
19 Discovery of performance-enhancing bacteria in the human microbiome
20 Does stimulation of the brain's dorsal anterior insula trigger ecstasy?
21 Calibration method improves scientific research performed with smartphone cameras
22 45% of American adults doubt vaccine safety, according to survey
23 How Facebook and Google avoided FEC ad disclaimers during 2016 presidential election
24 Hate speech on Twitter predicts frequency of real-life hate crimes
25 OU study explores 'rainbow wave' and identity gaps in LGBTQ liberal political perspectives
26 Ant farmers boost plant nutrition
27 Seeing the doctor? Relax, you'll remember more
28 Government-funded research increasingly fuels innovation
29 Why money cannot 'buy' housework
30 Screams contain a 'calling card' for the vocalizer's identity
31 Clinical trials beginning for possible preeclampsia treatment
32 Big city growth escalates the urban-rural divide
33 Fingolimod: advantages for some children and adolescents with highly active RRMS
34 Researchers unveil how soft materials react to deformation at molecular level
35 Noninvasive view into the heart
36 Surrey researchers clear runway for tin based perovskite solar cells
37 Helping the body's ability to grow bone
38 Scientists discover the forces behind extreme heat over Northeast Asia
39 Study investigates role of family doctors in advanced therapies
40 Islamic values play a significant role in the travel decisions of Muslim tourists
41 New therapy promotes vascular repair following stroke
42 Smash and grab: A heavyweight stellar champion for dying stars
43 How to bend waves to arrive at the right place
44 Novel Chinese nanogenerator takes cue from electric eels
45 Galaxy clusters caught in a first kiss
46 A solarium for hens? How to increase the vitamin D content of eggs
47 Shedding light on rhodopsin dynamics in the retina
48 A wearable vibration sensor for accurate voice recognition
49 Language barriers affect parents' participation in neonatal care
50 Untangling the complicated relationships between people and nature for a brighter future
51 Play games with no latency
52 Hydrogel offers double punch against orthopedic bone infections
53 Study ties poor sleep to reduced memory performance in older adults
54 Roads and deforestation explode in the Congo basin
55 Alzheimer's missing link ID'd, answering what tips brain's decline
56 'Bathtub rings' around Titan's lakes might be made of alien crystals
57 Pathogen engineered to self-destruct underlies cancer vaccine platform
58 Ruminants' genes are a treasure trove
59 Resonance-enhanced tunneling induces F+H2 reaction in interstellar clouds
60 Music students do better in school than non-musical peers
61 Mood neurons mature during adolescence
62 An 'awe-full' state of mind can set you free
63 Additions, deletions, & changes to the official list of North American birds
64 Damage to the ozone layer and climate change forming feedback loop
65 Small shops, heavy advertisers less likely to ID for tobacco
66 Scientists hit pay dirt with new microbial research technique
67 Suicide rates are rising significantly among African-American teens
68 Better care needed for people displaying first symptoms of bipolar disorder
69 Ancient intervention could boost dwindling water reserves in coastal Peru
70 Speeding up single-cell genomics research
71 Noninvasive, more precise preimplantation genetic test under development for IVF embryos
72 Columbia researchers provide new evidence on the reliability of climate modeling
73 Crop pests more widespread than previously known
74 Fake news 'vaccine' works: 'Pre-bunking' game reduces susceptibility to disinformation
75 Deportation worries fuel anxiety, poor sleep, among US-born Latinx youth
76 New therapy targets gut bacteria to prevent and reverse food allergies
77 Clouds dominate uncertainties in predicting future Greenland melt
78 Could coffee be the secret to fighting obesity?
79 More energy needed to cope with climate change
80 Be prepared: Prioritizing invasive species for strategic prevention (Durban, South Africa)
81 Chemists discover structure of glucagon fibrils
82 Study shows visual framing by media in debates affects public perception
83 What influences how parents and their gay adolescent sons discuss sexual health at home?
84 Large cohort study confirms small added obstetric risk from transfer of longer developed embryos
85 Popular strategy for raising pregnancy rates in IVF fails to deliver improvement in large trial
86 Long duration of sperm freezing makes no difference to live birth rates in large sperm bank study
87 Suicide, accidents, and hepatitis: The leading causes of death for veterans in their first year of PTSD treatment
88 Can deprescribing drugs linked to cognitive impairment actually reduce risk of dementia?
89 Music students score better in math, science, English than non-musical peers
90 Physical evidence in the brain for types of schizophrenia
91 Certain cells secrete a substance in the brain that protects neurons, USC study finds
92 Settling the debate on serotonin's role in sleep
93 More women in US receive 3D mammography but disparities remain
94 Nutrition is the missing ingredient in home health today, new study shows
95 Young women who smoke face highest risk of major heart attack
96 Chronic conditions--not infectious diseases--are top 5 causes of early death in China
97 Engineering enzymes to turn plant waste into sustainable products
98 Commonly prescribed drugs could increase the risk of dementia, says a new study
99 Targeting individual atoms
100 Culture shapes how we learn to reason?
101 New reports provide guidance for obesity care
102 Monarch butterflies bred in captivity may lose the ability to migrate, study finds
103 Phones and wearables combine to assess worker performance
104 How trees affect the weather
105 Americans overestimate income for children from wealthy and middle-income families--and underestimate it for children from poor ones
106 Study finds micronutrient deficiencies common at time of celiac disease diagnosis
107 Survivors of childhood brain tumors experience lasting cognitive and socioeconomic burdens
108 Immunotherapy and HDAC inhibition are anti-cancer besties
109 New hypothesis links habitat loss and the global emergence of infectious diseases
110 Performance-enhancing bacteria found in the microbiomes of elite athletes
111 Oral steroids put patients with inflammatory disease at high risk of infection
112 Widely available antibiotics could be used in the treatment of 'superbug' MRSA
113 Healthcare guidelines should be updated for patients with certain adrenal tumors
114 Molecular scissors stabilize the cell's cytoskeleton
115 Researchers identify new hunger pathway in the brain
116 Combatting the world's deadliest infections using groundbreaking human-mimetic tools