File Title
1 Genomic warning flag just in time for beach season: Jellyfish toxins
2 Insect apocalypse: German bug watchers sound alarm
3 Japan fisherman catch first whales as commercial hunts resume
4 Embracing bioinformatics in gene banks
5 Andean hummingbirds take different evolutionary paths to high altitudes
6 Birdwatchers highlight declines of seabirds off south-eastern Australia
7 Amphibians infected by ranavirus found in Atlantic Rainforest
8 Research shows governance is key to better resource management strategies
9 Scientists alarmed by bark beetle boom
10 Environmentally friendly control of common disease infecting fish and amphibians
11 Surprise: Bluntnose sixgill sharks may like to prowl urban waters
12 Competition leads to fathers who produce more male sperm
13 Imitation breeds war in new evolutionary theory
14 Sixth right whale death in Canadian waters sets researchers on urgent mission for solutions
15 Mathematical models can predict animals' risk of extinction
16 Controlling weeds on playing fields, parks and lawns without herbicides
17 Corals in Singapore likely to survive sea-level rise
18 Scientists identify interactions that stabilize a neurodegeneration-associated protein
19 Three-dimensional model illuminates key aspects of early development
20 Virus that can drive bats to madness spreads through NC's abandoned gold mines
21 First proof-of-concept demonstrates genetic sex selection in mammals
22 Coupled proteins: How human cells react to external signals and further process them
23 A month under the Med: French divers launch daring deep-sea expedition
24 The chemical language of plants depends on context
25 Female bed bugs 'control' their immune systems ahead of mating to prevent against STIs
26 Celebrating with sake, Japan whalers bring ashore catch
27 Scissors get stuck--another way bacteria use CRISPR/Cas9
28 'Gentle recovery' of Brazil's leatherback turtles
29 Whales targeted by Japan face extinction threat
30 Bonobo diet of aquatic greens may hold clues to human evolution
31 Trendy on eight legs: Jumping spider named after fashion czar Karl Lagerfeld
32 Airless worms: A new hope against drug-resistant parasites
33 Yellow fever virus responsible for current epidemic in Brazil originated in Amazon in 1980
34 Kangaroo Island koalas may save the koala species
35 Altitude record for porcini mushrooms
36 Decoding cells to unlock stem cells' potential
37 Study provides a closeup view of zombifying bee parasite
38 A species of cladoceran believed to be extinct has been rediscovered
39 Toxoplasma gondii utilizes at least two modes of locomotion during its infection cycle
40 Male crickets losing ability to sing, despite reproductive advantage of singing
41 Researcher reveals hidden world through the eyes of butterflies
42 Rewilding: As farmland and villages are abandoned, forests, wolves and bears are returning to Europe
43 Holy crocodiles: The cultural status of saltwater crocodiles in East Timor
44 The secret of mushroom colors
45 DNA from tooth in Florida man's foot solves 25-year-old shark bite mystery
46 Arctic fox walks more than 2,700 miles from Norway to Canada
47 New study challenges claim that exogenous RNA is essential for sperm function
48 Austrian parliament approves total glyphosate ban
49 Solitude breeds aggression in spiders (rather than vice versa)
50 Can mathematics help us understand the complexity of our microbiome?
51 Is wildfire management 'for the birds?'
52 Why do mosquitoes choose us? Lindy McBride is on the case
53 It's dog eat dog on the canine social ladder
54 From a lake high in Madagascar, Africa's own caviar
55 It's not an antibody, it's a frankenbody: A new tool for live-cell imaging
56 Neutral evolution shapes lifespan and aging
57 Every dog has its day, but it's not the Fourth of July
58 Lunar and solar eclipses make animals do strange things
59 How anglers are changing the catchability of fish
60 Researchers selectively eliminate cells that express the oncogene RAS
61 Old-growth forest may provide valuable biodiversity refuge in areas at risk of severe fire
62 Two new species of parasitic wasps described from an altitude of over 3,400 m in Tibet
63 Plants don't think, they grow: The case against plant consciousness
64 New study unravels protection mechanism in bacteria
65 Super-resolution microscopy illuminates associations between chromosomes
66 Perfect timing: Making the 'switch' from juvenile to adult
67 First complete wiring diagram of an animal's nervous system
68 Molecular thumb drives: Researchers store digital images in metabolite molecules
69 Scientists sound alarm after 6 rare whale deaths in a month
70 Judge to reassess $80 million award in Monsanto cancer case
71 Creation of big data tool leads to new ideas on form and function of insect eggs
72 Chinese official: Pig fever outbreak 'complicated and grim'
73 How comb jellies adapted to life in the deep sea
74 Some green ash trees show some resistance to emerald ash borers
75 Why the 'molecular scissors' metaphor for understanding CRISPR is misleading
76 Scientists invent fast method for 'directed evolution' of molecules
77 Daylight robbery: how human-built structures leave coastal ecosystems in the shadows
78 Creams, massage and police escort: how Russian whales were freed
79 Four steps to make your lawn a wildlife haven--from green desert to miniature rainforest
80 The real Tinkerbell: don't mess with these tiny fairy wasps
81 No-take marine areas help fishers (and fish) far more than we thought
82 Scientists map toxic proteins linked to Alzheimer's
83 Scientists reveal the inter-cluster and intra-cluster dynamics of thiolate-protected gold-silver alloys
84 Vanilla makes milk beverages seem sweeter
85 Soft drink by-products could reduce global warming
86 Washable electronic textiles to usher in an era of even smarter wearable products
87 Scientists dissolve crude oil in water to study its composition
88 Fungus produces highly effective surfactant
89 Blue pigment from engineered fungi could help turn the textile industry green
90 Shaken and stirred: Scientists capture the deformation effect of shock waves on a material
91 Mystery of immunosuppressive drug's biosynthesis finally unlocked
92 Researchers discover traditional fluid flow observations may miss the big picture
93 Researchers report new understanding of thermoelectric materials
94 The similarities between a Van Gogh painting and a golf ball
95 Natural antibiotic's multi-level attack strategy prevents resistance
96 Researchers clear runway for tin-based perovskite solar cells
97 Resonance-enhanced tunneling induces flourine and para-hydrogen reaction in interstellar clouds
98 Engineering enzymes to turn plant waste into sustainable products
99 Remote-controlled drug delivery implant size of grape may help chronic disease management
100 The pH of calcium ions controls ion channel opening
101 Testing designed carbon materials to purify wastewater
102 Review emphasizes the power of simple physical models for complex protein machines
103 New membrane efficiently separates mirrored molecules
104 Goat milk kefir is proven to be good for your health
105 Researchers create first portable tech for detecting cyanotoxins in water
106 A new 'golden' age for electronics?
107 Natural ingredients in supplements, nutraceuticals get a new type of barcode
108 Ultraviolet light-based coating shows promise in self-disinfecting surfaces in medical facilities, public areas