File Title
1 Would you eat meat grown from cells in a laboratory? Here's how it works
2 Scientists capture first-ever video of giant squid in U.S. waters
3 Protein quality control and mitochondria
4 Scientists discover new antiviral roles for olfactory neurons in fish
5 Measuring human impact on coastal ecosystems
6 Destructive insect outbreaks and cod collapse
7 Additions, deletions and changes to the official list of North American birds
8 Ruminants' genes are a treasure trove
9 Zimbabwe wants ivory ban lifted so it can sell $600-mln stockpile
10 A solarium for hens? How to increase the vitamin D content of eggs
11 Molecular scissors stabilize the cell's cytoskeleton
12 Chemists discover structure of glucagon fibrils
13 Improved single-cell ATAC-seq method scales up research into how genes are controlled
14 Widely available antibiotics could be used in the treatment of 'superbug' MRSA
15 Broad Institute researchers use novel field-ready CRISPR platform to detect plant genes
16 Monarch butterflies bred in captivity may lose the ability to migrate, study finds
17 Five rhinos resettled in Rwanda from Czech zoo
18 Ant farmers boost plant nutrition
19 Crop pests more widespread than previously known
20 Tapping into the way cells communicate
21 Playing 'tag': Tracking movement of young oysters
22 Short-term effects of hurricanes Irma and Maria on Puerto Rico's forest birds
23 Researchers identify genes linked to sex differentiation in giant Amazon fish
24 New rapid test diagnoses pneumonia and other lower respiratory infections
25 In search of an undersea kelp forest's missing nitrogen
26 How the dragon got its frill
27 Dung beetles use wind compass when the sun is high
28 Stem cells moonlight to protect the stomach from bacterial invaders
29 Puppy love: Choosing the perfect pooch poses challenges similar to dating
30 Genome study reveals history of European potato
31 Bad weather causing 'catastrophic' French honey harvest
32 Video games offer clues to help curb animal disease outbreaks
33 Symbiotic upcycling: Turning 'low value' compounds into biomass
34 Milk: Best drink to reduce burn from chili peppers
35 California's mighty predator, the mountain lion, faces 'extinction vortex'
36 Biochip advances enable next-generation sequencing technologies
37 Radioactive tadpoles reveal contamination clues
38 Conservation efforts for giant South American river turtles have protected 147,000 females
39 Managing the ups and downs of coffee production
40 Pine woodland restoration creates haven for birds in Midwest, study finds
41 'Flying salt shakers of death:' Fungal-infected zombie cicadas explained
42 Snails show that variety is the key to success if you want to remember more
43 The older you get, the harder you seek: The mating secrets of Africa's bull elephants
44 Organic farming enhances honeybee colony performance
45 How the antibiotic chloramphenicol causes damage to eukaryotes
46 Rapid cross-resistance bringing cockroaches closer to invincibility
47 Big data and innovations for healthy bees
48 Novel watermelon rootstock knocks out disease and pests
49 Quantifying and understanding well-to-well contamination in microbiome research
50 Study of emotional response to the interaction between hand and stone tool
51 Climate change: bees are disorientated by flowers' changing scents
52 Frontline heroes hailed in the war against devil cancers
53 Unlocking secrets of the ice worm
54 Malaysia busts attempt to smuggle over 5,000 terrapins
55 Studying the human brain through craniovascular traits
56 The case of the poisoned songbirds
57 Networks of gene activity control organ development
58 New study on gene editing in wildlife finds people are wary
59 The ancient history of Neanderthals in Europe
60 New indicators could help manage global overfishing
61 Honeybees infect wild bumblebees--through shared flowers
62 Researchers unlocking keys to longevity of egg cell supply in mammals
63 Understanding what makes captive gorilla hearts tick
64 Former war refugee maps habitat for West African bird
65 What made humans 'the fat primate'?
66 Learning from experience is all in the timing
67 Corals can survive in acidified ocean conditions, but have lower density skeletons
68 Reining in the ecological effects of free-roaming horses
69 Climate warming could increase malaria risk in cooler regions
70 Researchers find that probiotic bacteria reduces the impact of white-nose syndrome in bats
71 Fruit bats can transform echoes into images
72 LSU veterinarians get Pedro the turtle moving
73 Why your foot calluses might be good for you
74 Scientists successfully transfer first test tube rhino embryo
75 Scientists discover how plants breathe--and how humans shaped their 'lungs'
76 Turtle study shows hearts can be programmed to survive without oxygen
77 Why meerkats and mongooses have a cooperative approach to raising their pups
78 Record-breaking DNA comparisons drive fast forensics
79 Pesticides found in monarchs' milkweed near farm fields
80 Australian plant 'kangaroo paw' may hold clues to understanding biodiversity down under
81 The two faces of the Jekyll gene
82 Towards a worldwide inventory of all plants
83 Coral found to prefer eating microplastic to natural food
84 Highway medians are a food source for wildlife, study shows
85 New species of loquat-killing beetle identified
86 To build a goldfish, start with a blueprint
87 Aussie birds turn down their thermostat to save energy in winter
88 How did elephants evolve such a large brain? Climate change is part of the answer
89 New insights into membrane trafficking regulated by ER fusion protein
90 Growing embryonic tissues on a chip
91 Protein scissors for cellular transport
92 Cryo-electron microscopy reveals structures of protein that maintains cell membranes
93 Found: A sweet way to make everyday things almost indestructible
94 Natural biodiversity protects rural farmers' incomes from tropical weather shocks
95 Greenpeace sounds alarm about North Atlantic shark fishing
96 Immediate, science-based community action can stop insect decline
97 Computational tool predicts how gut microbiome changes over time
98 The world needs a global system to detect and halt the spread of emerging crop diseases
99 Iceland will skip whaling this year: company
100 New AI tool captures top players' strategies in RNA video game
101 Five dead endangered right whales found in Canadian waters
102 Controlling deadly malaria without chemicals
103 Sea slugs use algae's bacterial 'weapons factory' in three-way symbiotic relationship
104 Gene activity database could spare thousands of mice
105 When the dinosaurs died, lichens thrived
106 Analysis of the parietal anatomy of Old World monkeys
107 A family of insect new to Britain discovered in the Natural History Museum's Wildlife Garden
108 What squid neurons and an octopus on ecstasy can teach us about ourselves
109 Biodegradable coating to help achieve food security
110 Why you might want to leave those dandelions alone
111 Veterinarian says summer pests, heat and activities pose risks to pets
112 Synthetic bacterial memory circuits enable microbial diagnostics for sensing biomolecules in the gut
113 Grain-free food may be linked to dog heart disease: health authority
114 S. Africa halts Cape Town octopus fishing after 2 whales die
115 Louisiana asks public help with invasive Asian swamp eels
116 Baby lobster numbers spell trouble for shellfish population
117 After decades, Japan courts controversy resuming commercial whaling
118 '10 steps ahead': Kenya's tech war on wildlife poachers