File Title
1 Why some rebel groups force kids to fight: it depends on how they are funded
2 Great Recession unemployment fed left-wing populism; unauthorized immigration flows feed right-wing populism
3 Some extinct crocs were vegetarians
4 Men ask most of the questions at scientific conferences; we can choose to change that
5 People's motivations bias how they gather information
6 Mules, tools and old bricks: Rebuilding China's Great Wall
7 Law allowing parents to withdraw children from RE education should be overturned
8 What journalism professors are teaching students--about their futures
9 Study investigates how financial crises reduce life satisfaction
10 Ancient DNA help scientists study human evolution: 'It's like a time capsule'
11 Why US elections cause international stock market declines
12 Female jockey performance in jump racing underestimated by betting public
13 How to improve corporate social and environmental responsibility
14 Lack of data on missing migrant children leads to gaps in protection
15 Roman road and possible mine discovered during Cornish archaeological excavations
16 How the local strength of faith can impact a company's ethical behavior
17 What can trigger violence in postcolonial Africa?
18 What makes a good excuse work? A Cambridge philosopher may have the answer
19 Women vs. men--tactical efficiency in football
20 Current sexual abuse laws leave online victims unprotected
21 How celebrity activists are changing morality in America
22 Long-haul flights and Super Rugby performance: what the science says
23 Demolishing your front fence could be an act of kindness
24 Fairtrade benefits rural workers in Africa, but not the poorest of the poor
25 Newly-discovered 1,600-year-old mosaic sheds light on ancient Judaism
26 Location-based data can provide insights for business decisions
27 Deal or no deal? How discounts for unhappy subscribers can backfire on businesses
28 Hungary passes controversial science sector reform bill
29 The future isn't so golden for California's next wave of retirees
30 Complementary vibrational spectroscopic techniques used to test ancient burned bones
31 Whither the middle class?
32 Poverty impacts child protection system contact
33 Study finds growth of faculty diversity largely minimal in U.S. colleges, universities
34 Sunken pleasure boats reveal the hidden history of California and beyond
35 Tweeting while watching TV diminishes enjoyment
36 Perceived threats to family increases women's willingness to sacrifice during war
37 Millet farmers adopted barley agriculture and permanently settled the Tibetan Plateau
38 The new racial disparity in special education
39 Skills are the new coin of the realm
40 Even today, we want our heroes to know right from wrong
41 Credit counseling may help reduce consumer debt
42 Reunited: Two halves of historic scroll severed by warfare
43 Being certain about uncertainty
44 Maize-centric diet may have contributed to ancient Maya collapse
45 CEO political activism: Jobseekers want bosses who take a stand
46 Social context influences decision-makers' willingness to take risks
47 3-D printing recreates ancient sculpture destroyed by ISIS
48 Captive beluga whales make epic journey from China to Iceland sanctuary
49 New research shows importance of climate on spruce beetle flight
50 How in times of trouble animals also stand together
51 All eyes on a new worm species
52 Using the power of math to improve food texture, consistency
53 Marine extremophiles: The basal level of the food chain
54 Climate change could affect symbiotic relationships between microorganisms and trees
55 Synthetic biology roadmap could set research agenda for next 10 years
56 Computer model illuminates critical moment in Drosophila development
57 How an emerging tick-borne pathogen evades detection
58 Asian nations scramble to contain pig disease outbreaks
59 The return of the wolf: Wild cubs born in the Netherlands
60 Scientists discover seemingly paradoxical mechanism for regulating oil synthesis
61 Software to protect the world's most endangered species
62 Disrupting one gene could be first step toward treating honey bee parasite nosema ceranae
63 Global data resource shows genetic diversity of chickens
64 Frustrated fish give up thanks to glia, not just neurons
65 'DNA microscopy' offers entirely new way to image cells
66 Bats' brains sync when they socialize
67 Researchers confirm that narwhals and belugas can interbreed
68 Dynamic collaboration behind new research into best way of using biologging tags
69 Biomedical bleeding may impact horseshoe crabs' spawning behavior and movement
70 Why climate change means a rethink of coffee and cocoa production systems
71 A study describes the reaction mechanism of DNAzymes
72 Team proposes stochastic model to explain microbiome composition
73 Russians capture hungry polar bear roaming Arctic city
74 Endangered rhinos ready to be sent from Europe to Rwanda
75 Russia to release 100 illegally captured whales
76 Research details response of sagebrush to 2017 solar eclipse
77 Landmark study signals shift in thinking about stem cell differentiation
78 Spiders risk everything for love
79 Heat kills invasive jumping worm cocoons, could help limit spread
80 Mother sperm whale and baby dead in fishing net off Italy
81 New study maps how ocean currents connect the world's fisheries
82 Animals may have more than one means of surviving hypoxia
83 Restaurants could be first to get genetically modified salmon
84 Scientists seek beaches where dead whales can rot in peace
85 Skin bacteria could save frogs from virus
86 Cities are key to saving monarch butterflies
87 Color change and behavior enable multi-colored chameleon prawns to survive
88 The key to unlock bacterial fusion
89 Six amazing facts you need to know about ants
90 Mammals and their relatives thrived, diversified during so-called 'Age of Dinosaurs'
91 Algae: Here, there, and everywhere
92 The extreme tactic of self-amputation means survival in the animal kingdom
93 Curious cases of chemical cross-kingdom communication
94 Microbial growth and carbon uptake are driven mainly by nature, not nurture
95 Bee populations in trouble following EPA pesticide decision
96 The Ruminant Genome Project reveals the secret lives of deer
97 Whales freed from Russia 'jail' head to sea in trucks
98 Dental microwear provides clues to dietary habits of lepidosauria
99 UK study shows seal singing 'Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star'
100 B chromosome first--mechanisms behind the drive of B chromosomes uncovered
101 Emaciated polar bear found in Russia taken for treatment
102 Experiments with salt-tolerant bacteria in brine have implications for life on Mars
103 Antibiotic resistance in spore-forming probiotic bacteria
104 From sheep and cattle to giraffes, genome study reveals evolution of ruminants
105 Plants may be transmitting superbugs to people
106 Ocean swimming alters skin microbiome, increasing vulnerability to infection
107 Be prepared: Prioritising invasive species for strategic prevention (Durban, South Africa)
108 Scientists hit pay dirt with new microbial research technique
109 Scientists develop climate-ready wheat that can survive drought conditions
110 Why plants don't die from cancer