File Title
1 Growing life expectancy inequality in US cannot be blamed on opioids alone
2 Q&A: How is fibromyalgia diagnosed?
3 MRI plays a role in diagnosis of cocaine-related damage to the heart
4 Scientists create 'virtual biopsy' device to detect skin tumors
5 Handgun licensing more effective at reducing gun deaths than background checks alone
6 Cardiac toxicity risk factors identified with relapsed multiple myeloma therapy
7 Common conditions keep many patients out of knee cartilage research studies
8 Breaking the code: How is a mother's immunity transferred to her baby?
9 New insight could improve maternal vaccines that also protect newborns
10 Aging delayed in older mice given blood component from young mice
11 Antibody treatment allows transplant of mismatched stem cells, tissues in mice
12 Genes for Good project harnesses Facebook to reach larger, more diverse groups of people
13 Special fibroblasts help pancreatic cancer cells evade immune detection
14 Identification of protective antibodies may be key to effective malaria vaccine
15 Spain urges youth to always carry condoms amid STI rise
16 How to get the jiggle out: 3 exercises to tone your upper arms
17 Trial reaffirms carboplatin and paclitaxel chemotherapy alone should remain standard treatment for endometrial cancer
18 Research finds pre-pregnancy weight affects infant growth response to breast milk
19 Early-season hurricanes result in greater transmission of mosquito-borne infectious disease
20 Downward head tilt can make people seem more dominant
21 Gut microbes eat our medication
22 Half of Ebola outbreaks go undetected, study finds
23 Researchers identify hidden brain signals behind working memory
24 Researchers learned how to better combat muscle loss during space flights
25 Taking the 'killer' out of natural killer cells
26 Deadly tick-borne virus cured with experimental flu drug, in mice
27 Fetal genome involved in triggering premature birth
28 Congo pastor likely sparked Ebola outbreak spread to Uganda
29 One-fifth of US surgeons still overusing riskier procedure to create kidney dialysis access
30 Study: Many choices seems promising until you actually have to choose
31 People using third-party apps to analyze personal genetic data
32 Salmonella resistant to antibiotics of last resort found in US
33 Time-honoured tactics to the fore as I. Coast confronts dengue peril
34 WHO emergency panel meets on Ebola after Uganda deaths
35 Facing measles outbreaks, New York bans religious vaccination exemptions
36 For stomach cancer, aerosol chemotherapy offers breath of hope
37 First US murder trial using DNA, family tree evidence
38 Study develops updated national birth weight reference
39 Vagus nerve stimulation study shows significant reduction in rheumatoid arthritis symptoms
40 Study reveals significant gaps in essential rheumatoid arthritis care across Europe and between European countries
41 Inflammatory bowel disease and type i diabetes increase chances of developing rheumatoid arthritis
42 Tildrakizumab shows promising efficacy and safety in psoriatic arthritis
43 Suicidal thoughts related to pain in 1 in 10 patients with rheumatic or musculoskeletal disease
44 Patient organization challenges government to bring vital support to people with rheumatic diseases in Cyprus
45 Virtual, face-to-face exercise coaching motivates employees who are at high risk of heart disease, diabetes to exercise
46 Excess weight and body fat cause cardiovascular disease
47 Discovery of new genetic causes of male infertility
48 Higher coronary artery calcium levels in middle-age may indicate higher risk for future heart problems
49 Never say 'die': Why so many doctors won't break bad news
50 Exercise may have different effects in the morning and evening
51 Polycomb protein EED plays a starring role in hippocampal development
52 Examining how people's emotions are influenced by others
53 Two genes implicated in development of prostate enlargement
54 People with mobility issues set to benefit from wearable devices
55 Researchers discover mechanism by which cells communicate in inflammatory processes
56 Researchers gauge public opinion on tobacco product waste
57 Researchers discover new drug target for liver disease treatment
58 Modified protein can prevent Alzheimer's disease in mice
59 Irritable bowel syndrome may be underdiagnosed in athletes
60 Youth drug use trends will compel primary care physicians to keep up
61 Low THC levels not linked to increased risk of car crashes: study
62 Cell-cell signals in developing heart
63 Vitamin D metabolite helps stop drug-resistant cancer
64 Food as medicine? Scientists are getting closer through nutrigenomics
65 The future of meat is shifting to plant-based products
66 Researchers identify genes that are key to keeping blood vessels healthy
67 Record month for dementia diagnosis shows need for better tools, treatments
68 Natural lipids in buttermilk could contribute to reducing cardiovascular risk in vulnerable populations
69 Who's your daddy? Don't ask a DNA test
70 Rheumatoid arthritic pain could be caused by antibodies
71 Many young adults value sustainably produced foods, leading to healthier food choices
72 Research aims to prevent resistance to staph infection treatment
73 Children with autism may use memory differently. Understanding this could improve education
74 Consumer genetic testing customers stretch their DNA data further with third-party interpretation websites
75 Surgical Skype
76 Clinical trials and research priorities in dialysis patients: Time for a new approach?
77 For some, self-tracking means more than self-help
78 FIGO 2018 staging ups discrimination of stage 1B cervical cancer
79 A simple way to help prevent child obesity
80 Moving more and sitting less is good for the mind as well as the body
81 Why too many fearless people on a team make collaboration less likely
82 5 easy ways to cut back your salt intake
83 Online shopping interventions may help customers buy healthier foods
84 Scientists develop 'mini-brain' model of human prion disease
85 Entertainment sector workers' addictive substance intake increases, study says
86 When healthy eating turns into a dangerous obsession
87 Lowering cholesterol is not enough to reduce hyperactivity of the immune system
88 Study shows that strength and weight training can control diabetes in obese individuals
89 New measure shows antibiotics prescribed for children in hospitals around the world
90 Sick with the flu? Here's why you feel so bad
91 Still an unmet need: New therapeutic targets in Alport syndrome
92 How to handle the emotional roller-coaster at family gatherings
93 Research explores the impact of masculine expectations on new fathers' mental health
94 Elder abuse increasing, without increased awareness
95 Phantom sensations: when the sense of touch deceives
96 PCSK9 inhibitors: Studies needed to prove efficacy and safety in chronic kidney disease
97 Vitamin D, estradiol deficiency have synergistic effect on MetS
98 Linagliptin improved albuminuria but effect on eGFR and CV risk in patients with diabetes
99 Dickkopf-related protein 3 (DKK3) predicts AKI
100 International experts call for action for world's 450 million scabies sufferers
101 Indigestion remedy slows kidney function decline and improves survival in late-stage CKD
102 Nine out of ten pairs of baby socks on the market contain traces of bisphenol A and parabens, study finds
103 Depression symptoms greater in mothers with prior eating disorders
104 CDC: prevalence of meeting exercise guidelines recently increased
105 Drug, alcohol, and suicide deaths up among millennials
106 CDC opens emergency operations center for Congo Ebola outbreak
107 Moral emotions, a diagnotic tool for frontotemporal dementia?
108 Working in the last 6 months before haemodialysis is associated with a better survival
109 Researchers' discovery could lead to improved therapies for duchenne muscular dystrophy
110 Language-savvy parents improve their children's reading development, study shows