File Title
1 Positive aspects of masculinity helps improve boys' attitudes toward relationship violence
2 Space travel and your joints
3 Early life exposure to nicotine alters neurons, predisposes brain to addiction later
4 Study explains why some parasitic worms persist in people
5 Strain enables new applications of 2D materials
6 Flamingoes, elephants and sharks: How do blind adults learn about animal appearance?
7 Ammonium fertilized early life on earth
8 Scientists discover potential breakthrough in the understanding of tumor dormancy
9 What makes a place a home?
10 Summit charts a course to uncover the origins of genetic diseases
11 With a hop, a skip and a jump, high-flying robot leaps through obstacles with ease
12 Mathematicians revive abandoned approach to Riemann Hypothesis
13 Multiple brain regions moderate and link depressive mood and pain
14 UC studies links between air pollution and childhood anxiety
15 Eastern forests shaped more by Native Americans' burning than climate change
16 Experts urge stronger emphasis on cancer prevention in older population
17 Developing biosecurity tool to detect genetically engineered organisms in the wild
18 Children with cancer wait an average of 6.5 years longer than adults to access new drugs
19 Female firefighters more likely to suffer PTSD, contemplate suicide
20 Extreme draining of reservoir aids young salmon and eliminates invasive fish
21 Doctors can estimate patient adherence by simply asking about medication routine
22 Widespread testing, treatment of Hepatitis C in US prisons improves outcomes
23 Want to eliminate workplace bias? Watch your rating system, study says
24 Statistical model could predict future disease outbreaks
25 Testifying while black: A linguistic analysis of disparities in court transcription
26 After GWAS studies, how to narrow the search for genes?
27 Young athletes who require ACL reconstruction may benefit from additional procedure
28 New opioid speeds up recovery without increasing pain sensitivity or risk of chronic pain
29 Nerve fibers in skin involved in initiating neurofibromas in patients with disfiguring NF1
30 Solving a scientific mystery and finding a solution for industry
31 First report of powdery mildew on phasey bean in Florida could spell trouble for papaya
32 Fish fences across the tropical seas having large-scale devastating effects
33 Providing state-of-the-art guidance and clarification concerning IC imaging
34 Blood proteins help predict risk of developing heart failure
35 Studies find no yield benefit to higher plant populations
36 Expert consensus published on use of imaging to guide heart attack treatment
37 How molecular escorts help prevent cancer
38 New study finds distinct microbes living next to corals
39 Discrimination against older people needs attention, study says
40 Successful HIV effort prompts call for clinics to expand mental health services on site
41 New lidar instruments peer skyward for clues on weather and climate
42 New framework improves performance of deep neural networks
43 Stellar waltz with dramatic ending
44 Rare pulmonary side effects of brigatinib often resolve without treatment discontinuation
45 BU researchers discover a new beneficial function of an ancient protein
46 How usable is virtual reality?
47 Children of both young and old parents share risk for certain neurodevelopment disorders
48 What happens to young adults after a first heart attack?
49 Scientists discovered an entirely new reason for methane venting from the Arctic Shelf
50 How to program materials
51 The cultural significance of carbon-storing peatlands to rural communities
52 Tropical Pacific variability key for successful climate forecasts
53 Original kilogram replaced--new International System of Units (SI) entered into force
54 Predictors of refugee adjustment: The importance of cognitive skills and personality
55 Difficulties with reading and narration in children with autism
56 Interventions with paclitaxel drug-coated balloons
57 Inhibition of protein phosphorylation promotes optic nerve regeneration after injury
58 Re-designing hydrogenases
59 Lake sediment records reveal recent floods in NW England (UK) unprecedented
60 Stem cell differences could explain why women are more likely to develop adrenal cancer
61 Using 3D to test personalized treatments in five days
62 A considerable percentage of deaths in HIV patients are due to cryptococcal infections
63 New ultra-fast imaging technology with high frame rate and frame number
64 Formation of the moon brought water to Earth
65 Johns Hopkins researchers publish digital health roadmap
66 Bring on faster internet: Device packs more into optical fiber
67 Optical illusions reveal regular waves of brain activity enable visual feature integration
68 Water formation on the moon demonstrated by UH Manoa scientists
69 Global AFIB patient registry shows new tools needed to assess patient risk
70 Why lack of sleep is bad for your heart
71 CBD clinical trial results on seizure frequency in dogs 'encouraging'
72 Scientists use molecular tethers, chemical 'light sabers' for tissue engineering
73 Algorithm steers catheters to the right spot to treat atrial fibrillation
74 Toward zero hunger: More food or a smarter food system?
75 River valleys helped shape current genetic landscape of Han Chinese
76 The Lancet Public Health: Firearm mortality highest in young men, and is associated with race and education
77 3-million-year-old fossilized mouse reveals evolutionary secrets of color
78 Soy foods linked to fewer fractures in younger breast cancer survivors
79 Bad marketing encourages consumers to opt for lower quality products
80 Dead cells disrupt how immune cells respond to wounds and patrol for infection
81 Head injury effects halted by xenon gas, finds first ever life-long study in mice
82 Study identifies our 'inner pickpocket'
83 Women are less likely to be resuscitated and survive a cardiac arrest than men
84 Contact with nature during childhood could lead to better mental health in adulthood
85 Study supports effectiveness of new fast-acting antidepressant, esketamine nasal spray
86 Road to cell death mapped in the Alzheimer's brain
87 In a first, researchers identify reddish coloring in an ancient fossil
88 McMaster researchers create a better way to transport life-saving vaccines
89 Penguins and their chicks' responses to local fish numbers informs marine conservation
90 Study reveals breakthrough in understanding long-term memory retrieval
91 New method could shed light on workers' historical radiation exposure
92 Exercise: Psych patients' new natural prescription
93 Patients who lose significant weight before a transplant are at higher risk of dying
94 The insulin under the influence of light
95 First-of-its-kind study finds positive outcomes for chronic kidney disease patients
96 Novel therapeutic approach effective at reducing pressure for heart failure patients
97 First-of-its-kind clinical trial shows improvement of outcomes in cardiogenic shock patients
98 Bravo-3 clinical trial shows strong safety profile for Proglide suture device
99 Innovative treatment option rapidly reduces harmful cholesterol levels after heart attack
100 Novel index accurately predicts PCI success post procedure compared to standard measurement metrics
101 First prospective registry confirms FFR impact treatment plans for patients with CAD
102 Improved air quality in Los Angeles region leads to fewer new asthma cases in kids
103 First in human results show early bird device effective in early detection of internal bleeding
104 Most e-cigarette users want to quit, Rutgers study finds
105 Only half of US kids and teens have ideal cholesterol levels
106 Women and older people are most likely to be exposed to shortcomings in heart failure care
107 New technique promises improved metastatic prostate cancer detection
108 What's the right amount of 'zapping' in epilepsy laser surgery?
109 Dawn-to-sunset fasting suggests potential new treatment for obesity-related conditions
110 CBD reduces craving and anxiety in people with heroin use disorder
111 Global agreement reached on standards for clinical trials in children with MS
112 New podcast explores why 'statistically significant' is so misunderstood
113 Food insecurity in Nunavut increased after Nutrition North Canada introduced
114 Heart failure patients in UK do not receive the long-term care they need
115 Where best to provide patient-centered HIV care: In the community or the clinic?
116 Baby tiger sharks eat songbirds
117 Life in evolution's fast lane