File Title
1 Improving carbon-capturing with metal-organic frameworks
2 Evolution in the gut
3 Patients with both schizophrenia and epilepsy die alarmingly early
4 Mapping global impervious surface area and green space within urban environments
5 A new iron-based superconductor stabilized by inter-block charger transfer
6 Surprising research result: All immature cells can develop into stem cells
7 Organic animal farms benefit birds nesting in agricultural environments
8 Brain activity of Spanish Popular Party voters triggered by rivals
9 Miro2 is a Parkin receptor for selective removal of damaged mitochondria
10 Discovering unusual structures from exception using big data and machine learning techniques
11 Early contact with physiotherapist at primary health care centers beneficial
12 ALMA discovers aluminum around young star
13 DGIST agreed on Energy Research Cooperation with CNR-ITAE in Italy
14 Automatic neurological disease diagnosis using deep learning
15 People recycle more when they know what recyclable waste becomes
16 Breakthrough technique for studying gene expression takes root in plants
17 Research suggests revision to common view on how retinal cells in mammals process light
18 A work patch for better nursing home care
19 How our current thinking can sway our memories of love
20 When science and politics collide: Support for enhancing FDA independence
21 How we make complex decisions
22 Study uncovers key step in cell protein production
23 Human antibody reveals hidden vulnerability in influenza virus
24 Study examines consequences of workplace bullying
25 The Lancet Gastroenterology & Hepatology: Colorectal cancer incidence on the rise among young adults in several high-income countries
26 The insular cortex processes pain and drives learning from pain
27 CRISPR catches out critical cancer changes
28 Cancer drugs promote stem cell properties of colorectal cancer
29 A substantial benefit from replacing steak with fish
30 Bowel cancer rising among young adults in Europe
31 Stigma deterring elite athletes with mental health issues from seeking help
32 Policy makers must attend to menstrual stigma to improve wellbeing, study finds
33 NIH study finds heavily processed foods cause overeating and weight gain
34 Early weight-loss surgery may improve type 2 diabetes, blood pressure outcomes
35 Brain network activity can improve in epilepsy patients after surgery
36 Brain changes in autism traced to specific cell types
37 Regular crosswords and number puzzles linked to sharper brain in later life
38 Current vaccination policies may not be enough to prevent measles resurgence
39 Self-repairing batteries
40 Antibody responses vs. Ebola keep evolving in survivors, months after recovery
41 Novel tool used to mine clinical data and identify causative gene in childhood epilepsy
42 Passion trumps love for sex in relationships
43 Australian islands home to 414 million pieces of plastic pollution
44 Hopkins-led team finds biomarkers to diagnose serious kidney allergic reaction
45 Teen pregnancy still a major challenge in India, strongly linked to child stunting
46 Ultrasound used to trigger insulin release in mice shows promise for diabetes therapy
47 Dog DNA find could aid quest to help breeds breathe more easily
48 Scientists find new type of cell that helps tadpoles' tails regenerate
49 Natural compound found in broccoli reawakens the function of potent tumor suppressor
50 How host-cell enzymes combat the coronavirus
51 Preventive measures can reduce foot parasite in children, study says
52 Designing biological movement on the nanometer scale
53 Foreign aid for public health bolsters America's 'soft power,' Stanford researchers find
54 Controlled study links processed food to increased calorie consumption
55 Could better tests help reverse the rise of drug-resistant infections?
56 Antibiotic treatment alleviates Alzheimer's disease symptoms in male mice, study reveals
57 Bedbugs evolved more than 100 million years ago--and walked the earth with T. rex
58 How plants are working hard for the planet
59 Mutation makes bulldogs and Norwich terriers more susceptible to breathing problems
60 Clinical trial at IU School of Medicine improves treatment of genetic rickets
61 IU researchers develop electric field-based dressing to help heal wound infections
62 Enzyme may indicate predisposition to cardiovascular disease
63 Nanoscale sculpturing leads to unusual packing of nanocubes
64 Finding the 'Goldilocks' level of enthusiasm for business pitches
65 Machine learning speeds modeling of experiments aimed at capturing fusion energy on Earth
66 USC researchers imagine a cheaper, fairer marketplace for digital goods
67 Dangerous pathogens use this sophisticated machinery to infect hosts
68 Polymers jump through hoops on pathway to sustainable materials
69 A new approach to targeting cancer cells
70 Percutaneous edge-to-edge repair in patients with heart failure and secondary mitral regurgitation
71 PCR statement on evolving indications for transcatheter aortic valve implantation
72 Metals influence C-peptide hormone related to insulin
73 Intensive silviculture accelerates Atlantic rainforest biodiversity regeneration
74 Scientists capture first-ever video of body's safety test for T cells
75 Opposite pathways in forest recovery
76 Changes in subsistence hunting threaten local food security
77 NIST team demonstrates heart of next-generation chip-scale atomic clock
78 Blister packaging for drugs in nursing homes: Much discussed, but hardly investigated
79 Nivolumab with ipilimumab: Combination has added benefit in advanced renal cell carcinoma
80 Human capital benefits of military boost economy by billions
81 'Brand Me' presentations increase students' confidence and enhance their employability
82 Sedimentary, dear Johnson: Is NASA looking at the wrong rocks for clues to Martian life?
83 Ernst Haeckel: Pioneer of modern science
84 Cancer drug could be repurposed to provide treatment for brain aneurysms
85 Early dengue virus infection could 'defuse' Zika virus
86 Earliest evidence of the cooking and eating of starch
87 'Imagine...'--our attitudes can change solely by the power of imagination
88 The science and technology of FAST
89 Development of a displacement sensor to measure gravity of smallest source mass ever
90 Cell polarity--an aurora over the pole
91 Integrated stepped alcohol treatment for people in HIV care improves both HIV & alcohol outcomes
92 'Stepped' treatment reduces drinking in patients with HIV
93 Owning a dog is influenced by our genetic make-up
94 Scientists propose rethinking 'endangered species' definition to save slow-breeding giants
95 Manipulating atoms one at a time with an electron beam
96 Research reveals insulin-producing beta cells may change function in diabetes
97 New findings could lead to improved vaccinations against sexually transmitted infections
98 Study finds narrowing gender gap in youth suicides
99 Tobacco and e-cig promotions spark teens' use of nicotine products, Stanford study finds
100 Ultra-clean fabrication platform produces nearly ideal 2D transistors
101 For many HIV+ women, daily survival takes precedence over viral suppression
102 Restaurant acoustics that schmeckt
103 Being sick in the morning can be different from being sick at night
104 Wearable cooling and heating patch could serve as personal thermostat and save energy
105 Button batteries can rapidly damage stomach lining before symptoms appear
106 Men ignore serious health risks of steroid abuse in pursuit of the body beautiful
107 Breastfeeding reduces long-term risk of heart disease in mothers
108 Structural and functional mechanisms of a new class of bacterial sigma/anti-sigma factors revealed
109 Hard carbon nanofiber aerogel becomes superelastic
110 Scientists at DGIST develop polariton nano-laser operating at room temperature
111 SCAI and ACVP release consensus statement on cardiovascular catheterization laboratory economics
112 Researchers document impact of coffee on bowels
113 Walking and strength training may decrease the risk of dying from liver disease
114 Many with mild asthma, low sputum eosinophils respond equally well to steroids as placebo
115 Driverless cars working together can speed up traffic by 35%
116 Children who walk to school less likely to be overweight or obese, study suggests
117 Diabetes patients at higher risk of deadly liver disease, finds study of 18 million people
118 Big data reveals hidden subtypes of sepsis
119 Sedation and controlled paralysis do not improve survival of ICU patients with ARDS
120 Growth in life expectancy in Australia slows, research finds
121 Environmental toxins can impair sexual development and fertility of future generations
122 Sleep problems in teenagers reversed in just one week by limiting screen use
123 Can a hands-on model help forest stakeholders fight tree disease?
124 New risk scores help physicians provide better care for high-risk pulmonary patients, study finds