File Title
1 Wild pigs invade Canadian provinces
2 Study sheds new light on urinary tract infections in postmenopausal women
3 Good sleep quality and good mood lead to good working memory with age
4 Trial remedies racial disparities in treatment for early-stage lung and breast cancer
5 Research on repetitive worm behavior may have implications for understanding human disease
6 New UM study highlights fundamental challenges of living with wildfire
7 Receiving weekend food improves school attendance among children living with hunger
8 A case of the chimp sniffles or major outbreak? Syndromic surveillance may hold the key
9 Nanotubes enable travel of Huntington's protein
10 Can recreational sports really make you a better student?
11 Following DASH diet can reduce heart failure risk in people under 75
12 Better microring sensors for optical applications
13 E-cigarette use by young adults linked to childhood maltreatment
14 2D insulators with ferromagnetism are rare; researchers just identified a new one
15 Measuring quality of life after pediatric kidney transplant
16 People more likely to trust machines than humans with their private information
17 Believing machines can out-do people may fuel acceptance of self-driving cars
18 Tech-savvy people more likely to trust digital doctors
19 Discovery may lead to new materials for next-generation data storage
20 Location and brand affect people's trust in cloud services
21 Study finds Wi-Fi location affects online privacy behavior
22 HIV prevention drug can curb the epidemic for high-risk groups in India
23 Research spotlights the role of cover crops in slowing herbicide resistance
24 Army discovery opens path to safer batteries
25 A dance of two: Tailoring interactions between remote fluids of excitons
26 Making a meal of it: Mosquito spit protein controls blood feeding
27 A metal sheet stamping simulation promises improved car part production
28 Eat or be eaten: Street food vendors resist and adapt to changing society
29 New progress in developing an animal model of hepatitis C
30 Post-bypass survival linked to civil status and class
31 Study shows native plants regenerate on their own after invasive shrubs are removed
32 New efficient way to engineer nanostructures mimicking natural immune response complexes
33 Uncovering a 5000-year-old family tragedy
34 Multiple sclerosis: Discovery of a mechanism responsible for chronic inflammation
35 999 trial shows value of live video streaming
36 Statins' potential to treat MS unrelated to lowering cholesterol
37 Researchers discover the Achilles' heel of an aggressive brain cancer
38 Inspired by a soft body of a leech--a wall-climbing robot
39 Comparison of global climatologies confirms warming of the global ocean
40 Two types of mid-latitude wave trains lead to extreme heat in South Korea and southern-central Japan
41 A new system for treating type 1 diabetes mellitus
42 Computing faster with quasi-particles
43 Our history in the stars
44 Expert panel calls for increased transparency so consumers can identify quality probiotics
45 A cup of joe and you're good to go!
46 Prince Charming's kiss unlocking brain's regenerative potential?
47 Treatment to restore natural heartbeat could be on the horizon for heart failure
48 Cognitive enhancers to boost abilities at work considered acceptable by the public
49 Study explores the use of robots and artificial intelligence to understand the deep-sea
50 Smallest pixels ever created could light up color-changing buildings
51 Manipulating superconductivity using a 'mechanic' and an 'electrician'
52 Unpacking the links: Chronic stress, fertility and the 'hunger hormone'
53 Study: Some biologic treatments for psoriasis may be safer for patients
54 Climate change responsible for severe infectious disease in UK frogs
55 New study shows scientists who selfie garner more public trust
56 Opioid doctor and pharmacy 'shoppers' may also shop at home, study finds
57 Cancer screening rates decline when patients see doctors later in day
58 Storm water banking could help Texas manage floods and droughts
59 A surprising experiment opens the path to new particle manipulation methods
60 Optical security: Tunable-resonator upconverted emission color printing
61 Autophagy in dendritic cells helps anticancer activity
62 Older fathers put health of partners, unborn children at risk, Rutgers study finds
63 Teachers predict pupil success just as well as exam scores
64 Maternal microbes mediate diet-derived damage
65 GPs need training to tackle chronic opioid use
66 Artificial intelligence could prevent unneeded tests in patients with stable chest pain
67 Machine learning overtakes humans in predicting death or heart attack
68 Keeping things in proportion: Lem2 necessary for nuclear scaling
69 Humanwide program uses data-driven, integrated team approach to predict, prevent disease
70 New study finds people are using Twitter to bridge political divides
71 Workplace interventions may improve sleep habits and duration for employees
72 Parents unknown
73 Detecting dementia's damaging effects before it's too late
74 A step for a promising new battery to store clean energy
75 Brain researchers seek 'fingerprints' of severe mental diseases
76 Biochemical compound responsible for blood pressure drop in sepsis is discovered
77 25 US counties identified as most at risk for measles outbreaks
78 Skoltech researchers developed new perovskite-inspired semiconductors for electronic devices
79 New recommendations for a thyroid and cardiovascular disease research agenda
80 New insights into treatment targets for men with advanced prostate cancers
81 CDC concurs with panel led by Regenstrief scientist on misapplication of opioid guidelines
82 OU study expands understanding of bacterial communities for wastewater treatment system
83 Being bullied as a teen is associated with growing up in areas of income inequality
84 Collagen fibres grow like a sunflower
85 BU finds screenings for social determinants of health need to be tailored to clinics
86 BU finds rare gene mutations may prevent heart disease
87 Underwater power generation
88 Half of all patients with syncope have CT head performed with a yield of 1.2% to 3.8%
89 Study details bacteria's role in recurrent urinary tract infections
90 Researchers find evolutionary backing in analysis of mammalian vertebrae
91 One in 5 civil monetary penalties due to EMTALA violations involved psychiatric emergencies
92 Political controversies about marginalized groups increase bullying in youths
93 Study explores privatization of public systems of justice
94 Catch a virus by its tail
95 Reviews highlight new advances in our understanding of focal and sclerotic bone diseases
96 Perceived union support buoys 'meaningfulness of work' measures
97 New data platform illuminates history of humans' environmental impact
98 New research accurately predicts Australian wheat yield months before harvest
99 How to starve triple negative breast cancer
100 When possible, upper and lower GI endoscopies should be done on same day
101 Research sheds light on UK's new unsustainable viewing habits
102 Domestic policy driven by intergovernmental bodies not citizens, research finds
103 The rich are outliving the poor in both Norway and USA
104 Why Hodgkin's lymphoma cells grow uncontrollably
105 New Ohio University study profiles the changing face of suicide within the state
106 Flu virus' best friend: Low humidity
107 Bone cells suppress cancer metastases
108 Study shows people fail to recognise male postnatal depression
109 Bladder drug linked to atherosclerosis in mice
110 Prior eating disorders linked to long-term depression risk for mothers