File Title
1 Trade could be key to balancing conservation of freshwater sources and food security
2 Software library to serve for faster chemical reaction processing
3 Just like toothpaste: Fluoride radically improves the stability of perovskite solar cells
4 A late-night disco in the forest reveals tree performance
5 'Doing science,' rather than 'being scientists,' more encouraging to those underrepresented in the field
6 Radioisotope couple for tumor diagnosis and therapy
7 Turning off growth to make flowers grow
8 Families with a higher socioeconomic position have a greater risk of exposure to chemicals
9 Physicists discover new type of spin waves
10 Preventing cell death as novel therapeutic strategy for rheumatoid arthritis
11 Alzheimer's therapy from Julich passes another important test
12 How mutations lead to neurodegenerative disease
13 How viable is your liver after you die?
14 Understanding relationship break-ups to protect the reef
15 Common food additive found to affect gut microbiota
16 Whole grain can contribute to health by changing intestinal serotonin production
17 Family dynamics: Molecules from the same family have different effects in cancer prognosis
18 We are more envious of things that haven't happened yet
19 Study: Glassy menagerie of particles in beach sands near Hiroshima is fallout debris
20 Obesity: The key role of a brain protein revealed
21 Green energy nudges come with a hidden cost
22 Want to expand your toddler's vocabulary? Find another child
23 The moon is quaking as it shrinks
24 Quieter intensive care units may translate to better outcomes for infants in new study
25 WVU researcher studies incurable blood disease usually diagnosed in children
26 The Lancet: Preventative antibiotics after assisted childbirth almost halve maternal infection rate and reduce overall antibiotic use
27 Distracted driving more frequent among millennial than older parents
28 The death of a close friend hits harder than we think
29 A new treatment for stroke in mice reduces brain damage and promotes motor recovery
30 Quantum world-first: researchers reveal accuracy of two-qubit calculations in silicon
31 Human gut microbiome physiology can now be studied in vitro using Organ Chip technology
32 Princeton scientists bioengineer a cellular speedometer
33 Measuring chromosome imbalance could clarify cancer prognosis
34 Signals to noise in acoustic vehicles alerting systems
35 Locating a shooter from the first shot via cellphone
36 How acoustics detected artillery in WWI
37 Weighing up trade-offs between food security and climate mitigation
38 Coastal organisms trapped in 99-million-year-old amber
39 Stopping inflammation in its tracks: A leap forward for new anti-inflammatory drugs
40 Echo chambers may not be as dangerous as you think, new study finds
41 New Mexico cancer patients have lower survival rate, study finds
42 BTI scientists create new genomic resource for improving tomatoes
43 Home-based cardiac rehabilitation is an option to overcome barriers of traditional cardiac rehabilitation
44 New approach uses magnetic beads to treat preeclampsia
45 Room for thought: Brain region that watches for walls identified
46 T2Bacteria panel rapidly and accurately diagnoses common bloodstream infections [plus another topic]
47 Political controversies about marginalized groups increase bullying in youths
48 Long-term consequences of Zika virus infection
49 Tomato pan-genome makes bringing flavor back easier
50 Physician procedure volume linked to outcomes after surgical abortion
51 Artificial intelligence could select heart failure patients for expensive treatment
52 Speech recognition technology is not a solution for poor readers
53 Scientists develop ultrasensitive organic phototransistors based on novel hybrid-layered architecture
54 Researchers identify faster, more effective drug combinations to treat tuberculosis
55 Pelvic exercises may beat bedroom blues
56 For-profit dialysis provider charges private insurers 4 times more than government payers
57 Like a lot of things, women's gut microbiomes appear to mature earlier than men's
58 A new way to wind the development clock of cardiac muscle cells
59 Novel scale correlates children's snacking behaviors with external food cues
60 Generating high-quality single photons for quantum computing
61 Native forest plants rebound when invasive shrubs are removed
62 Tooth fossils fill 6-million-year-old gap in primate evolution
63 Postpartum depression: For impoverished mothers of color, it takes a community
64 New research identifies patterns of tree distribution in African savannas
65 Being wise is good for your health--review looks at emerging science of wisdom
66 Healthy habits could avoid 27% of cancer cases in Brazil
67 Escaped pet parrots are now naturalized in 23 US states, study finds
68 Rice blast fungus study sheds new light on virulence mechanisms of plant pathogenic fungi
69 Newly identified bacteria-killing protein needs vitamin A to work
70 Is piracy helping or hurting online word of mouth buzz around motion picture releases?
71 Novel study discovers 'metabolic fingerprint' to help treat, diagnose and prevent cervical cancer
72 Complete removal of tumor reduces risk of recurrence of cancer in dogs
73 Implementing a care pathway for spatial neglect to improve stroke outcomes
74 Children in Quebec are not diagnosed early enough with type 1 diabetes
75 From counseling to the commissary, how the private sector shapes 'offender-funded justice'
76 New Argonne coating could have big implications for lithium batteries
77 Dolphin ancestor's hearing was more like hoofed mammals than today's sea creatures
78 Transplanted cells reveal early signs of type 1 diabetes
79 Electrode's 'hot edges' convert CO2 gas into fuels and chemicals
80 It's in the weeds: Herbicide linked to human liver disease
81 Following on from Meltdown and Spectre: Austrian researchers discover new security flaws
82 Immune system discovery could aid quest for stem cell therapies
83 For people with strong life purpose, making healthier choices may take less effort
84 Rates of long-term opiate use rises in Medicare cancer survivors each year after diagnosis
85 Digital quantum simulators can be astonishingly robust
86 When does clean eating become an unhealthy obsession? New findings on who is at risk
87 Illinois research team introduces wearable audio dataset
88 Relay station in the brain controls our movements
89 How potatoes could become sun worshippers
90 In guppy courtship, the unusual male wins
91 A step towards probabilistic computing
92 Progress against child mortality lags in many Indian states
93 Women's leadership potential for top jobs overlooked in favor of men
94 How proteins help influenza A bind and slice its way to cells
95 Preschoolers who watch TV sleep less
96 Impact of CO2 leakage through North Sea wells
97 New doctors' DNA ages six times faster than normal in first year
98 A nerve cell serves as a 'single' for studies
99 You are what you eat: How the pursuit of carbs changed mammals' genes and saliva
100 First birds: Archaeopteryx gets company
101 IL-1 inhibitors may reduce radiation-induced vascular damage
102 Brain changes linked with Alzheimer's years before symptoms appear
103 Producing food whilst preserving biodiversity
104 Taming defective porous materials for robust and selective heterogeneous catalysis
105 Symbionts as lifesavers
106 A combination of two bacteria genera improves plants' health
107 Small, hardy planets most likely to survive death of their stars
108 SUTD researchers demystify centralization in cryptocurrency mining
109 How the sun pumps out water from Mars into space
110 Compositional design of multi-component alloys by high-throughput screening