File Title
1 As more veterans die of opioid overdoses, study shows need to focus beyond prescriptions
2 Surgery patients are getting older every year
3 Scientists discover novel genes responsible for regulating muscle cells
4 Bipolar disorder may be linked to Parkinson's disease
5 Black men less likely than nonblack men to adopt active surveillance
6 Leaving school earlier could increase the risk of heart disease
7 Global burden of serious health-related suffering due to almost double by 2060
8 Analysis reveals extent of drug industry funding of UK patient organizations
9 Stroke deaths in England halved in the first decade of the 21st century
10 In the land of stout and spirits, Ireland's first 'dry pub'
11 Potential solutions for limiting exposure to Candida auris in healthcare facilities
12 Skin patch shows promise for children with milk-induced eosinophilic esophagitis
13 Hypertension found in children exposed to flower pesticides
14 Study shows incidence rates of aggressive subtypes of uterine cancer rising
15 Variation of FTO gene linked to weight gain and obesity in children
16 Researchers reveal new strategy for preventing holiday weight gain
17 CDC: cancer death rates decreased, heart disease deaths rose
18 Aggressive approach to pancreatic cysts may prevent dreaded cancer
19 Unfiltered cigarettes are most deadly
20 Incidence of Parkinson disease increased in bipolar disorder
21 Closed ICU model may reduce hospital-acquired infections
22 Need a break? A vacation really can be good for you--if it's done right
23 Growing cardiovascular genetics field calls for special multidisciplinary clinical programs
24 Fewer deaths tied to dirty air, but threats persist: report
25 Researchers identify genetic switch that controls conversion of bad to good fat
26 Startup to commercialize blood test for most major cancers
27 Research reveals possible strategy for blocking the spread of pneumococcal disease
28 Researchers find adding a protein to lentiviral vectors protects them from immune system
29 Study shows adults with disabilities have challenges with insurance, despite improvements to ACA
30 A new pathway for an anti-aging drug
31 Using genetically modified fruit flies to find the best cancer therapies
32 Women are less likely than men to be diagnosed with minor stroke
33 Thoughts on body image in pregnancy important indicator of emotional wellbeing
34 Do physicians properly advise women with dense breasts on cancer risk?
35 Trace metal exposure among pregnant women living near fracking wells in Canada
36 Holidays disrupt drug routines of children with diabetes
37 High-intensity exercise may restore heart function in people with type 2 diabetes
38 Mitral regurgitation: more precise classification of severity now possible
39 Possible link between infant gut microbiome and development of allergies
40 The key to avoiding measles: knowing your vaccination history
41 The latest culprit of poor health and early death? Low socioeconomic status
42 Without safe injection sites, more opioid users will die
43 Only 21% of women who use their frozen eggs become mothers
44 Translational research uncovers new treatment for fatty liver disease
45 Camel milk reduces cell inflammation associated with type 2 diabetes
46 The reality of caring for someone with dementia--stressful but rewarding, too
47 Why a patient may need a companion to speak for them--and the difficult choices they face
48 Young athletes may need one-year break after knee surgery
49 New exercise guidelines for people with cancer
50 Scientists engineer vascularized kidney tissue
51 Studying the function of liver cancer genes in mini-organs
52 Targeting key gene could help lead to Down syndrome treatment
53 Proof it's possible to enhance or suppress memories
54 Heart failure, stroke greater among occupants in motor vehicle accidents
55 For civilians, finding a therapist skilled in PTSD treatments is a tough task
56 Prevent illness by preventing tick bites
57 How a zebrafish could help solve the mysteries of genetic brain disease
58 Obsessive-compulsive disorder research needs more focus on patients, new study asserts
59 Research reveals how personality affects susceptibility to persuasion
60 Many 'dehumanize' people with obesity
61 Reading with toddlers reduces harsh parenting, enhances child behavior
62 A Finnish study proves the presence of oral bacteria in cerebral emboli
63 Embedded psychiatrist in pediatric clinic improves evaluation access, short-term treatment
64 Try this whole-grain lemony quick bread
65 Eating to reach health goals
66 Allogeneic stem cell transplantation in non-Hodgkin lymphoma: Benefit remains unclear
67 High-deductible health plans may be harmful for patients with COPD
68 Brazil sues tobacco companies to recover public health costs
69 Medication nonadherence common in patients with T2DM
70 Severe maternal complication risk four times higher with twins
71 Exposure to air pollution before and after birth may affect fundamental cognitive abilities
72 Menopausal changes to female heart happen earlier than thought
73 Pediatricians should encourage fish consumption for children
74 The effect of sleep quality on peptic-ulcer relapse in older adults
75 Scientists solve a century-old mystery to treat asthma and airway inflammation
76 Bacteria in fermented food signal the human immune system, explaining health benefits
77 New Jersey beach smoking ban in place for start of summer
78 Home-schoolers see no added health risks over time
79 California above national average for sexual harassment rates: report
80 What we think we know--but might not--pushes us to learn more
81 Did Leonardo da Vinci have ADHD?
82 Virtual reality can spot navigation problems in early Alzheimer's disease
83 Experimental fertility preservation provides hope for young men
84 A step closer to identifying cause of a blinding disease
85 Researchers investigate hormonal links between diet and obesity
86 Spanish flu may have lingered two years before 1918 outbreak and vaccine could have treated it
87 CBT could benefit mental health of children with long-term conditions
88 Nerve stimulation could provide new treatment option for most common type of stroke
89 Researchers spot tell-tale signs of potentially fatal cardiac arrest
90 Open communication helps teens manage type 1 diabetes
91 Most patients at high risk of opiate overdose do not receive naloxone Rx
92 California bill to tighten vaccine exemptions moves forward
93 U.S. lawmakers say WHO opioid guidelines too lax
94 New study reveals gut segments organized by function
95 How pathogens are controlled when tissue is deprived of adequate oxygen supply
96 Volume overload present in patients on peritoneal dialysis
97 High sugar levels during pregnancy could lead to childhood obesity
98 Biotech startup uses nanoparticles to induce immune tolerance
99 Prostate cancer marker activates vascular and lymphangiogenic growth factors, contributors to the spread of cancer
100 The clinical utility of network analysis is still uncertain
101 Silent heart attack may increase stroke risk
102 Low-carb breakfasts reduce sugar spikes in those with Type 2 diabetes
103 Scientists spy on superbugs to see how they outsmart our antibiotics
104 Population DNA testing for disease risk is coming. Here are five things to know
105 Measles vaccination: 'All for one and one for all'
106 Engineering B cells to express pathogen-specific antibodies to protect against infection
107 Black lung disease continues to surge in Appalachia; new research suggests why
108 How single neurons and brain networks support spatial navigation
109 Worry less for better health
110 ALS research reveals new treatment approach
111 People with traumatic brain injury, who often lose empathy, can regain it with treatment
112 Researchers recommend limiting the time during which mother's milk is given to premature babies
113 Got knee pain? What you need to know about alternatives to surgery
114 360-degree immersive video of surgeon performing cancer surgery