File Title
1 Indonesia pet orangutans released back into the wild
2 Corsica's 'cat-fox': On the trail of what may be a new species
3 New environmental DNA program makes conservation research faster, more efficient
4 How personalities of wild small mammals affect forest structure
5 Dew drops spontaneously flinging themselves into the wind may spread wheat infections
6 Shipworm that eats rock instead of wood found in river in the Philippines
7 56 new species of arachnids found in Western Australia
8 Predictive AI is the newest weapon in the battle to protect endangered animals
9 Electrons take alternative route to prevent plant stress
10 New study to examine feeding habits of Cape Cod great whites
11 How bacteria protect themselves from plasma treatment
12 Learning constrains further learning, neuroscientists find
13 Directed evolution comes to plants
14 Cat muzzles: cruel or useful?
15 Good viruses and bad bacteria: A world-first green sea turtle trial
16 Efficiently producing fatty acids and biofuels from glucose
17 Owner training key to reducing risk of dog bite injuries
18 Research shows wind can prevent seabirds accessing their most important habitat
19 Got noxious weeds? In Seattle metro, there's an app for that
20 Joint hypermobility related to anxiety, also in animals
21 Aggressive, non-native wetland plants squelch species richness more than dominant natives do
22 Phage display for engineering blood-contacting surfaces
23 Making systems robust
24 Successful 'alien' bird invasions are location dependent
25 Finding 'Nemo's' family tree of anemones
26 Human migration in Oceania recreated through paper mulberry genetics
27 Frog protein may mitigate dangers posed by toxic marine microbes
28 Survey sees biggest US honeybee winter die-off yet
29 Scientists record singing by rare right whale for first time
30 Scientists chart course toward a new world of synthetic biology
31 Study finds any single hair from the human body can be used for identification
32 Developing a new type of refrigeration via force-driven liquid gas transition
33 Is glue the answer to climate crisis?
34 High reaction rates even without precious metals
35 Real-time analysis of MOF adsorption behavior
36 Mapping and measuring proteins on the surfaces of endoplasmic reticulum (ER) in cells
37 Upcycling process brings new life to old jeans
38 Unearthing the sweet potato proteome
39 Expanding the temperature range of lithium-ion batteries
40 Artificial muscles powered by glucose
41 Biochar may boost carbon storage, but benefits to germination and growth appear scant
42 Nature-inspired materials can be used in applications ranging from tunneling to space
43 A forest of nano-mushroom structures keep this plastic clean and stain-free
44 Fifty years after the Cuyahoga conflagration
45 Powering a solution: Professor takes charge at improving lithium ion batteries safety
46 Researchers reproduce micro-scale 'Great Wave' painting with inkless technology
47 Mineral discovery made easier: X-ray technique shines a new light on tiny, rare crystals
48 Researchers uncover a new obstacle to effective accelerator beams
49 Modelling reveals new insight into the electrical conductivity of ionic liquids
50 A quantum simulation of Unruh radiation
51 New evidence from LHC shows pentaquark has a molecule-like structure
52 Probing semiconductor crystals with a sphere of light
53 Manipulating electron spin using artificial molecular motors
54 NIST infrared frequency comb measures biological signatures
55 Dashing the dream of ideal 'invisibility' cloaks for stress waves
56 Researchers find connectivity more important that thought for specialized optimizing machines
57 Fiber-optic probe can see molecular bonds
58 What if dark matter is lighter? Report calls for small experiments to broaden the hunt
59 Researchers develop new metamaterial that can improve MRI quality and reduce scan time
60 Multicolored light twists in new knotted ways
61 A new candidate for dark matter and a way to detect it
62 Quantum--a double-edged sword for cryptography
63 Changes in pressure, more so than temperature, strongly influence how quickly liquids turn to gas
64 Hypersonic matterwaves for ultrafast atomtronics
65 Direct atom-resolved imaging of magnetic materials
66 Using a selective light absorber to build a photothermal catalysis system
67 Hybrid device may help doctors treat strokes more quickly
68 'Sandwich' structure key to thin LSMO films retaining magnetic properties
69 Tracking major sources of energy loss in compact fusion facilities
70 New result in hunt for mysterious magnetic monopoles
71 Researchers discover new nanoparticles with exclusively lateral light scattering
72 Increase in resolution, scale takes CT scanning and diagnosis to the next level
73 An interaction of slipping beams
74 Hybrid nanostructure steps up light-harvesting efficiency
75 Diffusing wave paradox may be used to design micro-robotics
76 Discovery of field-induced pair density wave state in high temperature superconductors
77 Physicists take a step closer to building a graphene-based topological insulator
78 Inexpensive, simple fabrication method poised to expand microlens applications
79 Small currents for big gains in spintronics
80 National MagLab creates world-record magnetic field with small, compact coil
81 Visualizing a quantum crystal: Imaging the electronic Wigner crystal in 1-D
82 Mysterious Majorana quasiparticle is now closer to being controlled for quantum computing
83 New quantum dot microscope shows electric potentials of individual atoms
84 Discovery of light-induced ferroelectricity in strontium titanate
85 Phase-change materials from smartphones may lead to higher data storage, energy efficiency
86 Laser trick produces high-energy terahertz pulses
87 Gaining a better understanding of what happens when two atoms meet
88 A new method for the generation of intense X-ray and gamma-ray radiation
89 Oscillating quasiparticles: the cycle of decay and rebirth
90 Electron (or 'hole') pairs may survive effort to kill superconductivity
91 Quantum simulation could help flights run on time
92 A simple formula that could be useful for air purification, space propulsion, and molecular analyses
93 Using waves to move droplets
94 100-year-old physics model replicates modern Arctic ice melt
95 Researchers capture microscopic manufacturing flaws via high-speed X-ray movies
96 Quantum physics experiment shows Heisenberg was right about uncertainty, in a certain sense
97 Building a better electron gun
98 Researchers solve mystery of how gas bubbles form in liquid
99 Supercomputers aid in novel simulations of gamma ray generation research
100 Ring resonators corner light
101 Study sheds light on gauge invariance in ultrastrong-coupling cavity quantum electrodynamics
102 A new force for optical tweezers
103 How a walk through CERN's corridors helped lead to the discovery of the gluon 40 years ago
104 Feeling the strain: Shear effects in magnetoelectric switching
105 The hunt for hot nuclear matter
106 Quantum music to my ears
107 Secure quantum communications in the microwave range for the first time
108 A sound idea: A step towards quantum computing
109 Freezing bubbles viral video inspired research now published
110 Perfect quantum portal emerges at exotic interface
111 Neutrons get a wider angle on DNA and RNA to advance 3-D models