File Title
1 Dead cells disrupt how immune cells respond to wounds and patrol for infection
2 Nearly all women are confronted with health problems after breast cancer
3 What your ability to engage with stories says about your real-life relationships
4 Exercise and antioxidants: A winning combination for brain health?
5 The long-term physical-psychiatric effects of childhood trauma
6 Australian drivers ready to embrace phone restriction apps--if they can still talk
7 Eliminating extended work shifts improves sleep duration for senior resident physicians
8 Chinese-Americans abused earlier in life face greater abuse risk as elders
9 Lupus treatments can be tailored to patient's individual cells, study shows
10 Artificial intelligence system spots lung cancer before radiologists
11 Behold the Bili-ruler: A novel, low-cost device for screening neonatal hyperbilirubinemia
12 First-ever set of sextuplets born in Poland
13 Sex sells: How masculinity is used as currency to buy sperm donors' time
14 Infant deaths highlight danger of misusing car seats, other sitting devices
15 Anxious people quicker to flee danger
16 Biochemistry shows how the protein MITOL kicks off Parkin activity
17 New single vaccination approach to killer diseases
18 People with benign skin condition willing to trade time, money to cure disorder
19 Discovery in mice could remove roadblock to more insulin production
20 Progress to restore movement in people with neuromotor disabilities
21 Shedding light on cancer metabolism in real-time with bioluminescence
22 Key drug target shown assembling in real-time
23 California law led to an increase in childhood vaccination rates
24 The top 5 veggies to add to your diet
25 Studies: Benralizumab not effective reducing exacerbations in moderate to very severe COPD
26 The best exercises for brain health
27 Heavy teen boys may face higher heart disease risk as adults
28 Many lives could be saved if all hospitals had grade A rating
29 Young children willing to punish misbehavior, even at personal cost, new research shows
30 Pyrrolizidine alkaloid levels in dried and deep-frozen spices and herbs too high
31 Pool chemical injuries led to ~13,500 ED visits in 2015-2017
32 Stress from work, home can harm women's hearts
33 Medicaid expansion cuts racial disparities in preterm births
34 Cancer screening less likely among current smokers
35 Scientists succeed in testing potential brain-based method to diagnose autism
36 Protein that hinders advancement of prostate cancer identified
37 Noninvasive biomarker for Parkinson's disease possibly found in EEG data
38 CDC: Salmonella outbreaks linked to backyard poultry
39 Researchers discover placental stem cells that can regenerate heart after heart attack
40 Circadian mechanism may not be driver behind compound linked to obesity and diabetes
41 Novel technique reduces obstruction risk in heart valve replacement
42 Do family members belong in ICU during procedures? Study finds clinicians mixed on practice
43 New computer-based predictive tool more accurately forecasts outcomes for respiratory patients
44 Study identifies enzymes that prevent diabetic kidney disease
45 Project aims to transfer visual perceptions from the sighted to the blind
46 Anxiety might be alleviated by regulating gut bacteria
47 Weight gain and loss may worsen dementia risk in older people
48 CBD reduces craving and anxiety in people with heroin use disorder
49 Study supports effectiveness of new fast-acting antidepressant, esketamine nasal spray
50 High-security Ebola burials spark dismay, anger in DR Congo
51 Scientists explore connection between aging fat and Alzheimer's
52 Women with sleep apnea are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer than men
53 Food insecurity in Nunavut increased after Nutrition North Canada introduced
54 Soy foods linked to fewer fractures in younger breast cancer survivors
55 Potential new therapy takes aim at a lethal esophageal cancer's glutamine addiction
56 Rocky mountain spotted fever risks examined
57 Free-standing emergency departments in Texas' big cities are not reducing congestion at hospitals
58 Research rules out executive function advantage for some bilingual children
59 Setting fair regulations for top female athletes that have naturally higher testosterone levels
60 Head injury effects halted by xenon gas, finds first ever life-long study in mice
61 Study identifies our 'inner pickpocket'
62 'Medicare for All's' rich benefits 'leapfrog' other nations
63 Obesity risk may be increased by exposure to common environmental chemicals
64 Researchers create a better way to transport life-saving vaccines
65 Road to cell death mapped in the Alzheimer's brain
66 Seasonal clock changing helps to synchronize human sleep/wake cycle across latitude
67 Scientists report new endometriosis findings
68 Withering away: How viral infection leads to cachexia
69 Call for greater transparency in gluten-free testing
70 Overweight adolescents are as likely to develop heart disorders as obese adolescents
71 For moms, working multiple jobs can be depressing
72 Optical illusions reveal that regular waves of brain activity enable visual feature integration
73 New report spotlights poor health of global labour migrants for the first time
74 Improving the use of methadone for drug users with tuberculosis to prevent withdrawal
75 Millions of Europeans at risk of chronic digestive diseases, new report reveals
76 About half of workers are concerned about discussing mental health issues in the workplace
77 People born very preterm or with very low birthweight have high risk of lung disease
78 How universities can help scale back the 'Freshman 15'
79 Tool helps kids with autism improve socialization skills
80 What's the right amount of 'zapping' in epilepsy laser surgery?
81 Americans' overall level of anxiety about health, safety and finances remain high
82 Mindfulness helps mothers with opioid use disorder combat depression
83 The man who is aging too fast
84 New stimulant formulations emerging to better treat ADHD
85 Using 3-D to test personalised treatments in five days
86 The scandal that should force us to reconsider wellness advice from influencers
87 Immunity boost for preterm babies
88 GPs report large numbers of patients suffering mental health issues linked to poverty
89 A global survey sheds new light on how bad events affect young people
90 Difficulties with reading and narration in children with autism
91 The relationship between human self-domestication and brain evolution
92 Exercise: Psych patients' new primary prescription
93 Algorithm steers catheters to the right spot to treat atrial fibrillation
94 A better understanding of the von Willebrand Factor's A2 domain
95 Mustaches are more than just manly, they guard against sun's rays
96 Earlier bedtimes help kids fight obesity
97 Melons are powerhouses in taste, nutrition
98 Readmission rates vary little among primary care doctors
99 Why lack of sleep is bad for your heart
100 Postoperative infection rate similar across biologics in RA
101 Statin use reduces dementia risk after concussion in seniors
102 Johns Hopkins researchers publish digital health roadmap
103 Home remedies: Self-care measures to relieve tension-type headaches
104 Doctors in Michigan city are treating patients by sending them to local parks
105 A considerable percentage of deaths in HIV patients are due to cryptococcal infections
106 Insulin under the influence of light
107 Improved air quality in Los Angeles region leads to fewer new asthma cases in kids
108 Study reveals breakthrough in understanding long-term memory retrieval
109 Patients who lose significant weight before a transplant are at higher risk of dying
110 What happens to young adults after a first heart attack?
111 Stem cell differences could explain why women are more likely to develop adrenal cancer
112 Inhibition of protein phosphorylation promotes optic nerve regeneration after injury
113 Most e-cigarette users want to quit, study finds
114 How molecular escorts help prevent cancer
115 Smartphone app can help diagnose a rare disease