File Title
1 Preventive measures can reduce foot parasite in children, study says
2 Natural compound found in broccoli reawakens the function of potent tumor suppressor
3 Foreign aid for public health bolsters America's 'soft power,' researchers find
4 Flexibility of working memory from random connections
5 Improving health outcomes with a little help from our friends--and artificial intelligence
6 Team develops EHR-based social needs screener to improve patient outcomes
7 Study proposes new standards for safely performing 'Brazilian butt lift'
8 Children who use asthma tracking app have better disease control and fewer hospital visits
9 Researchers discover how a member of a family of light-sensitive proteins adjusts skin color
10 Using information technology to promote health equity
11 3-D-printed 'hyperelastic bone' may help generate new bone for skull reconstruction
12 'Smart' insulin could prevent hypoglycemia during diabetes treatment
13 What do they mean by 'stem cells'? Recommended guidelines for reporting on cell therapies
14 Mining 25 years of data uncovers a new predictor of age of onset for Huntington disease
15 Stigma deterring elite athletes with mental health issues from seeking help
16 Bowel cancer rising among young adults in Europe
17 Study urges mandatory measles jabs as cases surge
18 Study examines consequences of workplace bullying
19 Research reveals insulin-producing beta cells may change function in diabetes
20 Partial breast irradiation effective treatment option for low-risk breast cancer
21 Ultrasound used to trigger insulin release in mice shows promise for diabetes therapy
22 Colorectal cancer incidence on the rise among young adults in several high-income countries
23 New findings could lead to improved vaccinations against sexually transmitted infections
24 Owning a dog is influenced by genetic make-up
25 Preventing relapse in recovery from cocaine use disorder
26 Majority of campus alcohol policies fail to receive 'most effective' rating from experts
27 Why onlookers often don't report sexual harassment
28 Report advocates for adoptive parent leave
29 Research looks to halt stress-induced seizures
30 Only 3% of children in England visit dentist before their first birthday, study finds
31 Viruses to stop cholera infections--the viral enemy of deadly bacteria could be humanity's friend
32 Responding to adverse childhood experiences--An evidence review
33 Study finds Adelaide's depression hot spots
34 Watch out, that cookbook might give you salmonella
35 Groundbreaking genetic discovery shows why Lupus develops
36 Some women with psychotic disorders are more vulnerable around the time of menstruation
37 Adult-onset IBD linked to higher mortality
38 New cancer strategies promising, says researcher
39 Encouraging critically necessary blood donation among minorities
40 Blister packaging for drugs in nursing homes: Much discussed, but hardly investigated
41 Nivolumab with ipilimumab: Combination has added benefit in advanced renal cell carcinoma
42 Imagine: Our attitudes can change solely by the power of imagination
43 Identifying the molecular structure of one of Alzheimer's stickier culprits
44 Study finds narrowing gender gap in youth suicides
45 For many HIV+ women, daily survival takes precedence over viral suppression
46 Tobacco and e-cigarette promotions spark teens' use of nicotine products, study finds
47 How the Trump prescription for drug prices transparency could make health care well again
48 North Carolina sues electronic cigarette maker JUUL
49 Avelumab and axitinib approved for treatment of renal cell carcinoma
50 Could hypnotherapy be alternative to opioids for pain?
51 Essentials for growing tasty herbs on your windowsill
52 What to do when your child throws a fit
53 Americans increasingly open about mental health
54 Guidelines updated for TB screening, treatment in health care workers
55 Black women more likely to die of breast cancer, especially in the South
56 Being sick in the morning can be different from being sick at night
57 Cancer drug could be repurposed to provide treatment for brain aneurysms
58 Quinn on Nutrition: Carbs--how low can we go?
59 FDA approves venetoclax for chronic lymphocytic leukemia
60 Early dengue virus infection could 'defuse' Zika virus
61 Scientists capture first-ever video of body's safety test for T-cells
62 Sugary drinks and fruit juice may increase risk of early death
63 Heroin overdose ED visits decreased from 2017 to 2018
64 Thresholds found for unilateral optic nerve lesions in MS
65 A new approach to targeting cancer cells
66 Researchers develop electric field-based dressing to help heal wound infections
67 Clinical trial improves treatment of genetic rickets
68 Integrated stepped alcohol treatment for people in HIV care improves both HIV and alcohol outcomes
69 Eating ultra-processed foods will make you gain weight. Here's the scientific proof
70 Button batteries can rapidly damage stomach lining before symptoms appear
71 Island off Seattle known for low vaccine rates is changing
72 Nearly one in five parents say their child never wears a helmet while riding a bike
73 Breastfeeding reduces long-term risk of heart disease in mothers
74 Men ignore serious health risks of steroid abuse in pursuit of the body beautiful
75 New risk scores help physicians provide better care for high-risk pulmonary patients, study finds
76 Growth in life expectancy in Australia slows, research finds
77 Sedation and controlled paralysis do not improve survival of ICU patients with ARDS
78 Patients with mild persistent asthma, low sputum eosinophils respond equally well to inhaled corticosteroids as placebo
79 Researchers document impact of coffee on bowels
80 Walking and strength training may decrease the risk of dying from liver disease
81 Big data reveals hidden subtypes of sepsis
82 Record number of patients take part in clinical research
83 Children who walk to school less likely to be overweight or obese, study suggests
84 Diabetes patients at higher risk of deadly liver disease, finds study of 18 million people
85 Sleep problems in teenagers reversed in just one week by limiting screen use
86 Environmental toxins can impair sexual development and fertility of future generations
87 Sexual minority cancer survivors face disparities in access to care and quality of life
88 Pinterest homemade sunscreens: A recipe for sunburn
89 Teens with ADHD get more traffic violations for risky driving, have higher crash risk
90 New recommendations for stroke systems of care to improve patient outcomes
91 First confirmed case of measles in Chicago is 8th in state this year, health officials say
92 Enzyme may indicate predisposition to cardiovascular disease
93 Brain surgeons turn to basic science to fight childhood brain cancer
94 DRC must unite in Ebola fight amid 'high' risk of spread: WHO chief
95 Less than half of children in the U.S. are flourishing, study finds
96 It's not all gym junkies and 'roid rage'--people use steroids for a variety of reasons
97 Predicting breast cancer metastasis by cell behavior instead of genetics
98 Mixed reality makes for better surgeons
99 Cancer drug approved for NHS use in England gives some multiple myeloma patients another option
100 Global study links newly named syndrome with other disorders
101 Dietary cholesterol and egg consumption do not increase the risk of stroke
102 Prediabetes does not increase the cardiac risk of patients with CAD
103 New autism research on single neurons suggests signaling problems in brain circuits
104 Research shows carer's experience can influence how well a person lives with dementia
105 London heart disease patients take part in clinical trial to test alternative to statins
106 Mental health impacts of increasingly severe storms--lessons from the 2017 Atlantic storm season
107 Why cannabis legalization must include cannabis equity
108 Researchers find stark social inequalities in children's body mass index
109 Strained relationships, past trauma and family responsibilities contribute to loneliness among midlife women
110 Waking 'sleeping genes' could help Prader-Willi syndrome